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39,924-45-67 DayTweet
39,983-104-714 DayTweet
40,100-221-730 DayTweet
39,992-113-22 MonthTweet
40,044-165-23 MonthTweet
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2,542,347  Now
2,540,8331,5142167 DayTweet
2,538,6423,70526514 DayTweet
2,533,9398,40828030 DayTweet
2,522,48119,8663312 MonthTweet
2,508,60033,7473753 MonthTweet
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30 Day
WuphlezWuphlez YouTube ChannelWuphlez Video Stats 39,892130-421100 K
BioWare BaseBioWare Base YouTube ChannelBioWare Base Video Stats 39,892132510633.5 M
Hans Van HarkenHans Van Harken YouTube ChannelHans Van Harken Video Stats 39,8901104362.8 M
fastfingerfreddycomfastfingerfreddycom YouTube Channelfastfingerfreddycom Video Stats 39,889101839106331 K
Dječaci KANALDječaci KANAL YouTube ChannelDječaci KANAL Video Stats 39,88910232316942.2 M
Anton HagmanAnton Hagman YouTube ChannelAnton Hagman Video Stats 39,88780-4281.6 M
Matt The FranchizeMatt The Franchize YouTube ChannelMatt The Franchize Video Stats 39,8878352253463 M
TiestOWCesar DIAZTiestOWCesar DIAZ YouTube ChannelTiestOWCesar DIAZ Video Stats 39,8891026825186036.5 M
NatesGotGameNatesGotGame YouTube ChannelNatesGotGame Video Stats 39,88010-31011.4 M
Benjamin Magnus GamesBenjamin Magnus Games YouTube ChannelBenjamin Magnus Games Video Stats 39,886725303K13.8 M
NitroNitro YouTube ChannelNitro Video Stats 39,8790-71242.5 M
BrawlersBrawlers YouTube ChannelBrawlers Video Stats 39,877-26197314 M
Aggy AbbyAggy Abby YouTube ChannelAggy Abby Video Stats 39,878-11458468 K
Mah-Dry-BreadMah-Dry-Bread YouTube ChannelMah-Dry-Bread Video Stats 39,880129263.7K10.1 M
Natarajan CNatarajan C YouTube ChannelNatarajan C Video Stats 39,8878104981.6K30.6 M
Enigmatic NomadicsEnigmatic Nomadics YouTube ChannelEnigmatic Nomadics Video Stats 39,874-520361232.6 M
speedstackinggirlspeedstackinggirl YouTube Channelspeedstackinggirl Video Stats 39,874-50119130.6 M
BroadbandTVSomosTuYoBroadbandTVSomosTuYo YouTube ChannelBroadbandTVSomosTuYo Video Stats 39,873-6892.2K144.7 M
Sport ChekSport Chek YouTube ChannelSport Chek Video Stats 39,874-5656350337.3 M
KidsFunTVKidsFunTV YouTube ChannelKidsFunTV Video Stats 39,870-90225759.6 M
HB2007comHB2007com YouTube ChannelHB2007com Video Stats 39,866-13292218124.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Mark RosasMark Rosas YouTube ChannelMark Rosas Video Stats 2,542,76241521121,08413,375
Spirit Juice StudiosSpirit Juice Studios YouTube ChannelSpirit Juice Studios Video Stats 2,542,71036317214,7837,528
vaticandevaticande YouTube Channelvaticande Video Stats 2,542,6833362K1,2635,235
affmmfmfmvaffmmfmfmv YouTube Channelaffmmfmfmv Video Stats 2,542,6302833766,762538
TheBSNNTheBSNN YouTube ChannelTheBSNN Video Stats 2,542,6122651.4K1,8337,954
Christopher DawberChristopher Dawber YouTube ChannelChristopher Dawber Video Stats 2,542,5852383886,5533,394
Luc AsLuc As YouTube ChannelLuc As Video Stats 2,542,5371901.7K1,5153,349
BONKx4BONKx4 YouTube ChannelBONKx4 Video Stats 2,542,5221754754,0969,090
Nisa KayNisa Kay YouTube ChannelNisa Kay Video Stats 2,542,45811114517,53413,680
ianislavusianislavus YouTube Channelianislavus Video Stats 2,542,4025521121,0672,354
NitroNitro YouTube ChannelNitro Video Stats 2,542,34712420,50339,879
denofhorrordenofhorror YouTube Channeldenofhorror Video Stats 2,542,333-1416815,1334,767
Kuba z JutubaKuba z Jutuba YouTube ChannelKuba z Jutuba Video Stats 2,542,267-808430,26535,597
AniasAndDemariAniasAndDemari YouTube ChannelAniasAndDemari Video Stats 2,542,232-11517514,5272,048
antigrav777antigrav777 YouTube Channelantigrav777 Video Stats 2,542,228-1193279,4451,046
idontshutuppidontshutupp YouTube Channelidontshutupp Video Stats 2,542,212-13520127,111353
krazygraficsFanskrazygraficsFans YouTube ChannelkrazygraficsFans Video Stats 2,542,050-29712320,6673,148
Stoked for SaturdayStoked for Saturday YouTube ChannelStoked for Saturday Video Stats 2,542,047-3007235,30629,246
STAR STARSTAR STAR YouTube ChannelSTAR STAR Video Stats 2,541,995-3524555,5872,344
RUBEN ISRAELRUBEN ISRAEL YouTube ChannelRUBEN ISRAEL Video Stats 2,541,978-3698231,0009,648
708 km708 km YouTube Channel708 km Video Stats 2,541,963-38411231,088144,874
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2,550,0007,65324 D  8/17  2017Tweet
2,575,00032,6537 D3 M 10/31  2017Tweet
2,600,00057,65322 D5 M 1/15  2018Tweet
2,625,00082,6536 D8 M 3/31  2018Tweet
2,650,000107,65321 D10 M 6/15  2018Tweet
2,675,000132,6535 D1 M1 Y8/29  2018Tweet
2,700,000157,65320 D3 M1 Y11/13  2018Tweet
2,725,000182,6534 D6 M1 Y1/27  2019Tweet
2,750,000207,65319 D8 M1 Y4/13  2019Tweet
2,775,000232,6533 D11 M1 Y6/27  2019Tweet
2,800,000257,65318 D1 M2 Y9/11  2019Tweet
2,825,000282,6532 D4 M2 Y11/25  2019Tweet
2,850,000307,65317 D6 M2 Y2/09  2020Tweet
2,875,000332,6531 D9 M2 Y4/24  2020Tweet
2,900,000357,65316 D11 M2 Y7/09  2020Tweet