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10,925  Now
10,9081727 DayTweet
10,88045314 DayTweet
10,825100330 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
2,762,723  Now
2,750,62012,1031,7297 DayTweet
2,736,76625,9571,85414 DayTweet
2,708,66254,0611,80230 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
New Super Mario Bros. U ChannelNew Super Mario Bros. U Channel YouTube ChannelNew Super Mario Bros. U Channel Video Stats 10,92720121711.1 M
LetsPushYOULetsPushYOU YouTube ChannelLetsPushYOU Video Stats 10,92720443215 K
youguysarefagetyouguysarefaget YouTube Channelyouguysarefaget Video Stats 10,92720000
FormandoUnGrupoFormandoUnGrupo YouTube ChannelFormandoUnGrupo Video Stats 10,92720-100
Dev07webDev07web YouTube ChannelDev07web Video Stats 10,92720-100
Dance a DoisDance a Dois YouTube ChannelDance a Dois Video Stats 10,9272-4142.2K4.5 M
Strange ParkingStrange Parking YouTube ChannelStrange Parking Video Stats 10,92720-3140253 K
rajan864660rajan864660 YouTube Channelrajan864660 Video Stats 10,92948195267.8 M
ParodiePolskiegoYTParodiePolskiegoYT YouTube ChannelParodiePolskiegoYT Video Stats 10,9250348461.1 M
IggyAzaleaForeverIggyAzaleaForever YouTube ChannelIggyAzaleaForever Video Stats 10,926100123 M
LavishDreamHairLavishDreamHair YouTube ChannelLavishDreamHair Video Stats 10,92503612.8 M
EdisProductionEdisProduction YouTube ChannelEdisProduction Video Stats 10,92500-151.4 M
NikeditsNikedits YouTube ChannelNikedits Video Stats 10,92500-211148 K
ConnectionRioConnectionRio YouTube ChannelConnectionRio Video Stats 10,9250021031.6 M
Toy BoxToy Box YouTube ChannelToy Box Video Stats 10,924-1011684.9 M
OstblockschlampenOstblockschlampen YouTube ChannelOstblockschlampen Video Stats 10,924-1-151221.5 M
CarlaLorenaCarlaLorena YouTube ChannelCarlaLorena Video Stats 10,924-1031.1K63.2 M
RTMorasonMDRTMorasonMD YouTube ChannelRTMorasonMD Video Stats 10,924-1041.5K18.6 M
Victoria and Albert MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum YouTube ChannelVictoria and Albert Museum Video Stats 10,923-2-1114462.5 M
Lacy NicoleLacy Nicole YouTube ChannelLacy Nicole Video Stats 10,923-2-18147622 K
edmundusrexedmundusrex YouTube Channeledmundusrex Video Stats 10,923-2-163K22.6 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Hamdi BaltaHamdi Balta YouTube ChannelHamdi Balta Video Stats 2,763,3135903774,684775
CaminoLuzCaminoLuz YouTube ChannelCaminoLuz Video Stats 2,763,21949627010,2344,344
twnmba888twnmba888 YouTube Channeltwnmba888 Video Stats 2,763,19647312721,757395
Saskia van den BrinkSaskia van den Brink YouTube ChannelSaskia van den Brink Video Stats 2,763,18646311524,028578
cakendicecreamcakendicecream YouTube Channelcakendicecream Video Stats 2,763,1314084690,7831,010
ostmusic1ostmusic1 YouTube Channelostmusic1 Video Stats 2,763,0783558345,385632
Aaron EncinasAaron Encinas YouTube ChannelAaron Encinas Video Stats 2,762,8881658432,89219,076
Shaye ScottShaye Scott YouTube ChannelShaye Scott Video Stats 2,762,88416110276,2884,414
performeroukaperformerouka YouTube Channelperformerouka Video Stats 2,762,7341125110,5093,661
LavishDreamHairLavishDreamHair YouTube ChannelLavishDreamHair Video Stats 2,762,7236145,29110,925
Mahindra Reva OfficialMahindra Reva Official YouTube ChannelMahindra Reva Official Video Stats 2,762,624-9911324,448882
MicaelaDenisMicaelaDenis YouTube ChannelMicaelaDenis Video Stats 2,762,611-11213212,5091,632
OutCtrl85OutCtrl85 YouTube ChannelOutCtrl85 Video Stats 2,762,524-19917216,0612,432
shoo4639shoo4639 YouTube Channelshoo4639 Video Stats 2,762,499-2244462,784837
Реалити шоу БОМЖИРеалити шоу БОМЖИ YouTube ChannelРеалити шоу БОМЖИ Video Stats 2,762,394-32915417,9383,740
Ahmadiyya Muslim CommunityAhmadiyya Muslim Community YouTube ChannelAhmadiyya Muslim Community Video Stats 2,762,391-3323.1K8898,237
mikejd34mikejd34 YouTube Channelmikejd34 Video Stats 2,762,327-39617162,490654
Ashley CardwellAshley Cardwell YouTube ChannelAshley Cardwell Video Stats 2,762,307-4167835,414679
Fran PasquiniFran Pasquini YouTube ChannelFran Pasquini Video Stats 2,762,216-5075253,12013,869
JourneymanJourneyman YouTube ChannelJourneyman Video Stats 2,762,132-59125011,0495,628
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Based on 100 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 2 added per day.
Start Subs: 10,825     Current Subs: 10,925
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
11,0007514 D1 M 9/14  2016Tweet
11,25032512 D6 M 2/11  2017Tweet
11,50057510 D11 M 7/11  2017Tweet
11,7508258 D4 M1 Y12/08  2017Tweet
12,0001,0756 D9 M1 Y5/07  2018Tweet
12,2501,3254 D2 M2 Y10/04  2018Tweet
12,5001,5752 D7 M2 Y3/03  2019Tweet
12,7501,825  3 Y7/31  2019Tweet
Expand/MinimizeVideo View Projections
Based on 54,061 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 901 added per day.
Start Views: 2,708,662     Current Views: 2,762,723
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
2,775,00012,27714 D  8/14  2016Tweet
2,800,00037,27711 D1 M 9/11  2016Tweet
2,825,00062,2779 D2 M 10/09  2016Tweet
2,850,00087,2775 D3 M 11/05  2016Tweet
2,875,000112,2773 D4 M 12/03  2016Tweet
2,900,000137,277 5 M 12/31  2016Tweet
2,925,000162,27728 D5 M 1/28  2017Tweet
2,950,000187,27725 D6 M 2/24  2017Tweet
2,975,000212,27723 D7 M 3/24  2017Tweet
3,000,000237,27720 D8 M 4/21  2017Tweet
3,025,000262,27718 D9 M 5/19  2017Tweet
3,050,000287,27714 D10 M 6/15  2017Tweet
3,075,000312,27712 D11 M 7/13  2017Tweet
3,100,000337,27710 D 1 Y8/10  2017Tweet
3,125,000362,2777 D1 M1 Y9/07  2017Tweet