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442,979  Now
443,166-187-277 DayTweet
443,410-431-3114 DayTweet
443,864-885-3030 DayTweet
444,395-1,416-242 MonthTweet
444,937-1,958-223 MonthTweet
444,712-1,733-144 MonthTweet
445,313-2,334-165 MonthTweet
445,870-2,891-166 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
13,755,925  Now
13,751,7094,2166027 DayTweet
13,746,5839,34266714 DayTweet
13,732,72323,20277330 DayTweet
13,711,29644,6297442 MonthTweet
13,692,43863,4877053 MonthTweet
13,700,41555,5104634 MonthTweet
13,682,07273,8534925 MonthTweet
13,660,80695,1195286 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
ItaúItaú YouTube ChannelItaú Video Stats 443,4634843547529484.9 M
Lbenj W.FLbenj W.F YouTube ChannelLbenj W.F Video Stats 443,4344554741,3042172.4 M
RyannMinajjRyannMinajj YouTube ChannelRyannMinajj Video Stats 443,419440-4-4620423.8 M
Isa's WorldIsa's World YouTube ChannelIsa's World Video Stats 443,32434545474916247.4 M
Zac Brown BandZac Brown Band YouTube ChannelZac Brown Band Video Stats 443,31233392232288359.1 M
Colors Kids TVColors Kids TV YouTube ChannelColors Kids TV Video Stats 443,28530626671254187.8 M
TechMAB | ماب التقنيTechMAB | ماب التقني YouTube ChannelTechMAB | ماب التقني Video Stats 443,21723819532332635.3 M
Pop TriggerPop Trigger YouTube ChannelPop Trigger Video Stats 443,157178811213.1K248.3 M
Filmy Focus - Latest Telugu Movie TraileFilmy Focus - Latest Telugu Movie Traile YouTube ChannelFilmy Focus - Latest Telugu Movie Traile Video Stats 443,0103141767329.3K450.8 M
Kaleo MusicKaleo Music YouTube ChannelKaleo Music Video Stats 443,0012235061932223.3 M
PewdiePewdie YouTube ChannelPewdie Video Stats 442,979-14-301413.8 M
NervarienNervarien YouTube ChannelNervarien Video Stats 442,971-8811561.6K139.4 M
Ashley And RachelleAshley And Rachelle YouTube ChannelAshley And Rachelle Video Stats 442,941-38623706530 M
Amigo GringoAmigo Gringo YouTube ChannelAmigo Gringo Video Stats 442,929-5010215734932.5 M
e-dubblee-dubble YouTube Channele-dubble Video Stats 442,858-1214783123115.2 M
VVARning SchemovVVARning Schemov YouTube ChannelVVARning Schemov Video Stats 442,691-28822982661 M
Maze+LeeMaze+Lee YouTube ChannelMaze+Lee Video Stats 442,686-2935941,11627966.5 M
EpicStunEpicStun YouTube ChannelEpicStun Video Stats 442,650-3291,0221,529428201.5 M
The Food EmperorThe Food Emperor YouTube ChannelThe Food Emperor Video Stats 442,525-45421132911542.6 M
Ultimate SidemenUltimate Sidemen YouTube ChannelUltimate Sidemen Video Stats 442,511-46820633316859.7 M
Fernando EscariãoFernando Escarião YouTube ChannelFernando Escarião Video Stats 442,502-4774718219625.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Khurtai MaisoongKhurtai Maisoong YouTube ChannelKhurtai Maisoong Video Stats 13,761,3525,42774518,47216,334
Gordo DrummerGordo Drummer YouTube ChannelGordo Drummer Video Stats 13,761,3025,377130105,856240,800
ikayakisurumeikayakisurume YouTube Channelikayakisurume Video Stats 13,761,1215,19658237,26132,305
AmourBeauty JMAmourBeauty JM YouTube ChannelAmourBeauty JM Video Stats 13,760,4864,56117180,471111,291
Eissa AlmarzougEissa Almarzoug YouTube ChannelEissa Almarzoug Video Stats 13,759,9103,98515688,20527,430
CantshakethesebluesCantshaketheseblues YouTube ChannelCantshaketheseblues Video Stats 13,759,5063,58184163,8047,506
Indies ScopeIndies Scope YouTube ChannelIndies Scope Video Stats 13,759,1813,25623957,5705,580
Roberto59084Roberto59084 YouTube ChannelRoberto59084 Video Stats 13,758,2342,30930445,25713,897
ღßrεჳоνіςоvаღღßrεჳоνіςоvаღ YouTube Channelღßrεჳоνіςоvаღ Video Stats 13,757,9612,03682916,5966,758
sonyxperiahksonyxperiahk YouTube Channelsonyxperiahk Video Stats 13,757,0791,15429047,4388,834
PewdiePewdie YouTube ChannelPewdie Video Stats 13,755,92514982,566442,979
VaffancolorchannelVaffancolorchannel YouTube ChannelVaffancolorchannel Video Stats 13,755,364-56145330,365135,510
LunaLoona20LunaLoona20 YouTube ChannelLunaLoona20 Video Stats 13,754,931-99459233,1345,933
JMIX0606JMIX0606 YouTube ChannelJMIX0606 Video Stats 13,754,640-1,2852K7,0328,678
UTI MFUTI MF YouTube ChannelUTI MF Video Stats 13,754,564-1,3611.2K11,0836,415
1didIt4theLulz1didIt4theLulz YouTube Channel1didIt4theLulz Video Stats 13,753,970-1,95526,876,985763
Lu HeringerLu Heringer YouTube ChannelLu Heringer Video Stats 13,753,825-2,10013899,66561,883
Transport For NSWTransport For NSW YouTube ChannelTransport For NSW Video Stats 13,753,261-2,66442832,13411,510
iluvcruz07iluvcruz07 YouTube Channeliluvcruz07 Video Stats 13,753,247-2,67881,719,1568,444
ObeseRecordsObeseRecords YouTube ChannelObeseRecords Video Stats 13,752,822-3,10376180,95821,151
奇怪頻道【谷阿莫】奇怪頻道【谷阿莫】 YouTube Channel奇怪頻道【谷阿莫】 Video Stats 13,752,288-3,63794146,30177,030
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14,000,000244,07524 D10 M 2/13  2019Tweet
14,250,000494,07526 D9 M1 Y1/15  2020Tweet
14,500,000744,07527 D8 M2 Y12/16  2020Tweet