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96  Now
96007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
13,868  Now
13,860817 DayTweet
13,84919114 DayTweet
13,80761230 DayTweet
13,74112722 MonthTweet
13,64622223 MonthTweet
13,70216614 MonthTweet
13,60426425 MonthTweet
13,49137726 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Meagan nicoleMeagan nicole YouTube ChannelMeagan nicole Video Stats 96000787 K
anon7096anon7096 YouTube Channelanon7096 Video Stats 9600000
twelvetwelve YouTube Channeltwelve Video Stats 9600000
Alfonso ZambranoAlfonso Zambrano YouTube ChannelAlfonso Zambrano Video Stats 96000203104 K
Caylin DawsonCaylin Dawson YouTube ChannelCaylin Dawson Video Stats 960002184
Joshua HindleyJoshua Hindley YouTube ChannelJoshua Hindley Video Stats 9600000
Gw2castsGw2casts YouTube ChannelGw2casts Video Stats 9600015 K
BubbaBig72BubbaBig72 YouTube ChannelBubbaBig72 Video Stats 96000171
Josh GillettJosh Gillett YouTube ChannelJosh Gillett Video Stats 96000102 K
EnragedTutorialsEnragedTutorials YouTube ChannelEnragedTutorials Video Stats 9600065 K
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 96002714 K
Dan LeveilleDan Leveille YouTube ChannelDan Leveille Video Stats 9600012141 K
DaviidddINinjaaDaviidddINinjaa YouTube ChannelDaviidddINinjaa Video Stats 96000364 K
DazaCinemaDazaCinema YouTube ChannelDazaCinema Video Stats 960004315 K
DeffJeff24DeffJeff24 YouTube ChannelDeffJeff24 Video Stats 96000156 K
Destroyer94100Destroyer94100 YouTube ChannelDestroyer94100 Video Stats 9600031 K
EmpoweredDesignAppsEmpoweredDesignApps YouTube ChannelEmpoweredDesignApps Video Stats 96000181
eTwAs03eTwAs03 YouTube ChanneleTwAs03 Video Stats 960001912 K
eXoSmoKyeXoSmoKy YouTube ChanneleXoSmoKy Video Stats 96000214 K
ExpensiveFridgeExpensiveFridge YouTube ChannelExpensiveFridge Video Stats 9600013445 K
eXstxeXstx YouTube ChanneleXstx Video Stats 9600031 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
LSmentLSment YouTube ChannelLSment Video Stats 13,868048289144
ChronicChronic YouTube ChannelChronic Video Stats 13,8680121,15620
zracer43zracer43 YouTube Channelzracer43 Video Stats 13,86803737511
1141Studios1141Studios YouTube Channel1141Studios Video Stats 13,868052,77420
TheDFxGamingTheDFxGaming YouTube ChannelTheDFxGaming Video Stats 13,868024578238
Jayde ChoyceJayde Choyce YouTube ChannelJayde Choyce Video Stats 13,868023603140
ksmooth8ksmooth8 YouTube Channelksmooth8 Video Stats 13,86805226732
devil07pekhawardevil07pekhawar YouTube Channeldevil07pekhawar Video Stats 13,868091,5414
GibbyGibbonGibbyGibbon YouTube ChannelGibbyGibbon Video Stats 13,86802947819
ExcelSectorExcelSector YouTube ChannelExcelSector Video Stats 13,868091,5411,366
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 13,8682751496
oliverjustinoliverjustin YouTube Channeloliverjustin Video Stats 13,8680178161
Lorna BeduyaLorna Beduya YouTube ChannelLorna Beduya Video Stats 13,8680187701
sandcastleescapessandcastleescapes YouTube Channelsandcastleescapes Video Stats 13,867-152,7733
Natsumi4everNatsumi4ever YouTube ChannelNatsumi4ever Video Stats 13,867-143,4674
AmuGeriAmuGeri YouTube ChannelAmuGeri Video Stats 13,867-191,54114
TumbleWeedGamingTumbleWeedGaming YouTube ChannelTumbleWeedGaming Video Stats 13,867-150277137
dante95500dante95500 YouTube Channeldante95500 Video Stats 13,867-134408283
gcaphuntgcaphunt YouTube Channelgcaphunt Video Stats 13,867-1159248
smilardovichsmilardovich YouTube Channelsmilardovich Video Stats 13,867-181,7335
Marcelo TapiaMarcelo Tapia YouTube ChannelMarcelo Tapia Video Stats 13,867-1131,0675
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Start Subs: 100     Current Subs: 96
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Based on 127 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 2 added per day.
Start Views: 13,741     Current Views: 13,868
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
14,0001322 D2 M 11/01  2014Tweet
14,25038228 D5 M 2/27  2015Tweet
14,50063225 D9 M 6/25  2015Tweet
14,75088221 D1 M1 Y10/21  2015Tweet
15,0001,13217 D5 M1 Y2/16  2016Tweet
15,2501,38214 D9 M1 Y6/13  2016Tweet
15,5001,63211 D1 M2 Y10/10  2016Tweet
15,7501,8827 D5 M2 Y2/05  2017Tweet
16,0002,1324 D9 M2 Y6/03  2017Tweet