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1,631,1559,7431,3927 DayTweet
1,624,94415,9541,14014 DayTweet
1,616,86224,03680130 DayTweet
1,589,71551,1838532 MonthTweet
1,582,76558,1336463 MonthTweet
1,585,63855,2604614 MonthTweet
1,576,24064,6584315 MonthTweet
1,559,53281,3664526 MonthTweet
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132,373,448  Now
131,811,309562,13980,3067 DayTweet
131,329,5181,043,93074,56614 DayTweet
130,370,2412,003,20766,77430 DayTweet
127,921,9464,451,50274,1922 MonthTweet
129,874,3932,499,05527,7673 MonthTweet
126,956,0355,417,41345,1454 MonthTweet
177,575,275-45,201,827-301,3465 MonthTweet
175,273,726-42,900,278-238,3356 MonthTweet
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30 Day
maurg1maurg1 YouTube Channelmaurg1 Video Stats28371,646,8625,9644673,935814267.7 M
Zakir KhanZakir Khan YouTube ChannelZakir Khan Video Stats28381,646,7595,8612,4914,88237107.4 M
Ayurved SamadhanAyurved Samadhan YouTube ChannelAyurved Samadhan Video Stats28391,645,9855,0872,6243,3451.3K178 M
蔡阿嘎蔡阿嘎 YouTube Channel蔡阿嘎 Video Stats28401,645,8844,9864691,243495360.2 M
Disney Kids Surprise Toys ClubDisney Kids Surprise Toys Club YouTube ChannelDisney Kids Surprise Toys Club Video Stats28411,644,8533,9551,2422,2741521.15 B
TalltanicTalltanic YouTube ChannelTalltanic Video Stats28421,644,5603,6621,4522,4941.7K890.8 M
PokeR988TVPokeR988TV YouTube ChannelPokeR988TV Video Stats28431,643,6492,7514831,0103.8K408.3 M
La Belle MusiqueLa Belle Musique YouTube ChannelLa Belle Musique Video Stats28441,643,6322,734142324682452.2 M
CLASH OF CLANS COMEDYCLASH OF CLANS COMEDY YouTube ChannelCLASH OF CLANS COMEDY Video Stats28451,641,588690-18-81642290.2 M
MyFroggyStuffMyFroggyStuff YouTube ChannelMyFroggyStuff Video Stats28461,641,2623642426551.3K952.2 M
MaximBadyMaximBady YouTube ChannelMaximBady Video Stats28471,640,898607801219132.4 M
NekojitablogNekojitablog YouTube ChannelNekojitablog Video Stats28481,640,797-1018401,560285167.2 M
Gizzy GazzaGizzy Gazza YouTube ChannelGizzy Gazza Video Stats28491,640,613-285592711.9K497.1 M
BrofrescoBrofresco YouTube ChannelBrofresco Video Stats28501,640,473-425-149-2971.6K668.2 M
Журнал "Игромания"Журнал Журнал 28511,640,276-6227741,0353.3K310.1 M
Finger Family SongFinger Family Song YouTube ChannelFinger Family Song Video Stats28521,640,057-84121,1496,49162342.6 M
Roadrunner RecordsRoadrunner Records YouTube ChannelRoadrunner Records Video Stats28531,638,060-2,8384468674421.46 B
MissTiffanyMaMissTiffanyMa YouTube ChannelMissTiffanyMa Video Stats28541,636,655-4,243-15349816580.6 M
Danla BilicDanla Bilic YouTube ChannelDanla Bilic Video Stats28551,636,508-4,3901,9254,49164168 M
Beto SierraBeto Sierra YouTube ChannelBeto Sierra Video Stats28561,634,924-5,9749102,234956693.7 M
What Would You Do?What Would You Do? YouTube ChannelWhat Would You Do? Video Stats28571,634,919-5,9798622,664176380 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Samsung Mobile BrasilSamsung Mobile Brasil YouTube ChannelSamsung Mobile Brasil Video Stats 132,491,504118,056244542,998274,499
MA DubstepMA Dubstep YouTube ChannelMA Dubstep Video Stats 132,445,04671,5981.5K88,356644,887
NIZENIZE YouTube ChannelNIZE Video Stats 132,439,11465,666278476,400544,916
SplatterCatGamingSplatterCatGaming YouTube ChannelSplatterCatGaming Video Stats 132,426,02052,5725.2K25,555430,530
THNKRTHNKR YouTube ChannelTHNKR Video Stats 132,419,14045,692354374,065791,970
Ledri VulaLedri Vula YouTube ChannelLedri Vula Video Stats 132,407,26933,8211310,185,175193,168
DuffyVEVODuffyVEVO YouTube ChannelDuffyVEVO Video Stats 132,392,10218,654226,017,823118,490
СовергонСовергон YouTube ChannelСовергон Video Stats 132,388,16014,712300441,2941,242,738
OutlawOutlaw YouTube ChannelOutlaw Video Stats 132,384,62511,177644205,566845,808
MaximBadyMaximBady YouTube ChannelMaximBady Video Stats 132,373,448219604,4451,640,898
UmBipolarUmBipolar YouTube ChannelUmBipolar Video Stats 132,367,462-5,986301439,7591,253,481
East CoastEast Coast YouTube ChannelEast Coast Video Stats 132,250,439-123,0092.5K53,782209,588
옥냥이옥냥이 YouTube Channel옥냥이 Video Stats 132,224,563-148,8851.9K68,298175,773
SealdropSealdrop YouTube ChannelSealdrop Video Stats 132,203,639-169,809215614,901213,424
WorldsFuzziestVideosWorldsFuzziestVideos YouTube ChannelWorldsFuzziestVideos Video Stats 132,188,123-185,325241548,498218,091
Omroep BrabantOmroep Brabant YouTube ChannelOmroep Brabant Video Stats 132,173,734-199,71438.6K3,42648,879
SweetwaterSoundSweetwaterSound YouTube ChannelSweetwaterSound Video Stats 132,173,479-199,9694.7K28,369189,679
edcunhaphedcunhaph YouTube Channeledcunhaph Video Stats 132,150,252-223,196294449,491342,696
PgroenbergPgroenberg YouTube ChannelPgroenberg Video Stats 132,126,437-247,011816,515,80538,183
VideoFromSpaceVideoFromSpace YouTube ChannelVideoFromSpace Video Stats 132,119,695-253,7533.8K34,695462,950
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1,650,0009,10211 D  3/31  2018Tweet
1,675,00034,1029 D1 M 4/29  2018Tweet
1,700,00059,1029 D2 M 5/29  2018Tweet
1,725,00084,1027 D3 M 6/27  2018Tweet
1,750,000109,1026 D4 M 7/26  2018Tweet
1,775,000134,1025 D5 M 8/25  2018Tweet
1,800,000159,1024 D6 M 9/23  2018Tweet
1,825,000184,1023 D7 M 10/22  2018Tweet
1,850,000209,1022 D8 M 11/21  2018Tweet
1,875,000234,1021 D9 M 12/20  2018Tweet
1,900,000259,10230 D9 M 1/18  2019Tweet
1,925,000284,10229 D10 M 2/17  2019Tweet
1,950,000309,10228 D11 M 3/18  2019Tweet
1,975,000334,10227 D 1 Y4/16  2019Tweet
2,000,000359,10225 D1 M1 Y5/15  2019Tweet
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132,500,000126,5522 D  3/22  2018Tweet
135,000,0002,626,5525 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
137,500,0005,126,5529 D2 M 5/29  2018Tweet
140,000,0007,626,55211 D3 M 7/01  2018Tweet
142,500,00010,126,55215 D4 M 8/04  2018Tweet
145,000,00012,626,55218 D5 M 9/07  2018Tweet
147,500,00015,126,55221 D6 M 10/10  2018Tweet
150,000,00017,626,55225 D7 M 11/13  2018Tweet
152,500,00020,126,55228 D8 M 12/17  2018Tweet
155,000,00022,626,552 10 M 1/19  2019Tweet
157,500,00025,126,5524 D11 M 2/22  2019Tweet
160,000,00027,626,5528 D 1 Y3/28  2019Tweet
162,500,00030,126,55211 D1 M1 Y5/01  2019Tweet
165,000,00032,626,55214 D2 M1 Y6/03  2019Tweet
167,500,00035,126,55217 D3 M1 Y7/07  2019Tweet