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1,000,6851,7432497 DayTweet
999,2003,22823114 DayTweet
995,8206,60822030 DayTweet
986,91815,5102592 MonthTweet
981,78620,6422293 MonthTweet
982,82919,5991634 MonthTweet
978,36724,0611605 MonthTweet
974,28028,1481566 MonthTweet
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121,850,770  Now
121,571,304279,46639,9247 DayTweet
121,252,040598,73042,76614 DayTweet
120,483,9911,366,77945,55930 DayTweet
118,901,7872,948,98349,1502 MonthTweet
117,552,6894,298,08147,7563 MonthTweet
117,877,7093,973,06133,1094 MonthTweet
116,546,8595,303,91135,3595 MonthTweet
115,488,5196,362,25135,3466 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Duda GuedesDuda Guedes YouTube ChannelDuda Guedes Video Stats52751,005,3172,8891,1622,63333495.2 M
ElRichMC - Minecraft Técnico, PvPElRichMC - Minecraft Técnico, PvP YouTube ChannelElRichMC - Minecraft Técnico, PvP Video Stats52761,004,9152,487-221272.4K257.9 M
Ubisoft BrasilUbisoft Brasil YouTube ChannelUbisoft Brasil Video Stats52771,004,5142,0864711,0372.7K116.9 M
Tati NunesTati Nunes YouTube ChannelTati Nunes Video Stats52781,003,6631,23525283629051.7 M
Asian Beauty SecretsAsian Beauty Secrets YouTube ChannelAsian Beauty Secrets Video Stats52791,003,07164319830235373.8 M
ViruSsViruSs YouTube ChannelViruSs Video Stats52801,003,0606322,2954,7031.6K204.1 M
stillGLAMORUSstillGLAMORUS YouTube ChannelstillGLAMORUS Video Stats52811,003,04461610511561112.4 M
TheChacal547TheChacal547 YouTube ChannelTheChacal547 Video Stats52821,003,0265982,3425,025259624.9 M
PipeCleanerCrafts BPipeCleanerCrafts B YouTube ChannelPipeCleanerCrafts B Video Stats52831,002,8734452,2144,501231343.4 M
Super Hayley7Super Hayley7 YouTube ChannelSuper Hayley7 Video Stats52841,002,7873594429935358.2 M
TheMakeupChairTheMakeupChair YouTube ChannelTheMakeupChair Video Stats52851,002,428212220810121.9 M
Eric BergEric Berg YouTube ChannelEric Berg Video Stats52861,002,420-81,7173,0361.4K138.4 M
ridsaofficielridsaofficiel YouTube Channelridsaofficiel Video Stats52871,002,274-15437551183364.4 M
They will Kill YouThey will Kill You YouTube ChannelThey will Kill You Video Stats52881,002,222-206287573290219.6 M
CHANELCHANEL YouTube ChannelCHANEL Video Stats52891,001,923-505414567705376.6 M
Metro y un medioMetro y un medio YouTube ChannelMetro y un medio Video Stats52901,001,598-8305,3907,62312137.4 M
Heath HussarHeath Hussar YouTube ChannelHeath Hussar Video Stats52911,001,505-9233853,2046145.8 M
PrincessPiaMiaVEVOPrincessPiaMiaVEVO YouTube ChannelPrincessPiaMiaVEVO Video Stats52921,001,353-1,0758019221450.8 M
BubzvlogzBubzvlogz YouTube ChannelBubzvlogz Video Stats52931,001,218-1,21067143635257.9 M
TOP 5 ALLTIMETOP 5 ALLTIME YouTube ChannelTOP 5 ALLTIME Video Stats52941,001,166-1,2622063489765.5 M
PolloPollo YouTube ChannelPollo Video Stats52951,001,031-1,3971,0972,250121194.7 M
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per Video
CVGCVG YouTube ChannelCVG Video Stats 121,975,022124,2523K40,835282,856
TheUnboxallTheUnboxall YouTube ChannelTheUnboxall Video Stats 121,967,190116,420182670,1491,186,134
Sooo MungrySooo Mungry YouTube ChannelSooo Mungry Video Stats 121,937,91987,1494.4K27,929173,976
ChevelleVEVOChevelleVEVO YouTube ChannelChevelleVEVO Video Stats 121,924,63573,865284,354,451167,483
YABANCI OYUNCUYABANCI OYUNCU YouTube ChannelYABANCI OYUNCU Video Stats 121,912,32361,5531.6K77,013373,033
GonzaloGoetteGonzaloGoette YouTube ChannelGonzaloGoette Video Stats 121,878,38027,610881,384,9821,534,098
Savannah OutenSavannah Outen YouTube ChannelSavannah Outen Video Stats 121,875,79725,027204597,430644,596
ExpediaExpedia YouTube ChannelExpedia Video Stats 121,871,12520,355615198,164401,267
suenaconmigofanssuenaconmigofans YouTube Channelsuenaconmigofans Video Stats 121,861,51810,748819148,79366,307
The Paley Center for MediaThe Paley Center for Media YouTube ChannelThe Paley Center for Media Video Stats 121,859,2608,4901.5K81,89593,192
TheMakeupChairTheMakeupChair YouTube ChannelTheMakeupChair Video Stats 121,850,770810150,4331,002,428
sw yoonsw yoon YouTube Channelsw yoon Video Stats 121,849,234-1,536641,903,894709,332
ridiculeandoridiculeando YouTube Channelridiculeando Video Stats 121,844,029-6,741147828,871891,609
MiniclipMiniclip YouTube ChannelMiniclip Video Stats 121,832,679-18,091287424,504166,377
Реакции ЛетсплейщиковРеакции Летсплейщиков YouTube ChannelРеакции Летсплейщиков Video Stats 121,829,947-20,823457266,586725,866
Gone to the Snow DogsGone to the Snow Dogs YouTube ChannelGone to the Snow Dogs Video Stats 121,829,732-21,0381.3K94,735524,346
ToProForuGamesToProForuGames YouTube ChannelToProForuGames Video Stats 121,823,901-26,8691.9K64,560703,218
The Jim Henson CompanyThe Jim Henson Company YouTube ChannelThe Jim Henson Company Video Stats 121,819,748-31,022840145,024131,001
CartierCartier YouTube ChannelCartier Video Stats 121,814,768-36,002641,903,356130,440
Khaled FreakKhaled Freak YouTube ChannelKhaled Freak Video Stats 121,777,814-72,956801,522,223579,371
cindys369cindys369 YouTube Channelcindys369 Video Stats 121,756,279-94,4911.5K81,82523,720
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Start Subs: 986,918     Current Subs: 1,002,428
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Date Goal Will
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1,025,00022,57227 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
1,050,00047,5722 D6 M 9/17  2018Tweet
1,075,00072,5727 D9 M 12/22  2018Tweet
1,100,00097,57213 D 1 Y3/29  2019Tweet
1,125,000122,57218 D3 M1 Y7/04  2019Tweet
1,150,000147,57223 D6 M1 Y10/08  2019Tweet
1,175,000172,57229 D9 M1 Y1/13  2020Tweet
1,200,000197,5724 D1 M2 Y4/19  2020Tweet
1,225,000222,57210 D4 M2 Y7/25  2020Tweet
1,250,000247,57215 D7 M2 Y10/29  2020Tweet
1,275,000272,57220 D10 M2 Y2/03  2021Tweet
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Start Views: 118,901,787     Current Views: 121,850,770
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
122,500,000649,23014 D  3/30  2018Tweet
125,000,0003,149,2304 D2 M 5/20  2018Tweet
127,500,0005,649,23023 D3 M 7/09  2018Tweet
130,000,0008,149,23013 D5 M 8/29  2018Tweet
132,500,00010,649,2304 D7 M 10/19  2018Tweet
135,000,00013,149,23024 D8 M 12/09  2018Tweet
137,500,00015,649,23014 D10 M 1/29  2019Tweet
140,000,00018,149,2305 D 1 Y3/21  2019Tweet
142,500,00020,649,23025 D1 M1 Y5/11  2019Tweet
145,000,00023,149,23014 D3 M1 Y6/30  2019Tweet
147,500,00025,649,2304 D5 M1 Y8/20  2019Tweet
150,000,00028,149,23025 D6 M1 Y10/10  2019Tweet
152,500,00030,649,23015 D8 M1 Y11/30  2019Tweet
155,000,00033,149,2305 D10 M1 Y1/20  2020Tweet
157,500,00035,649,23026 D11 M1 Y3/11  2020Tweet