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30 Day
KaraokeLyricsTechKaraokeLyricsTech YouTube ChannelKaraokeLyricsTech Video Stats 3,243000223.1 M
Jim DarkMagicJim DarkMagic YouTube ChannelJim DarkMagic Video Stats 3,24300313614.9 M
TerraCycleTerraCycle YouTube ChannelTerraCycle Video Stats 3,243002251568 K
xGeneral94xxGeneral94x YouTube ChannelxGeneral94x Video Stats 3,243000432 M
RezophonicOfficialRezophonicOfficial YouTube ChannelRezophonicOfficial Video Stats 3,243001501.1 M
MegaSimbleMegaSimble YouTube ChannelMegaSimble Video Stats 3,24300021371 K
Joshua ZamoraJoshua Zamora YouTube ChannelJoshua Zamora Video Stats 3,243001276379 K
WaffleGamingzWaffleGamingz YouTube ChannelWaffleGamingz Video Stats 3,24300-1342117 K
winrumorswinrumors YouTube Channelwinrumors Video Stats 3,2430001165.1 M
OTPOTP YouTube ChannelOTP Video Stats 3,243000270342 K
RevengeBringerRevengeBringer YouTube ChannelRevengeBringer Video Stats 3,2430050487 K
sugarnadfsugarnadf YouTube Channelsugarnadf Video Stats 3,2430031226.3 M
TheLollerzTheLollerz YouTube ChannelTheLollerz Video Stats 3,24300-1281583 K
BorderofGensokyoBorderofGensokyo YouTube ChannelBorderofGensokyo Video Stats 3,2430011291.9 M
DiminikosBoxingProdDiminikosBoxingProd YouTube ChannelDiminikosBoxingProd Video Stats 3,243001137.3 M
cattlebagcattlebag YouTube Channelcattlebag Video Stats 3,243000316 K
FertogoFertogo YouTube ChannelFertogo Video Stats 3,24300025204 K
kkkkkklfkkkkkklf YouTube Channelkkkkkklf Video Stats 3,243000156 K
DezoUniverse - TrickshottingDezoUniverse - Trickshotting YouTube ChannelDezoUniverse - Trickshotting Video Stats 3,24300000
Artur Filipowicz ArtArtur Filipowicz Art YouTube ChannelArtur Filipowicz Art Video Stats 3,24300031666 K
CoveredGirlFayha ACoveredGirlFayha A YouTube ChannelCoveredGirlFayha A Video Stats 3,24300000
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
gibby1117gibby1117 YouTube Channelgibby1117 Video Stats 487,19151945,183175
Horikawa OtaneHorikawa Otane YouTube ChannelHorikawa Otane Video Stats 487,186463261,4942,624
PheonixHDPheonixHD YouTube ChannelPheonixHD Video Stats 487,185451233,9616,858
electricragtimeelectricragtime YouTube Channelelectricragtime Video Stats 487,180404012,180567
ToTheMAXToTheMAX YouTube ChannelToTheMAX Video Stats 487,170301493,2709,864
Rei del OrbeRei del Orbe YouTube ChannelRei del Orbe Video Stats 487,163233513,919847
Thyago RodriguesThyago Rodrigues YouTube ChannelThyago Rodrigues Video Stats 487,153132519,486625
McLarenVideoMcLarenVideo YouTube ChannelMcLarenVideo Video Stats 487,15212769,593475
Linda SerbuLinda Serbu YouTube ChannelLinda Serbu Video Stats 487,14662916,798148
A. FishmanA. Fishman YouTube ChannelA. Fishman Video Stats 487,14224211,5991,763
RevengeBringerRevengeBringer YouTube ChannelRevengeBringer Video Stats 487,140509,7433,243
ektyekty YouTube Channelekty Video Stats 487,136-42519,485166
gawaherDOTcomgawaherDOTcom YouTube ChannelgawaherDOTcom Video Stats 487,135-5766636656
Richard XavierRichard Xavier YouTube ChannelRichard Xavier Video Stats 487,127-13716,861214
AFSEntertainment2AFSEntertainment2 YouTube ChannelAFSEntertainment2 Video Stats 487,126-143162,375700
Aerial JayAerial Jay YouTube ChannelAerial Jay Video Stats 487,120-202817,397236
aasiascom Andreu Soleraasiascom Andreu Soler YouTube Channelaasiascom Andreu Soler Video Stats 487,120-201942,511520
secondgreenshirtsecondgreenshirt YouTube Channelsecondgreenshirt Video Stats 487,117-23637,7322,144
jjhyehloverjjhyehlover YouTube Channeljjhyehlover Video Stats 487,116-242243,55890
speedluxcomspeedluxcom YouTube Channelspeedluxcom Video Stats 487,113-274710,36483
TexBoyGamerTexBoyGamer YouTube ChannelTexBoyGamer Video Stats 487,109-311453,3591,223
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487,5003604 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
490,0002,860 9 M 12/21  2018Tweet
492,5005,36026 D4 M1 Y8/17  2019Tweet
495,0007,86023 D 2 Y4/13  2020Tweet
497,50010,36018 D8 M2 Y12/08  2020Tweet