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261,988  Now
255,6736,3159027 DayTweet
248,15713,83198814 DayTweet
229,58932,3991,08030 DayTweet
205,44856,5409422 MonthTweet
180,96281,0269003 MonthTweet
189,04772,9416084 MonthTweet
168,16393,8256265 MonthTweet
152,120109,8686106 MonthTweet
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50,386,524  Now
49,287,1521,099,372157,0537 DayTweet
47,911,1002,475,424176,81614 DayTweet
44,525,1125,861,412195,38030 DayTweet
40,166,56210,219,962170,3332 MonthTweet
35,350,25415,036,270167,0703 MonthTweet
37,048,99513,337,529111,1464 MonthTweet
33,127,57117,258,953115,0605 MonthTweet
30,099,00620,287,518112,7086 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Surfaced StudioSurfaced Studio YouTube ChannelSurfaced Studio Video Stats 262,12013213119920016.3 M
Liz LarsonLiz Larson YouTube ChannelLiz Larson Video Stats 262,1181302539219100 M
Kap GKap G YouTube ChannelKap G Video Stats 262,108120911607763.3 M
"НИКИТИН" 262,079913345131.4K273.2 M
Sabina HannanSabina Hannan YouTube ChannelSabina Hannan Video Stats 262,0647689213589.2 M
MINIONS IN BLACKMINIONS IN BLACK YouTube ChannelMINIONS IN BLACK Video Stats 262,05466801366169.1 M
Juan Jaramillo EstradaJuan Jaramillo Estrada YouTube ChannelJuan Jaramillo Estrada Video Stats 262,052649491143.5 M
DJ PingpingDJ Pingping YouTube ChannelDJ Pingping Video Stats 262,0486044839038633.1 M
Nil MorettoNil Moretto YouTube ChannelNil Moretto Video Stats 262,04355188800
ucichannelucichannel YouTube Channelucichannel Video Stats 262,00517711682K59.8 M
Kavi Sammelan and MushairaKavi Sammelan and Mushaira YouTube ChannelKavi Sammelan and Mushaira Video Stats 261,9886581,08065850.4 M
Andrija JoAndrija Jo YouTube ChannelAndrija Jo Video Stats 261,960-283805208833.4 M
Morgan YatesMorgan Yates YouTube ChannelMorgan Yates Video Stats 261,951-3717518129016.3 M
ESNEWSESNEWS YouTube ChannelESNEWS Video Stats 261,949-395610463.8K536.3 M
AnushaAnusha YouTube ChannelAnusha Video Stats 261,943-451343844617.5 M
Развивайки, обучайки. Наше ВСЁ!Развивайки, обучайки. Наше ВСЁ! YouTube ChannelРазвивайки, обучайки. Наше ВСЁ! Video Stats 261,936-52317491607354.9 M
CeZikCeZik YouTube ChannelCeZik Video Stats 261,923-650-33980.9 M
DeoNadeDeoNade YouTube ChannelDeoNade Video Stats 261,859-129114124210112.3 M
Nat Geo Abu DhabiNat Geo Abu Dhabi YouTube ChannelNat Geo Abu Dhabi Video Stats 261,855-133578625012.2 M
VICE en EspañolVICE en Español YouTube ChannelVICE en Español Video Stats 261,831-15712530342735.8 M
Ricardo GamaRicardo Gama YouTube ChannelRicardo Gama Video Stats 261,818-1702474062.4K173.4 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Malibu DollfaceMalibu Dollface YouTube ChannelMalibu Dollface Video Stats 50,413,57327,04951997,136529,027
TheCameraStoreTVTheCameraStoreTV YouTube ChannelTheCameraStoreTV Video Stats 50,412,39125,867289174,437302,332
HappyBerry CrochetHappyBerry Crochet YouTube ChannelHappyBerry Crochet Video Stats 50,405,59619,072368136,972445,625
ForSkitsAndGigglesForSkitsAndGiggles YouTube ChannelForSkitsAndGiggles Video Stats 50,402,35615,832371,362,226224,534
SLOVOprojectSLOVOproject YouTube ChannelSLOVOproject Video Stats 50,401,89515,37182061,466207,104
ClashproductionClashproduction YouTube ChannelClashproduction Video Stats 50,401,66715,14357687,50343,237
Nicole KirklandNicole Kirkland YouTube ChannelNicole Kirkland Video Stats 50,399,17712,653218231,189328,684
Kookies And CreamKookies And Cream YouTube ChannelKookies And Cream Video Stats 50,398,98612,46254933,315290,246
musich3admusich3ad YouTube Channelmusich3ad Video Stats 50,394,2097,685341147,78421,099
widdzwiddz YouTube Channelwiddz Video Stats 50,391,3484,8242K24,983117,705
Kavi Sammelan and MushairaKavi Sammelan and Mushaira YouTube ChannelKavi Sammelan and Mushaira Video Stats 50,386,52465876,575261,988
FunnyswirlFunnyswirl YouTube ChannelFunnyswirl Video Stats 50,385,891-63358386,425108,639
Moolt DibujitosMoolt Dibujitos YouTube ChannelMoolt Dibujitos Video Stats 50,385,783-741108466,535232,174
Athlean-XX for WomenAthlean-XX for Women YouTube ChannelAthlean-XX for Women Video Stats 50,381,669-4,85559185,248406,934
MV.TVMV.TV YouTube ChannelMV.TV Video Stats 50,378,716-7,80873069,01289,522
swing52aswing52a YouTube Channelswing52a Video Stats 50,377,984-8,540294171,35427,856
PeggyZinaVEVOPeggyZinaVEVO YouTube ChannelPeggyZinaVEVO Video Stats 50,377,267-9,257351,439,35032,210
Matador 19961Matador 19961 YouTube ChannelMatador 19961 Video Stats 50,377,239-9,285124,198,10361,305
winniepisceswinniepisces YouTube Channelwinniepisces Video Stats 50,374,044-12,480125402,99296,629
Glenya TaynaraGlenya Taynara YouTube ChannelGlenya Taynara Video Stats 50,371,191-15,33398751,035402,941
Телестудия РоскосмосаТелестудия Роскосмоса YouTube ChannelТелестудия Роскосмоса Video Stats 50,369,503-17,0213.2K15,628134,999
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Start Subs: 205,448     Current Subs: 261,988
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
262,5005121 D  3/20  2018Tweet
265,0003,0124 D  3/23  2018Tweet
267,5005,5126 D  3/25  2018Tweet
270,0008,0129 D  3/28  2018Tweet
272,50010,51212 D  3/31  2018Tweet
275,00013,01214 D  4/02  2018Tweet
277,50015,51217 D  4/05  2018Tweet
280,00018,01220 D  4/08  2018Tweet
282,50020,51222 D  4/10  2018Tweet
285,00023,01225 D  4/13  2018Tweet
287,50025,51228 D  4/16  2018Tweet
290,00028,01230 D  4/18  2018Tweet
292,50030,5122 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
295,00033,0125 D1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
297,50035,5127 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 40,166,562     Current Views: 50,386,524
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
50,500,000113,4761 D  3/20  2018Tweet
51,000,000613,4764 D  3/23  2018Tweet
51,500,0001,113,4767 D  3/26  2018Tweet
52,000,0001,613,47610 D  3/29  2018Tweet
52,500,0002,113,47613 D  4/01  2018Tweet
53,000,0002,613,47616 D  4/04  2018Tweet
53,500,0003,113,47619 D  4/07  2018Tweet
54,000,0003,613,47622 D  4/10  2018Tweet
54,500,0004,113,47625 D  4/13  2018Tweet
55,000,0004,613,47628 D  4/16  2018Tweet
55,500,0005,113,476 1 M 4/19  2018Tweet
56,000,0005,613,4762 D1 M 4/21  2018Tweet
56,500,0006,113,4765 D1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
57,000,0006,613,4768 D1 M 4/27  2018Tweet
57,500,0007,113,47611 D1 M 4/30  2018Tweet