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Veronika String QuartetVeronika String Quartet YouTube ChannelVeronika String Quartet Video Stats 640007533 K
warrior1seattlewarrior1seattle YouTube Channelwarrior1seattle Video Stats 640003898 K
lupeni01lupeni01 YouTube Channellupeni01 Video Stats 64000173416 K
lupo123fullupo123ful YouTube Channellupo123ful Video Stats 640005108 K
LUPOFFMLUPOFFM YouTube ChannelLUPOFFM Video Stats 64000156 K
luv2bMEluv2bME YouTube Channelluv2bME Video Stats 640003277 K
Mark Anthony MercadoMark Anthony Mercado YouTube ChannelMark Anthony Mercado Video Stats 6400063185 K
MacyBelieberMacyBelieber YouTube ChannelMacyBelieber Video Stats 64000338
madam88madam88 YouTube Channelmadam88 Video Stats 64000211356 K
Adrian RossAdrian Ross YouTube ChannelAdrian Ross Video Stats 6400092102 K
MadeinparnuMadeinparnu YouTube ChannelMadeinparnu Video Stats 640064493 K
maelohernzmaelohernz YouTube Channelmaelohernz Video Stats 640003767 K
maestro1tonmaestro1ton YouTube Channelmaestro1ton Video Stats 640003357 K
Sunny MaiSunny Mai YouTube ChannelSunny Mai Video Stats 6400022110 K
Hayssam zeineddineHayssam zeineddine YouTube ChannelHayssam zeineddine Video Stats 640003162 K
Sarie CruzSarie Cruz YouTube ChannelSarie Cruz Video Stats 640002033 K
makingwinewidraisinsmakingwinewidraisins YouTube Channelmakingwinewidraisins Video Stats 6400050145 K
makis06makis06 YouTube Channelmakis06 Video Stats 640003294 K
Manauvaskar KublallManauvaskar Kublall YouTube ChannelManauvaskar Kublall Video Stats 640002789 K
Andrew Gagnon DrummerAndrew Gagnon Drummer YouTube ChannelAndrew Gagnon Drummer Video Stats 640007637 K
MarchaBruselasTVMarchaBruselasTV YouTube ChannelMarchaBruselasTV Video Stats 640003214 K
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per Video
Largus1Largus1 YouTube ChannelLargus1 Video Stats 493,007492123,477361
LukeIsNotGamingLukeIsNotGaming YouTube ChannelLukeIsNotGaming Video Stats 493,006481925,94831,886
Adriano FavorelliAdriano Favorelli YouTube ChannelAdriano Favorelli Video Stats 493,001434911,0041,335
theapplevaulttheapplevault YouTube Channeltheapplevault Video Stats 492,996382352,0981,819
hax4543hax4543 YouTube Channelhax4543 Video Stats 492,99133682,165200
Yungtechboy1Yungtechboy1 YouTube ChannelYungtechboy1 Video Stats 492,99133509,8601,184
poohpooh104poohpooh104 YouTube Channelpoohpooh104 Video Stats 492,98931598,59832
Deepak ChodhaDeepak Chodha YouTube ChannelDeepak Chodha Video Stats 492,98527716,9431,049
SoyMarcoCasasSoyMarcoCasas YouTube ChannelSoyMarcoCasas Video Stats 492,96792916,9995,754
superdoo89superdoo89 YouTube Channelsuperdoo89 Video Stats 492,96463115,902443
MadeinparnuMadeinparnu YouTube ChannelMadeinparnu Video Stats 492,958647,70264
나나나나 YouTube Channel나나 Video Stats 492,955-3954,7732,740
Группа Плюм-БумГруппа Плюм-Бум YouTube ChannelГруппа Плюм-Бум Video Stats 492,952-6627,951453
ARBITOR44ARBITOR44 YouTube ChannelARBITOR44 Video Stats 492,948-10598,355486
FerramixFerramix YouTube ChannelFerramix Video Stats 492,946-122024,647545
Draker88tubeDraker88tube YouTube ChannelDraker88tube Video Stats 492,940-181672,9527,668
Green Day BRGreen Day BR YouTube ChannelGreen Day BR Video Stats 492,933-25925,3582,628
pcitybpcityb YouTube Channelpcityb Video Stats 492,930-28682,15594
Drew ChanskyDrew Chansky YouTube ChannelDrew Chansky Video Stats 492,923-35620795996
GlovezOfficialGlovezOfficial YouTube ChannelGlovezOfficial Video Stats 492,919-392618,9582,185
purekirbypurekirby YouTube Channelpurekirby Video Stats 492,917-414910,060461
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75117 D7 M 10/30  2018Tweet
801615 D10 M 2/07  2019Tweet
852124 D1 M1 Y5/18  2019Tweet
90262 D5 M1 Y8/26  2019Tweet
953111 D8 M1 Y12/04  2019Tweet
1003620 D11 M1 Y3/13  2020Tweet
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500,0007,0429 D2 M 6/02  2018Tweet
502,5009,5422 D3 M 6/26  2018Tweet
505,00012,04227 D3 M 7/21  2018Tweet
507,50014,54221 D4 M 8/14  2018Tweet
510,00017,04215 D5 M 9/08  2018Tweet
512,50019,5429 D6 M 10/02  2018Tweet
515,00022,0424 D7 M 10/27  2018Tweet
517,50024,54228 D7 M 11/20  2018Tweet
520,00027,04222 D8 M 12/15  2018Tweet
522,50029,54217 D9 M 1/09  2019Tweet
525,00032,04210 D10 M 2/02  2019Tweet
527,50034,5425 D11 M 2/27  2019Tweet
530,00037,04229 D11 M 3/23  2019Tweet