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95  Now
95007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
14,429  Now
14,424517 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
FromzonFromzon YouTube ChannelFromzon Video Stats 9500069 K
xByThunderFIFAxByThunderFIFA YouTube ChannelxByThunderFIFA Video Stats 9500000
FEARxMaGiiKFEARxMaGiiK YouTube ChannelFEARxMaGiiK Video Stats 95000252 K
RymodRymod YouTube ChannelRymod Video Stats 9500034108 K
yrpgullwingsyrpgullwings YouTube Channelyrpgullwings Video Stats 9500011627 K
VeryRelaxingSoundsVeryRelaxingSounds YouTube ChannelVeryRelaxingSounds Video Stats 950001220 K
Josh GillettJosh Gillett YouTube ChannelJosh Gillett Video Stats 9500091 K
Jamal DarnellJamal Darnell YouTube ChannelJamal Darnell Video Stats 9500000
EnragedTutorialsEnragedTutorials YouTube ChannelEnragedTutorials Video Stats 9500075 K
iTSaRyanThingiTSaRyanThing YouTube ChanneliTSaRyanThing Video Stats 9500000
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 95002714 K
SlashaaHDSlashaaHD YouTube ChannelSlashaaHD Video Stats 95000112 K
StanGerards2StanGerards2 YouTube ChannelStanGerards2 Video Stats 9500000
TheBananaCastTheBananaCast YouTube ChannelTheBananaCast Video Stats 950004163 K
MathxDGamesMathxDGames YouTube ChannelMathxDGames Video Stats 9500000
danzer34danzer34 YouTube Channeldanzer34 Video Stats 950003545 K
whiteportalwhiteportal YouTube Channelwhiteportal Video Stats 9500000
Shivam KagadadaShivam Kagadada YouTube ChannelShivam Kagadada Video Stats 9500000
yugiohq8yugiohq8 YouTube Channelyugiohq8 Video Stats 95000174 K
Saswato ChattopadhyaySaswato Chattopadhyay YouTube ChannelSaswato Chattopadhyay Video Stats 950001123 K
Devin WDevin W YouTube ChannelDevin W Video Stats 95000103 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
BARONBARON YouTube ChannelBARON Video Stats 14,43018417235
Viorel TrandafirViorel Trandafir YouTube ChannelViorel Trandafir Video Stats 14,42906522219
GiggaGotzGiggaGotz YouTube ChannelGiggaGotz Video Stats 14,429023627631
BAMBROSINCBAMBROSINC YouTube ChannelBAMBROSINC Video Stats 14,429072,0615
Alexander WoodsAlexander Woods YouTube ChannelAlexander Woods Video Stats 14,42905028933
speakwellenglishspeakwellenglish YouTube Channelspeakwellenglish Video Stats 14,42903245179
SpherePhoenixSpherePhoenix YouTube ChannelSpherePhoenix Video Stats 14,429027,2156
ScotianaScotlandScotianaScotland YouTube ChannelScotianaScotland Video Stats 14,4290188029
Ma el LocoMa el Loco YouTube ChannelMa el Loco Video Stats 14,429052,8864
goahongoahon YouTube Channelgoahon Video Stats 14,42904183533
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 14,4292753495
bluetornbluetorn YouTube Channelbluetorn Video Stats 14,429081,80410
FortuneVlogFortuneVlog YouTube ChannelFortuneVlog Video Stats 14,428-1113128321
JuzztnJuzztn YouTube ChannelJuzztn Video Stats 14,428-13937026
Tom McmahonTom Mcmahon YouTube ChannelTom Mcmahon Video Stats 14,428-1216876
omniwingomniwing YouTube Channelomniwing Video Stats 14,428-1141,0319
AstuteSolutionsAstuteSolutions YouTube ChannelAstuteSolutions Video Stats 14,428-14036138
zSomertonzSomerton YouTube ChannelzSomerton Video Stats 14,428-139370157
belemusicbelemusic YouTube Channelbelemusic Video Stats 14,427-22362715
edgarrccedgarrcc YouTube Channeledgarrcc Video Stats 14,427-291,6039
introCITYintroCITY YouTube ChannelintroCITY Video Stats 14,427-2131,1107
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Start Views: 14,342     Current Views: 14,429
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14,5007118 D1 M 9/17  2015Tweet
14,7503219 D7 M 3/08  2016Tweet
15,00057129 D 1 Y8/27  2016Tweet
15,25082119 D6 M1 Y2/16  2017Tweet
15,5001,0719 D 2 Y8/07  2017Tweet
15,7501,32129 D5 M2 Y1/27  2018Tweet
16,0001,57119 D11 M2 Y7/18  2018Tweet