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82,638  Now
82,668-30-47 DayTweet
82,706-68-514 DayTweet
82,801-163-530 DayTweet
82,898-260-42 MonthTweet
82,977-339-43 MonthTweet
82,934-296-24 MonthTweet
82,969-331-25 MonthTweet
83,057-419-26 MonthTweet
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65,435,138  Now
65,431,9153,2234607 DayTweet
65,428,1097,02950214 DayTweet
65,417,84817,29057630 DayTweet
65,380,26754,8719152 MonthTweet
65,300,677134,4611,4943 MonthTweet
65,334,228100,9108414 MonthTweet
65,217,793217,3451,4495 MonthTweet
65,149,682285,4561,5866 MonthTweet
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30 Day
LoadedAmbassadorsLoadedAmbassadors YouTube ChannelLoadedAmbassadors Video Stats 82,669310147913.7 M
Pippi PetersonPippi Peterson YouTube ChannelPippi Peterson Video Stats 82,666285012521811 M
LaneVidsLaneVids YouTube ChannelLaneVids Video Stats 82,665270-11.3K18.6 M
Güzeliz BizGüzeliz Biz YouTube ChannelGüzeliz Biz Video Stats 82,659212201216.4 M
YVES VYVES V YouTube ChannelYVES V Video Stats 82,65820-321684.1 M
Fattabiouni فاتبعونيFattabiouni فاتبعوني YouTube ChannelFattabiouni فاتبعوني Video Stats 82,65719204120012.1 M
Phelan PorteousPhelan Porteous YouTube ChannelPhelan Porteous Video Stats 82,65214184660533.9 M
Dinha GamerDinha Gamer YouTube ChannelDinha Gamer Video Stats 82,650129396838.6 M
We Are The StrangeWe Are The Strange YouTube ChannelWe Are The Strange Video Stats 82,643521382323.1 M
FunCollectorIIFunCollectorII YouTube ChannelFunCollectorII Video Stats 82,6424162914242.5 M
RP4409RP4409 YouTube ChannelRP4409 Video Stats 82,6380-534165.4 M
Delicious VinylDelicious Vinyl YouTube ChannelDelicious Vinyl Video Stats 82,636-21225351124.8 M
LegitGamingGRLegitGamingGR YouTube ChannelLegitGamingGR Video Stats 82,623-152402281.2K22.3 M
KidsAppTvKidsAppTv YouTube ChannelKidsAppTv Video Stats 82,621-17931651.3K75.3 M
Party Piet PabloParty Piet Pablo YouTube ChannelParty Piet Pablo Video Stats 82,612-26681614458.3 M
Monami Frost RUMonami Frost RU YouTube ChannelMonami Frost RU Video Stats 82,609-294745223.3 M
Man of Low Moral FiberMan of Low Moral Fiber YouTube ChannelMan of Low Moral Fiber Video Stats 82,609-29-21182228.6 M
LinusCatTipsLinusCatTips YouTube ChannelLinusCatTips Video Stats 82,601-3722321827.2 M
マルク実況チャンネル♪マルク実況チャンネル♪ YouTube Channelマルク実況チャンネル♪ Video Stats 82,600-3861316510.5 M
Dafuq+Dafuq+ YouTube ChannelDafuq+ Video Stats 82,594-44-16-20669 M
Josh HortonJosh Horton YouTube ChannelJosh Horton Video Stats 82,588-504224221936 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Den SchmalzDen Schmalz YouTube ChannelDen Schmalz Video Stats 65,478,56543,427250261,914863,553
SpaceHamsterSpaceHamster YouTube ChannelSpaceHamster Video Stats 65,477,18442,046465140,811646,699
Aisyah HanifahAisyah Hanifah YouTube ChannelAisyah Hanifah Video Stats 65,474,26939,131320204,607300,029
Prank King EntertainmentPrank King Entertainment YouTube ChannelPrank King Entertainment Video Stats 65,468,62833,490106617,629527,450
shep689shep689 YouTube Channelshep689 Video Stats 65,464,52629,3881.7K38,967234,595
TonyvToonsTonyvToons YouTube ChannelTonyvToons Video Stats 65,464,16729,02988743,911706,454
VulturousVulturous YouTube ChannelVulturous Video Stats 65,463,64028,502137477,83715,551
АксиомаАксиома YouTube ChannelАксиома Video Stats 65,461,43826,3001.7K39,65094,967
visa2011visa2011 YouTube Channelvisa2011 Video Stats 65,458,21123,073312,111,55593,285
ComebackgangComebackgang YouTube ChannelComebackgang Video Stats 65,450,86915,73185770,010133,682
RP4409RP4409 YouTube ChannelRP4409 Video Stats 65,435,138341191,89282,638
The Official Rainbow GirlThe Official Rainbow Girl YouTube ChannelThe Official Rainbow Girl Video Stats 65,431,260-3,878127515,207281,687
Music is WinMusic is Win YouTube ChannelMusic is Win Video Stats 65,423,399-11,73967796,637341,210
ThiagoIUTUThiagoIUTU YouTube ChannelThiagoIUTU Video Stats 65,420,088-15,050115,947,2811,077,004
Nyanta8355Nyanta8355 YouTube ChannelNyanta8355 Video Stats 65,418,582-16,5564K16,37528,089
jgmb829jgmb829 YouTube Channeljgmb829 Video Stats 65,410,018-25,120378173,042253,287
MultimedioVTVMultimedioVTV YouTube ChannelMultimedioVTV Video Stats 65,395,536-39,60244.3K1,475116,640
NSDigitalMediaTeamNSDigitalMediaTeam YouTube ChannelNSDigitalMediaTeam Video Stats 65,391,729-43,4092.1K30,54362,662
Cereal MarshmallowsCereal Marshmallows YouTube ChannelCereal Marshmallows Video Stats 65,388,290-46,8483.3K19,67792,834
Rob CzarRob Czar YouTube ChannelRob Czar Video Stats 65,384,839-50,299471,391,1671,127,361
KylieSnapzKylieSnapz YouTube ChannelKylieSnapz Video Stats 65,382,343-52,795598109,335248,815
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65,500,00064,86210 D2 M 5/27  2018Tweet
65,750,000314,86210 D11 M 2/25  2019Tweet
66,000,000564,8629 D8 M1 Y11/25  2019Tweet
66,250,000814,8629 D5 M2 Y8/25  2020Tweet