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95  Now
95007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
14,186  Now
14,179717 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
ReplacingkillerReplacingkiller YouTube ChannelReplacingkiller Video Stats 950003571
David TranDavid Tran YouTube ChannelDavid Tran Video Stats 9500000
SquidThePrinterSquidThePrinter YouTube ChannelSquidThePrinter Video Stats 95000683 K
KamiKami YouTube ChannelKami Video Stats 95000948 K
IdealTVIdealTV YouTube ChannelIdealTV Video Stats 9500000
gibstratogibstrato YouTube Channelgibstrato Video Stats 950003546 K
dimples282dimples282 YouTube Channeldimples282 Video Stats 95000109168 K
GabeGabe YouTube ChannelGabe Video Stats 95000726 K
VeryRelaxingSoundsVeryRelaxingSounds YouTube ChannelVeryRelaxingSounds Video Stats 950001220 K
FallEditingFallEditing YouTube ChannelFallEditing Video Stats 9500000
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 95002714 K
SlashaaHDSlashaaHD YouTube ChannelSlashaaHD Video Stats 95000112 K
StanGerards2StanGerards2 YouTube ChannelStanGerards2 Video Stats 9500000
TheBananaCastTheBananaCast YouTube ChannelTheBananaCast Video Stats 950004160 K
applecodeitaliaapplecodeitalia YouTube Channelapplecodeitalia Video Stats 95000118 K
ImVeazRImVeazR YouTube ChannelImVeazR Video Stats 950003817
InsideMyShoeBoxInsideMyShoeBox YouTube ChannelInsideMyShoeBox Video Stats 9500000
IPureGFXIPureGFX YouTube ChannelIPureGFX Video Stats 950001335 K
IReeZa530IReeZa530 YouTube ChannelIReeZa530 Video Stats 9500042 K
itsPandaBobitsPandaBob YouTube ChannelitsPandaBob Video Stats 950003483
itzTaWitchyitzTaWitchy YouTube ChannelitzTaWitchy Video Stats 95000252 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
heyitsliamheyitsliam YouTube Channelheyitsliam Video Stats 14,18713936415
Breanna OndichBreanna Ondich YouTube ChannelBreanna Ondich Video Stats 14,1871207094
Tourism e-Marketing Consultant -Kartik RTourism e-Marketing Consultant -Kartik R YouTube ChannelTourism e-Marketing Consultant -Kartik R Video Stats 14,1860178348
krookedkapskrookedkaps YouTube Channelkrookedkaps Video Stats 14,18601594644
GFSTUNTAGFSTUNTA YouTube ChannelGFSTUNTA Video Stats 14,18602070914
improvisationcaimprovisationca YouTube Channelimprovisationca Video Stats 14,18603047313
ashmc84FWashmc84FW YouTube Channelashmc84FW Video Stats 14,1860114,1862
SimpleAuchindounSimpleAuchindoun YouTube ChannelSimpleAuchindoun Video Stats 14,18603837322
MissoulaRCMissoulaRC YouTube ChannelMissoulaRC Video Stats 14,18602948921
mazlum abimazlum abi YouTube Channelmazlum abi Video Stats 14,1860114,1864
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 14,1862752595
PCNinjasPCNinjas YouTube ChannelPCNinjas Video Stats 14,1860110129260
Yajaira DEL VALLEYajaira DEL VALLE YouTube ChannelYajaira DEL VALLE Video Stats 14,1860131,0915
agford1agford1 YouTube Channelagford1 Video Stats 14,186052,8376
macueemacuee YouTube Channelmacuee Video Stats 14,186072,02712
unanswered95unanswered95 YouTube Channelunanswered95 Video Stats 14,18602167612
KinhoZzZ - Vídeos de Smite e outras coisKinhoZzZ - Vídeos de Smite e outras cois YouTube ChannelKinhoZzZ - Vídeos de Smite e outras cois Video Stats 14,186036394345
LetLoveRuleTributeLetLoveRuleTribute YouTube ChannelLetLoveRuleTribute Video Stats 14,1860101,419113
NEJORneo AeraeraeNEJORneo Aeraerae YouTube ChannelNEJORneo Aeraerae Video Stats 14,185-127,09355
Daz Is BackDaz Is Back YouTube ChannelDaz Is Back Video Stats 14,185-135405484
supahfly5supahfly5 YouTube Channelsupahfly5 Video Stats 14,185-134,72837
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Start Views: 13,888     Current Views: 14,186
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Views Till
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14,2506413 D  11/07  2014Tweet
14,5003143 D2 M 12/28  2014Tweet
14,75056422 D3 M 2/16  2015Tweet
15,00081411 D5 M 4/07  2015Tweet
15,2501,0642 D7 M 5/28  2015Tweet
15,5001,31421 D8 M 7/17  2015Tweet
15,7501,56410 D10 M 9/05  2015Tweet
16,0001,8141 D 1 Y10/26  2015Tweet
16,2502,06420 D1 M1 Y12/15  2015Tweet
16,5002,3149 D3 M1 Y2/03  2016Tweet
16,7502,56430 D4 M1 Y3/25  2016Tweet
17,0002,81419 D6 M1 Y5/14  2016Tweet
17,2503,0648 D8 M1 Y7/03  2016Tweet
17,5003,31429 D9 M1 Y8/23  2016Tweet
17,7503,56418 D11 M1 Y10/12  2016Tweet