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95  Now
95007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
14,376  Now
14,372417 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Tim M JrTim M Jr YouTube ChannelTim M Jr Video Stats 950006012 K
Sniper420Sniper420 YouTube ChannelSniper420 Video Stats 95000118 K
ReplacingkillerReplacingkiller YouTube ChannelReplacingkiller Video Stats 950003571
twelvetwelve YouTube Channeltwelve Video Stats 9500000
David TranDavid Tran YouTube ChannelDavid Tran Video Stats 9500000
MyGlorificationMyGlorification YouTube ChannelMyGlorification Video Stats 95000205 K
VeryRelaxingSoundsVeryRelaxingSounds YouTube ChannelVeryRelaxingSounds Video Stats 950001220 K
Josh GillettJosh Gillett YouTube ChannelJosh Gillett Video Stats 95000132 K
Jamal DarnellJamal Darnell YouTube ChannelJamal Darnell Video Stats 9500000
iTSaRyanThingiTSaRyanThing YouTube ChanneliTSaRyanThing Video Stats 9500000
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 95002714 K
SlashaaHDSlashaaHD YouTube ChannelSlashaaHD Video Stats 95000112 K
StanGerards2StanGerards2 YouTube ChannelStanGerards2 Video Stats 9500000
applecodeitaliaapplecodeitalia YouTube Channelapplecodeitalia Video Stats 95000119 K
Geeks XXLGeeks XXL YouTube ChannelGeeks XXL Video Stats 950003628 K
whiteportalwhiteportal YouTube Channelwhiteportal Video Stats 9500000
ClubClub YouTube ChannelClub Video Stats 9500000
Saswato ChattopadhyaySaswato Chattopadhyay YouTube ChannelSaswato Chattopadhyay Video Stats 950001123 K
DaybreakBand5DaybreakBand5 YouTube ChannelDaybreakBand5 Video Stats 950003114 K
riotriot YouTube Channelriot Video Stats 9500000
TheRealLeiwebTheRealLeiweb YouTube ChannelTheRealLeiweb Video Stats 9500030178 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
griffin mcleodgriffin mcleod YouTube Channelgriffin mcleod Video Stats 14,377198147101
cvrle59cvrle59 YouTube Channelcvrle59 Video Stats 14,316-60216826
anhdangdienlendayanhdangdienlenday YouTube Channelanhdangdienlenday Video Stats 14,316-60141,0233
Lucar FoxLucar Fox YouTube ChannelLucar Fox Video Stats 14,316-6081,79025
GHETTOD77GHETTOD77 YouTube ChannelGHETTOD77 Video Stats 14,37714531934
gabososagabososa YouTube Channelgabososa Video Stats 14,316-602949414
legacy musclelegacy muscle YouTube Channellegacy muscle Video Stats 14,376031464116
sixko78sixko78 YouTube Channelsixko78 Video Stats 14,316-60324476
C0RVETTEBOYC0RVETTEBOY YouTube ChannelC0RVETTEBOY Video Stats 14,3760111,30731
MoorezTVMoorezTV YouTube ChannelMoorezTV Video Stats 14,316-6081,79010
NorHawxNorHawx YouTube ChannelNorHawx Video Stats 14,3762753295
Sahara KinllonSahara Kinllon YouTube ChannelSahara Kinllon Video Stats 14,376052276606
Giorgio SauliniGiorgio Saulini YouTube ChannelGiorgio Saulini Video Stats 14,316-6081,79015
Antonio GiuntaAntonio Giunta YouTube ChannelAntonio Giunta Video Stats 14,315-6134,7724
Leon The ChameleonLeon The Chameleon YouTube ChannelLeon The Chameleon Video Stats 14,37602362559
osdmteamosdmteam YouTube Channelosdmteam Video Stats 14,315-61121,1937
PnutheadzPnutheadz YouTube ChannelPnutheadz Video Stats 14,3760141,027346
domydodadaydomydodaday YouTube Channeldomydodaday Video Stats 14,315-61141,0234
Gianluca VGianluca V YouTube ChannelGianluca V Video Stats 14,315-61168957
Mike KMike K YouTube ChannelMike K Video Stats 14,315-6162,3861
RexxMantoothRexxMantooth YouTube ChannelRexxMantooth Video Stats 14,375-142342154
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Start Views: 14,342     Current Views: 14,376
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14,5001246 D7 M 7/27  2015Tweet
14,75037421 D9 M1 Y10/10  2016Tweet