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16,792  Now
16,787517 DayTweet
16,75834214 DayTweet
16,71181330 DayTweet
16,63515732 MonthTweet
16,54225033 MonthTweet
16,59220024 MonthTweet
16,50528725 MonthTweet
16,38440826 MonthTweet
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30,043,382  Now
30,029,34314,0392,0067 DayTweet
20,148,9539,894,429706,74514 DayTweet
20,117,7759,925,607330,85430 DayTweet
38,276,470-8,233,088-137,2182 MonthTweet
38,182,269-8,138,887-90,4323 MonthTweet
38,234,495-8,191,113-68,2594 MonthTweet
38,132,603-8,089,221-53,9285 MonthTweet
38,024,071-7,980,689-44,3376 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Kyci - Knifing ContentKyci - Knifing Content YouTube ChannelKyci - Knifing Content Video Stats 16,7975012481.5 M
TheKathrynnnLauraTheKathrynnnLaura YouTube ChannelTheKathrynnnLaura Video Stats 16,79640-200
Aleia's Mommy(:Aleia's Mommy(: YouTube ChannelAleia's Mommy(: Video Stats 16,7964005443.7 M
undergroundhouseundergroundhouse YouTube Channelundergroundhouse Video Stats 16,7964061814.5 M
Kevin PereiraKevin Pereira YouTube ChannelKevin Pereira Video Stats 16,79530-1682 M
DK BooksDK Books YouTube ChannelDK Books Video Stats 16,79536194533.9 M
DejwidDejwid YouTube ChannelDejwid Video Stats 16,79421011142907 K
LittleJallowLittleJallow YouTube ChannelLittleJallow Video Stats 16,794204581.1 M
BlazeHedgehogBlazeHedgehog YouTube ChannelBlazeHedgehog Video Stats 16,79420238114.2 M
Makeleio2012Makeleio2012 YouTube ChannelMakeleio2012 Video Stats 16,793157355.6K22.1 M
LMDBMLMDBM YouTube ChannelLMDBM Video Stats 16,792-1340730 M
donald cruickshankdonald cruickshank YouTube Channeldonald cruickshank Video Stats 16,79209274110.3 M
Candice GreenCandice Green YouTube ChannelCandice Green Video Stats 16,791-1414421.7 M
HerobrineHuntressHerobrineHuntress YouTube ChannelHerobrineHuntress Video Stats 16,791-103361.1 M
MutantMedicus - Minecraft Daily Let's PlMutantMedicus - Minecraft Daily Let's Pl YouTube ChannelMutantMedicus - Minecraft Daily Let's Pl Video Stats 16,791-1025291.6 M
amjayes2amjayes2 YouTube Channelamjayes2 Video Stats 16,791-10311415.8 M
TheSeanKielyTheSeanKiely YouTube ChannelTheSeanKiely Video Stats 16,789-30-117606 K
tepypltepypl YouTube Channeltepypl Video Stats 16,789-3066523.9 M
bdckr gamingbdckr gaming YouTube Channelbdckr gaming Video Stats 16,789-3066065 M
Shabby Vintage Couture - ILuvVintageScraShabby Vintage Couture - ILuvVintageScra YouTube ChannelShabby Vintage Couture - ILuvVintageScra Video Stats 16,789-3037112.8 M
CptObviousKyleCptObviousKyle YouTube ChannelCptObviousKyle Video Stats 16,788-40-28155.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
A.TWorldChannelA.TWorldChannel YouTube ChannelA.TWorldChannel Video Stats 30,049,8466,46463247,54729,334
Hasan Reyvandi حسن ریوندیHasan Reyvandi حسن ریوندی YouTube ChannelHasan Reyvandi حسن ریوندی Video Stats 30,047,4424,0601.4K21,49332,642
Rojillo OtreaoRojillo Otreao YouTube ChannelRojillo Otreao Video Stats 30,046,8243,44258851,1007,263
Melissa AlatorreMelissa Alatorre YouTube ChannelMelissa Alatorre Video Stats 30,046,3612,979230130,636562,655
MousieMousie YouTube ChannelMousie Video Stats 30,045,3741,9921.6K18,873177,161
LUCZOR MEDINALUCZOR MEDINA YouTube ChannelLUCZOR MEDINA Video Stats 30,045,3441,96264646,51026,427
Tried16Tried16 YouTube ChannelTried16 Video Stats 30,044,6601,27834883,6665,512
Scherezade ShroffScherezade Shroff YouTube ChannelScherezade Shroff Video Stats 30,043,79241044267,972211,618
Missy LynnMissy Lynn YouTube ChannelMissy Lynn Video Stats 30,043,67529341173,099531,625
VideoCuriosoVideoCurioso YouTube ChannelVideoCurioso Video Stats 30,043,548166152197,65539,481
LMDBMLMDBM YouTube ChannelLMDBM Video Stats 30,043,38240773,81716,792
Dafina ZeqiriDafina Zeqiri YouTube ChannelDafina Zeqiri Video Stats 30,043,094-288112,731,190104,503
Medicina Clara | Videos de medicina en YMedicina Clara | Videos de medicina en Y YouTube ChannelMedicina Clara | Videos de medicina en Y Video Stats 30,043,067-315248121,141268,808
LEGO DimensionsLEGO Dimensions YouTube ChannelLEGO Dimensions Video Stats 30,038,655-4,727160187,74277,873
LGCAREADLGCAREAD YouTube ChannelLGCAREAD Video Stats 30,038,620-4,76238977,2208,062
multishowmultishow YouTube Channelmultishow Video Stats 30,038,463-4,91937380,532190,661
KronoviKronovi YouTube ChannelKronovi Video Stats 30,038,373-5,009300100,128336,510
InfernoRodanInfernoRodan YouTube ChannelInfernoRodan Video Stats 30,037,415-5,96752577,64317,392
TwintendoTwintendo YouTube ChannelTwintendo Video Stats 30,035,744-7,63836083,433145,075
makyajmidedinmakyajmidedin YouTube Channelmakyajmidedin Video Stats 30,033,584-9,798229131,151306,769
999 Gaming999 Gaming YouTube Channel999 Gaming Video Stats 30,031,302-12,0803.5K8,59070,310
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Based on 157 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 3 added per day.
Start Subs: 16,635     Current Subs: 16,792
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
17,00020819 D2 M 6/11  2018Tweet
17,25045823 D5 M 9/15  2018Tweet
17,50070827 D8 M 12/19  2018Tweet
17,7509582 D 1 Y3/25  2019Tweet
18,0001,2085 D3 M1 Y6/28  2019Tweet
18,2501,45810 D6 M1 Y10/02  2019Tweet
18,5001,70814 D9 M1 Y1/05  2020Tweet
18,7501,95819 D 2 Y4/10  2020Tweet
19,0002,20822 D3 M2 Y7/14  2020Tweet
19,2502,45827 D6 M2 Y10/18  2020Tweet
19,5002,708 10 M2 Y1/21  2021Tweet
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Based on -8,233,088 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of -137,218 added per day.
Start Views: 38,276,470     Current Views: 30,043,382
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