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71,6253014 DayTweet
71,6208030 DayTweet
71,6082002 MonthTweet
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71,6151304 MonthTweet
71,5973105 MonthTweet
71,6042406 MonthTweet
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54,392,374  Now
54,383,6348,7401,2497 DayTweet
54,373,32019,0541,36114 DayTweet
54,349,24043,1341,43830 DayTweet
54,302,58589,7891,4962 MonthTweet
54,250,735141,6391,5743 MonthTweet
54,269,349123,0251,0254 MonthTweet
54,218,126174,2481,1625 MonthTweet
54,178,089214,2851,1906 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Dehati BhabhiDehati Bhabhi YouTube ChannelDehati Bhabhi Video Stats 71,64214-1211900
fitfortwotvfitfortwotv YouTube Channelfitfortwotv Video Stats 71,642140747619.1 M
MiSoTa94 de AndroidMiSoTa94 de Android YouTube ChannelMiSoTa94 de Android Video Stats 71,642140-51848 M
King TroyKing Troy YouTube ChannelKing Troy Video Stats 71,63911293278362.2 M
portaltcm tcm10portaltcm tcm10 YouTube Channelportaltcm tcm10 Video Stats 71,63687815043.8K30.1 M
RealcinemasRealcinemas YouTube ChannelRealcinemas Video Stats 71,635710218356658.1 M
ddbparisddbparis YouTube Channelddbparis Video Stats 71,633571512154.1 M
prmalafaiaprmalafaia YouTube Channelprmalafaia Video Stats 71,63241686112.2 M
rahdorahdo YouTube Channelrahdo Video Stats 71,631327543.4K30.8 M
welovephoenixwelovephoenix YouTube Channelwelovephoenix Video Stats 71,6313094129.3 M
MuzzoonaMuzzoona YouTube ChannelMuzzoona Video Stats 71,628008254.4 M
Cualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más...Cualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más... YouTube ChannelCualquiera Puede Cocinar y Más... Video Stats 71,627-13111317822.5 M
Sara FabriziSara Fabrizi YouTube ChannelSara Fabrizi Video Stats 71,611-171014922.5 M
Paranormal Guitar ChannelParanormal Guitar Channel YouTube ChannelParanormal Guitar Channel Video Stats 71,605-23531052816.4 M
30 plus30 plus YouTube Channel30 plus Video Stats 71,601-2723519638616.5 M
In One LessonIn One Lesson YouTube ChannelIn One Lesson Video Stats 71,596-323329146 M
EXTREME INEAMMEXTREME INEAMM YouTube ChannelEXTREME INEAMM Video Stats 71,595-333151843112 M
CjoelmoviesCjoelmovies YouTube ChannelCjoelmovies Video Stats 71,591-3738154796 M
Katie CouricKatie Couric YouTube ChannelKatie Couric Video Stats 71,590-3814191.2K53.4 M
kpopstevekpopsteve YouTube Channelkpopsteve Video Stats 71,587-410-242310.2 M
RosyTheRascal15RosyTheRascal15 YouTube ChannelRosyTheRascal15 Video Stats 71,586-42154126342 M
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per Video
Leonenzo85Leonenzo85 YouTube ChannelLeonenzo85 Video Stats 54,436,98544,611179304,11729,274
Chitti TVChitti TV YouTube ChannelChitti TV Video Stats 54,433,65741,28390604,818160,004
TM YoutubeTM Youtube YouTube ChannelTM Youtube Video Stats 54,431,34338,9691.9K29,31121,359
ExtraordinerdExtraordinerd YouTube ChannelExtraordinerd Video Stats 54,428,42936,055354153,753598,884
CWTVCWTV YouTube ChannelCWTV Video Stats 54,427,12534,7511.6K33,309143,504
あたり なりゆきあたり なりゆき YouTube Channelあたり なりゆき Video Stats 54,412,82420,4501.3K40,54653,958
PavellGameChannel - Subscribe/Подпишись!PavellGameChannel - Subscribe/Подпишись! YouTube ChannelPavellGameChannel - Subscribe/Подпишись! Video Stats 54,408,47716,1035.1K10,76574,412
mememollymememolly YouTube Channelmememolly Video Stats 54,404,33311,95989611,285105,264
HDGamingROHDGamingRO YouTube ChannelHDGamingRO Video Stats 54,395,9223,5483.8K14,486294,449
RicepirateRicepirate YouTube ChannelRicepirate Video Stats 54,392,88851499549,423459,591
MuzzoonaMuzzoona YouTube ChannelMuzzoona Video Stats 54,392,37482663,32271,628
feelthaifeelthai YouTube Channelfeelthai Video Stats 54,391,541-83311.9K4,570102,639
Red Carpet News TVRed Carpet News TV YouTube ChannelRed Carpet News TV Video Stats 54,386,569-5,80510.4K5,20935,580
HackingLifeHackingLife YouTube ChannelHackingLife Video Stats 54,382,038-10,33660906,367368,898
The Glitch MobThe Glitch Mob YouTube ChannelThe Glitch Mob Video Stats 54,381,177-11,197132411,979195,619
ASUS North AmericaASUS North America YouTube ChannelASUS North America Video Stats 54,379,166-13,20863885,234207,373
eiRyeiRy YouTube ChanneleiRy Video Stats 54,378,043-14,33186,797,2554,732
Aqui Pode - A vida no JapãoAqui Pode - A vida no Japão YouTube ChannelAqui Pode - A vida no Japão Video Stats 54,375,911-16,46358892,476647,240
FCRedStarBelgradeFCRedStarBelgrade YouTube ChannelFCRedStarBelgrade Video Stats 54,375,322-17,0521.4K39,74852,625
AmeSubsAmeSubs YouTube ChannelAmeSubs Video Stats 54,373,647-18,727108503,46096,398
SarastarlightSarastarlight YouTube ChannelSarastarlight Video Stats 54,373,007-19,36765836,50824,819
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71,7501222 D 1 Y3/18  2019Tweet
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54,500,000107,62611 D2 M 5/27  2018Tweet
54,750,000357,62626 D7 M 11/10  2018Tweet
55,000,000607,62611 D1 M1 Y4/27  2019Tweet
55,250,000857,62626 D6 M1 Y10/11  2019Tweet
55,500,0001,107,62611 D 2 Y3/26  2020Tweet
55,750,0001,357,62625 D5 M2 Y9/09  2020Tweet
56,000,0001,607,62610 D11 M2 Y2/23  2021Tweet