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65,567  Now
65,424143207 DayTweet
65,2013662614 DayTweet
64,6928752930 DayTweet
64,2161,351232 MonthTweet
63,7041,863213 MonthTweet
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83,630,348  Now
83,467,794162,55423,2227 DayTweet
83,236,738393,61028,11514 DayTweet
82,822,384807,96426,93230 DayTweet
82,306,5551,323,79322,0632 MonthTweet
81,724,2711,906,07721,1793 MonthTweet
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30 Day
dannybrownbruhbruhdannybrownbruhbruh YouTube Channeldannybrownbruhbruh Video Stats 65,59932091017 M
didloadeddidloaded YouTube Channeldidloaded Video Stats 65,597300-3309 M
tpmtvtpmtv YouTube Channeltpmtv Video Stats 65,587200-26.4K161.6 M
AncientHistoryAncientHistory YouTube ChannelAncientHistory Video Stats 65,608411487229712.1 M
EdutopiaEdutopia YouTube ChannelEdutopia Video Stats 65,58114393445512.3 M
GourmetQuilterGourmetQuilter YouTube ChannelGourmetQuilter Video Stats 65,5831637312689.1 M
enigma nortenoenigma norteno YouTube Channelenigma norteno Video Stats 65,57811494711723.2 M
frogirl Ginnyfrogirl Ginny YouTube Channelfrogirl Ginny Video Stats 65,59528227234772.6 M
The Daily ShooterThe Daily Shooter YouTube ChannelThe Daily Shooter Video Stats 65,57912849679213.1 M
MCForRealzzzMCForRealzzz YouTube ChannelMCForRealzzz Video Stats 65,56810-364.3 M
Majho0oL2011Majho0oL2011 YouTube ChannelMajho0oL2011 Video Stats 65,56772940583.6 M
OculusOculus YouTube ChannelOculus Video Stats 65,564-321262429 M
Dubai Channels Network I شبكة قنوات دبيDubai Channels Network I شبكة قنوات دبي YouTube ChannelDubai Channels Network I شبكة قنوات دبي Video Stats 65,562-533324.6K43.5 M
Wesley Benjamin CarterWesley Benjamin Carter YouTube ChannelWesley Benjamin Carter Video Stats 65,583161181601121.9 M
hallodrihallodri YouTube Channelhallodri Video Stats 65,556-110-83663.3 M
kinofilmekinofilme YouTube Channelkinofilme Video Stats 65,593261861521.4K90.2 M
ka4photoka4photo YouTube Channelka4photo Video Stats 65,556-114631613.3 M
José LuizJosé Luiz YouTube ChannelJosé Luiz Video Stats 65,553-141139253921.2 M
GrillshowGrillshow YouTube ChannelGrillshow Video Stats 65,556-11723939510.6 M
Pacific Northwest BalletPacific Northwest Ballet YouTube ChannelPacific Northwest Ballet Video Stats 65,558-9887444219 M
Dodge Them AllDodge Them All YouTube ChannelDodge Them All Video Stats 65,552-15559562413.6 M
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per Video
Merve ÖzkaynakMerve Özkaynak YouTube ChannelMerve Özkaynak Video Stats 83,697,07666,728252332,131791,999
PlayPlay YouTube ChannelPlay Video Stats 83,694,17263,82486796,53367,336
coolirpacoolirpa YouTube Channelcoolirpa Video Stats 83,690,36260,014227368,6801,430,937
Kwame JoeKwame Joe YouTube ChannelKwame Joe Video Stats 83,684,32553,9771.3K65,635143,115
Bad Boy RecordsBad Boy Records YouTube ChannelBad Boy Records Video Stats 83,668,33437,986101828,399144,336
ASMR BarberASMR Barber YouTube ChannelASMR Barber Video Stats 83,667,63737,289240348,615198,698
TheVoiceof GreeceTheVoiceof Greece YouTube ChannelTheVoiceof Greece Video Stats 83,664,00233,6541.1K75,92085,403
InternetFailsInternetFails YouTube ChannelInternetFails Video Stats 83,663,49733,149289289,493147,987
Miranda IbañezMiranda Ibañez YouTube ChannelMiranda Ibañez Video Stats 83,652,40422,056631,327,8162,004,926
Media Markt TürkiyeMedia Markt Türkiye YouTube ChannelMedia Markt Türkiye Video Stats 83,634,6764,328753111,06918,081
Majho0oL2011Majho0oL2011 YouTube ChannelMajho0oL2011 Video Stats 83,630,348405206,49565,567
ParamoreParamore YouTube ChannelParamore Video Stats 83,615,778-14,57094889,530819,878
KingXOfXPopKingXOfXPop YouTube ChannelKingXOfXPop Video Stats 83,606,537-23,811140597,19053,321
HedleyVEVOHedleyVEVO YouTube ChannelHedleyVEVO Video Stats 83,601,577-28,771461,817,426148,571
마이린 TV (Kids Channel)마이린 TV (Kids Channel) YouTube Channel마이린 TV (Kids Channel) Video Stats 83,599,629-30,719735113,741296,492
ELDEBATE NOTICIASELDEBATE NOTICIAS YouTube ChannelELDEBATE NOTICIAS Video Stats 83,592,541-37,80716.8K4,96978,473
Milana CocoMilana Coco YouTube ChannelMilana Coco Video Stats 83,569,211-61,137106788,3891,242,885
pontiacmadeddgpontiacmadeddg YouTube Channelpontiacmadeddg Video Stats 83,562,389-67,959251332,9181,165,699
Atomic Otro WayAtomic Otro Way YouTube ChannelAtomic Otro Way Video Stats 83,558,532-71,816263,213,790204,702
XendriusXendrius YouTube ChannelXendrius Video Stats 83,558,503-71,845671,247,142248,353
BFChickenGamersBFChickenGamers YouTube ChannelBFChickenGamers Video Stats 83,557,673-72,67592890,041287,931
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Based on 1,351 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 23 added per day.
Start Subs: 64,216     Current Subs: 65,567
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
65,7501839 D  8/01  2017Tweet
66,00043320 D  8/12  2017Tweet
66,250683 1 M 8/23  2017Tweet
66,50093311 D1 M 9/03  2017Tweet
66,7501,18322 D1 M 9/14  2017Tweet
67,0001,4333 D2 M 9/25  2017Tweet
67,2501,68314 D2 M 10/06  2017Tweet
67,5001,93325 D2 M 10/17  2017Tweet
67,7502,1835 D3 M 10/28  2017Tweet
68,0002,43317 D3 M 11/09  2017Tweet
68,2502,68328 D3 M 11/20  2017Tweet
68,5002,9339 D4 M 12/01  2017Tweet
68,7503,18320 D4 M 12/12  2017Tweet
69,0003,433 5 M 12/23  2017Tweet
69,2503,68311 D5 M 1/03  2018Tweet
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Based on 1,323,793 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 22,063 added per day.
Start Views: 82,306,555     Current Views: 83,630,348
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
83,750,000119,6526 D  7/29  2017Tweet
84,000,000369,65217 D  8/09  2017Tweet
84,250,000619,65229 D  8/21  2017Tweet
84,500,000869,6529 D1 M 9/01  2017Tweet
84,750,0001,119,65220 D1 M 9/12  2017Tweet
85,000,0001,369,6522 D2 M 9/24  2017Tweet
85,250,0001,619,65213 D2 M 10/05  2017Tweet
85,500,0001,869,65224 D2 M 10/16  2017Tweet
85,750,0002,119,6525 D3 M 10/28  2017Tweet
86,000,0002,369,65216 D3 M 11/08  2017Tweet
86,250,0002,619,65227 D3 M 11/19  2017Tweet
86,500,0002,869,6529 D4 M 12/01  2017Tweet
86,750,0003,119,65220 D4 M 12/12  2017Tweet
87,000,0003,369,652 5 M 12/23  2017Tweet
87,250,0003,619,65212 D5 M 1/04  2018Tweet