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133,15410030 DayTweet
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132,78837635 MonthTweet
132,71544926 MonthTweet
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22,237,252  Now
22,223,91513,3371,9057 DayTweet
22,208,65928,5932,04214 DayTweet
22,175,27161,9812,06630 DayTweet
22,105,496131,7562,1962 MonthTweet
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Murilo GunMurilo Gun YouTube ChannelMurilo Gun Video Stats 133,20642291849214.7 M
Snowboard AddictionSnowboard Addiction YouTube ChannelSnowboard Addiction Video Stats 133,2044010419529817.8 M
freekickerz musicfreekickerz music YouTube Channelfreekickerz music Video Stats 133,2033914995320.8 M
Katka VlogKatka Vlog YouTube ChannelKatka Vlog Video Stats 133,19733415417110.8 M
Kat BlaqueKat Blaque YouTube ChannelKat Blaque Video Stats 133,194307151316.9 M
zamalektvchannelzamalektvchannel YouTube Channelzamalektvchannel Video Stats 133,1902638515.8K54.8 M
Jill ScottJill Scott YouTube ChannelJill Scott Video Stats 133,1892524865236.9 M
breedingunicornsbreedingunicorns YouTube Channelbreedingunicorns Video Stats 133,18319351426914.2 M
王力宏 Wang Leehom王力宏 Wang Leehom YouTube Channel王力宏 Wang Leehom Video Stats 133,181172751208134.9 M
Spørg CasperSpørg Casper YouTube ChannelSpørg Casper Video Stats 133,1662-4873532.4 M
MaKillArteMaKillArte YouTube ChannelMaKillArte Video Stats 133,1640051122.2 M
JellyfishenterJellyfishenter YouTube ChannelJellyfishenter Video Stats 133,162-2142813142.2 M
PurelyChilledPurelyChilled YouTube ChannelPurelyChilled Video Stats 133,150-1422496751.1 M
Cosmas BCosmas B YouTube ChannelCosmas B Video Stats 133,148-16419714030.6 M
HeroPowerIRLHeroPowerIRL YouTube ChannelHeroPowerIRL Video Stats 133,135-29-13-1300
The FlashThe Flash YouTube ChannelThe Flash Video Stats 133,128-364112234136.8 M
Aslı AfşaroğluAslı Afşaroğlu YouTube ChannelAslı Afşaroğlu Video Stats 133,100-6422328816911.7 M
joshscorcherjoshscorcher YouTube Channeljoshscorcher Video Stats 133,096-68-6969338.1 M
KenMondTvKenMondTv YouTube ChannelKenMondTv Video Stats 133,095-69-6-14445.7 M
The Gary Fong ChannelThe Gary Fong Channel YouTube ChannelThe Gary Fong Channel Video Stats 133,087-77274447017.9 M
FurdisFurdis YouTube ChannelFurdis Video Stats 133,080-8429139119922.3 M
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middlevillage74middlevillage74 YouTube Channelmiddlevillage74 Video Stats 22,241,8024,550131,710,9086,051
TheBranixChannelTheBranixChannel YouTube ChannelTheBranixChannel Video Stats 22,241,5624,31029766,9507,549
BlackTideVEVOBlackTideVEVO YouTube ChannelBlackTideVEVO Video Stats 22,239,8832,63143517,20747,767
ANewHopeeeANewHopeee YouTube ChannelANewHopeee Video Stats 22,239,7092,45773304,654329,547
1digite1digite YouTube Channel1digite Video Stats 22,239,4752,223130171,0737,525
HowToVideoHowToVideo YouTube ChannelHowToVideo Video Stats 22,238,7031,45144505,4257,322
ENTRE PATASENTRE PATAS YouTube ChannelENTRE PATAS Video Stats 22,238,5861,33497229,264163,705
bietheskabietheska YouTube Channelbietheska Video Stats 22,238,4061,15424926,600320,316
DigRingDigRing YouTube ChannelDigRing Video Stats 22,237,950698102218,01988,399
Jonathan MannJonathan Mann YouTube ChannelJonathan Mann Video Stats 22,237,5533013.2K7,04437,458
MaKillArteMaKillArte YouTube ChannelMaKillArte Video Stats 22,237,25251143,517133,164
ZockStationZockStation YouTube ChannelZockStation Video Stats 22,237,070-1824K5,54034,530
CapitanArgentarioCapitanArgentario YouTube ChannelCapitanArgentario Video Stats 22,236,855-397140158,8359,285
AuFemininBeauteAuFemininBeaute YouTube ChannelAuFemininBeaute Video Stats 22,235,322-1,93026683,591257,822
Анна СеменовичАнна Семенович YouTube ChannelАнна Семенович Video Stats 22,233,719-3,53330473,13712,291
Abang Perindu MalamAbang Perindu Malam YouTube ChannelAbang Perindu Malam Video Stats 22,233,405-3,84743517,0566,228
Mikey PearceMikey Pearce YouTube ChannelMikey Pearce Video Stats 22,232,993-4,25990247,033405,718
Mike JeavonsMike Jeavons YouTube ChannelMike Jeavons Video Stats 22,232,823-4,42947047,30465,407
kamilays10kamilays10 YouTube Channelkamilays10 Video Stats 22,232,036-5,21661364,46021,948
Ирина СоковыхИрина Соковых YouTube ChannelИрина Соковых Video Stats 22,231,397-5,85544350,184132,346
BraunBraun YouTube ChannelBraun Video Stats 22,230,050-7,20228278,83037,807
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135,0001,83613 D6 M2 Y9/28  2020Tweet
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22,250,00012,7486 D  3/23  2018Tweet
22,500,000262,74828 D3 M 7/15  2018Tweet
22,750,000512,74821 D7 M 11/06  2018Tweet
23,000,000762,74813 D11 M 2/28  2019Tweet
23,250,0001,012,7485 D3 M1 Y6/22  2019Tweet
23,500,0001,262,74828 D6 M1 Y10/14  2019Tweet
23,750,0001,512,74819 D10 M1 Y2/04  2020Tweet
24,000,0001,762,74812 D2 M2 Y5/28  2020Tweet
24,250,0002,012,7484 D6 M2 Y9/19  2020Tweet
24,500,0002,262,74827 D9 M2 Y1/11  2021Tweet