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6,773  Now
6,789-16-27 DayTweet
6,802-29-214 DayTweet
6,818-45-230 DayTweet
6,809-36-12 MonthTweet
6,827-54-13 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
798,403  Now
797,3131,0901567 DayTweet
795,9702,43317414 DayTweet
792,4655,93819830 DayTweet
779,66218,7413122 MonthTweet
770,50327,9003103 MonthTweet
768,00430,3992534 MonthTweet
758,39440,0092675 MonthTweet
746,87451,5292866 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Street Starz TVStreet Starz TV YouTube ChannelStreet Starz TV Video Stats 6,7752026213.9 M
Krxlion .Krxlion . YouTube ChannelKrxlion . Video Stats 6,7741012672.8 M
HipHopMuzickHipHopMuzick YouTube ChannelHipHopMuzick Video Stats 6,7741053113.1 M
mlleclemence37mlleclemence37 YouTube Channelmlleclemence37 Video Stats 6,774100561.9 M
TVSERIESTK88TVSERIESTK88 YouTube ChannelTVSERIESTK88 Video Stats 6,77410382010.3 M
Multipurpose GamingMultipurpose Gaming YouTube ChannelMultipurpose Gaming Video Stats 6,7741011214549 K
Yass™Yass™ YouTube ChannelYass™ Video Stats 6,7763423311636 K
How To Build GamesHow To Build Games YouTube ChannelHow To Build Games Video Stats 6,7730027331 K
Joakim JarnyJoakim Jarny YouTube ChannelJoakim Jarny Video Stats 6,7730023831.1 M
SarahMarie014SarahMarie014 YouTube ChannelSarahMarie014 Video Stats 6,7730053918.2 M
TheBestOfPKATheBestOfPKA YouTube ChannelTheBestOfPKA Video Stats 6,773-1-259798 K
Jamé ForbesJamé Forbes YouTube ChannelJamé Forbes Video Stats 6,773002282 M
DiscoCurtisDiscoCurtis YouTube ChannelDiscoCurtis Video Stats 6,773000441.1 M
ItsAddicted2TooFacedItsAddicted2TooFaced YouTube ChannelItsAddicted2TooFaced Video Stats 6,77300013329 K
BrandonLamarMusicBrandonLamarMusic YouTube ChannelBrandonLamarMusic Video Stats 6,773000611.7 M
fatfatsupermanTVfatfatsupermanTV YouTube ChannelfatfatsupermanTV Video Stats 6,7730-1-100
IGORPFC97IGORPFC97 YouTube ChannelIGORPFC97 Video Stats 6,772-10-2713.4 M
adryhdzb84adryhdzb84 YouTube Channeladryhdzb84 Video Stats 6,772-10279493.2 M
lionessjennalionessjenna YouTube Channellionessjenna Video Stats 6,772-1001479 K
Mumkey's Anime ReviewsMumkey's Anime Reviews YouTube ChannelMumkey's Anime Reviews Video Stats 6,772-101564353 K
DJ YozoraDJ Yozora YouTube ChannelDJ Yozora Video Stats 6,772-108162638 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Jamie WhiteJamie White YouTube ChannelJamie White Video Stats 798,479767114,068162
ATKDat123ATKDat123 YouTube ChannelATKDat123 Video Stats 798,454511057,604357
Vinicius SotterVinicius Sotter YouTube ChannelVinicius Sotter Video Stats 798,486832138,02361
Nuno LuísNuno Luís YouTube ChannelNuno Luís Video Stats 798,438356113,089679
George Pottenius Possidius CrassiusGeorge Pottenius Possidius Crassius YouTube ChannelGeorge Pottenius Possidius Crassius Video Stats 798,431281266,53697
BoxingBelleBoxingBelle YouTube ChannelBoxingBelle Video Stats 798,430273242,4643,598
purelytwinspurelytwins YouTube Channelpurelytwins Video Stats 798,425223592,2248,613
huba bubahuba buba YouTube Channelhuba buba Video Stats 798,418152630,708152
epictreasureepictreasure YouTube Channelepictreasure Video Stats 798,414111276,2874,568
kuenstekuenste YouTube Channelkuenste Video Stats 798,41181724,642275
TheBestOfPKATheBestOfPKA YouTube ChannelTheBestOfPKA Video Stats 798,4035913,5326,773
360NextLevel360NextLevel YouTube Channel360NextLevel Video Stats 798,40303522,812586
iHanuman Yoga MediaiHanuman Yoga Media YouTube ChanneliHanuman Yoga Media Video Stats 798,398-57211,0893,258
FifaSkiller100FifaSkiller100 YouTube ChannelFifaSkiller100 Video Stats 798,390-134816,6332,835
Padmanaban K PPadmanaban K P YouTube ChannelPadmanaban K P Video Stats 798,381-222313,4563,146
Half-Moon OutfittersHalf-Moon Outfitters YouTube ChannelHalf-Moon Outfitters Video Stats 798,380-231565,118645
Scott SmykowskiScott Smykowski YouTube ChannelScott Smykowski Video Stats 798,377-264916,293789
Yohan SpiritwalkerYohan Spiritwalker YouTube ChannelYohan Spiritwalker Video Stats 798,377-261216,598739
SwaggKingGaminghdSwaggKingGaminghd YouTube ChannelSwaggKingGaminghd Video Stats 798,371-321306,141366
Shira LazarShira Lazar YouTube ChannelShira Lazar Video Stats 798,9265232243,5678,228
GanstaMsGGanstaMsG YouTube ChannelGanstaMsG Video Stats 798,361-423266,120553
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Start Subs: 6,809     Current Subs: 6,773
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Based on 18,741 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 312 added per day.
Start Views: 779,662     Current Views: 798,403
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
800,0001,5976 D  8/03  2016Tweet
802,5004,09714 D  8/11  2016Tweet
805,0006,59722 D  8/19  2016Tweet
807,5009,09730 D  8/27  2016Tweet
810,00011,5977 D1 M 9/04  2016Tweet
812,50014,09715 D1 M 9/12  2016Tweet
815,00016,59723 D1 M 9/20  2016Tweet
817,50019,0971 D2 M 9/28  2016Tweet
820,00021,5979 D2 M 10/06  2016Tweet
822,50024,09717 D2 M 10/14  2016Tweet
825,00026,59725 D2 M 10/22  2016Tweet
827,50029,0972 D3 M 10/30  2016Tweet
830,00031,59710 D3 M 11/07  2016Tweet
832,50034,09718 D3 M 11/15  2016Tweet
835,00036,59726 D3 M 11/23  2016Tweet