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564,179  Now
564,329-150-217 DayTweet
564,584-405-2914 DayTweet
565,340-1,161-3930 DayTweet
565,771-1,592-272 MonthTweet
566,288-2,109-233 MonthTweet
566,166-1,987-174 MonthTweet
566,431-2,252-155 MonthTweet
564,610-431-26 MonthTweet
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99,302,240  Now
99,216,11686,12412,3037 DayTweet
99,078,638223,60215,97214 DayTweet
98,812,407489,83316,32830 DayTweet
98,269,0551,033,18517,2202 MonthTweet
95,189,2474,112,99345,7003 MonthTweet
97,890,8971,411,34311,7614 MonthTweet
94,759,9924,542,24830,2825 MonthTweet
93,566,0685,736,17231,8686 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Koray AVCIKoray AVCI YouTube ChannelKoray AVCI Video Stats9607564,7145355423530380.5 M
PIN KOROPIN KORO YouTube ChannelPIN KORO Video Stats9608564,705526467705277101.8 M
Alli Simpson OfficialAlli Simpson Official YouTube ChannelAlli Simpson Official Video Stats9609564,6634849164864 M
Fashion - TopicFashion - Topic YouTube ChannelFashion - Topic Video Stats9610564,58840954086400
Smi MusicSmi Music YouTube ChannelSmi Music Video Stats9611564,5213427861,8141.5K344.9 M
Marginalx11Marginalx11 YouTube ChannelMarginalx11 Video Stats9612564,51333411027634663.5 M
Maitha AbduljalilMaitha Abduljalil YouTube ChannelMaitha Abduljalil Video Stats9613564,4342551,1101,39839635.8 M
Midas MusicMidas Music YouTube ChannelMidas Music Video Stats9614564,3932141,1452,078268164.7 M
Slow Mo LabSlow Mo Lab YouTube ChannelSlow Mo Lab Video Stats9615564,249701313139136.6 M
Larry's LoungeLarry's Lounge YouTube ChannelLarry's Lounge Video Stats9616564,24869-20-7749347.4 M
NormelTVNormelTV YouTube ChannelNormelTV Video Stats9617564,179-15-397399.3 M
Ай, Как Просто!Ай, Как Просто! YouTube ChannelАй, Как Просто! Video Stats9618564,060-119212389688114 M
Em busca do shape inexplicávelEm busca do shape inexplicável YouTube ChannelEm busca do shape inexplicável Video Stats9619564,057-1224891,08360369.2 M
Amazing Toys ReviewsAmazing Toys Reviews YouTube ChannelAmazing Toys Reviews Video Stats9620564,025-1542,007509319167.8 M
Kids Funville Toys & Games TVKids Funville Toys & Games TV YouTube ChannelKids Funville Toys & Games TV Video Stats9621563,910-269171340152103.6 M
Alex CentomoAlex Centomo YouTube ChannelAlex Centomo Video Stats9622563,888-291261536143.7 M
NoahCraftFTWNoahCraftFTW YouTube ChannelNoahCraftFTW Video Stats9623563,863-316-40-611.5K66.9 M
Stef SanjatiStef Sanjati YouTube ChannelStef Sanjati Video Stats9624563,852-327285223649.8 M
NickalawsNickalaws YouTube ChannelNickalaws Video Stats9625563,806-373-45-942193 K
FudgeMuppetFudgeMuppet YouTube ChannelFudgeMuppet Video Stats9626563,793-3862715621.1K179.1 M
GamerSejatiGamerSejati YouTube ChannelGamerSejati Video Stats9627563,791-3885021,2792.3K166.1 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
LeisureSuitRantFiendLeisureSuitRantFiend YouTube ChannelLeisureSuitRantFiend Video Stats 99,389,63587,395189525,87163,630
GarrettDavidGinnerGarrettDavidGinner YouTube ChannelGarrettDavidGinner Video Stats 99,380,26778,0271K96,392558,761
AF GAMEPLAYSAF GAMEPLAYS YouTube ChannelAF GAMEPLAYS Video Stats 99,359,03256,792883112,524509,751
TwinToys ClubhouseTwinToys Clubhouse YouTube ChannelTwinToys Clubhouse Video Stats 99,351,10948,869102974,030390,609
TheASHfire06 - ASH's PSP Games!TheASHfire06 - ASH's PSP Games! YouTube ChannelTheASHfire06 - ASH's PSP Games! Video Stats 99,348,17345,9332.8K35,00655,836
Footballskills98Footballskills98 YouTube ChannelFootballskills98 Video Stats 99,341,58839,348243408,813661,159
2Pac Remix2Pac Remix YouTube Channel2Pac Remix Video Stats 99,332,99330,753931,068,097244,652
Телеканал 24KZТелеканал 24KZ YouTube ChannelТелеканал 24KZ Video Stats 99,321,61219,372195.4K508110,037
Aprendendo CrochêAprendendo Crochê YouTube ChannelAprendendo Crochê Video Stats 99,312,1109,870809122,759514,304
KemarKemar YouTube ChannelKemar Video Stats 99,309,6297,389521,909,8011,349,472
NormelTVNormelTV YouTube ChannelNormelTV Video Stats 99,302,240731,360,305564,179
Garnier EspañaGarnier España YouTube ChannelGarnier España Video Stats 99,301,309-931216459,728130,114
SPtv | Android gameplaySPtv | Android gameplay YouTube ChannelSPtv | Android gameplay Video Stats 99,286,891-15,349282352,081174,982
HASfitHASfit YouTube ChannelHASfit Video Stats 99,284,517-17,7231.5K66,545686,424
Degrassi: Next ClassDegrassi: Next Class YouTube ChannelDegrassi: Next Class Video Stats 99,280,626-21,614483205,55090,517
Shravan K ManyamShravan K Manyam YouTube ChannelShravan K Manyam Video Stats 99,274,785-27,455162612,807156,591
AutoDinámicoAutoDinámico YouTube ChannelAutoDinámico Video Stats 99,259,814-42,426344288,546457,747
OPZ TVOPZ TV YouTube ChannelOPZ TV Video Stats 99,253,808-48,432627158,300929,970
katariina19991katariina19991 YouTube Channelkatariina19991 Video Stats 99,245,171-57,069851,167,590153,824
milk6production2005milk6production2005 YouTube Channelmilk6production2005 Video Stats 99,243,819-58,421544182,433236,595
NatureNature YouTube ChannelNature Video Stats 99,232,763-69,477127781,36091,777
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99,500,000197,76012 D  3/31  2018Tweet
99,750,000447,76027 D  4/15  2018Tweet
100,000,000697,76010 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
102,500,0003,197,7603 D6 M 9/21  2018Tweet
105,000,0005,697,76026 D10 M 2/13  2019Tweet
107,500,0008,197,76020 D3 M1 Y7/09  2019Tweet
110,000,00010,697,76013 D8 M1 Y12/01  2019Tweet
112,500,00013,197,7606 D1 M2 Y4/24  2020Tweet
115,000,00015,697,76029 D5 M2 Y9/16  2020Tweet
117,500,00018,197,76022 D10 M2 Y2/08  2021Tweet