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116,836  Now
116,879-43-67 DayTweet
116,924-88-614 DayTweet
117,052-216-730 DayTweet
117,115-279-52 MonthTweet
117,209-373-43 MonthTweet
117,175-339-34 MonthTweet
117,267-431-35 MonthTweet
117,336-500-36 MonthTweet
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4,733,928  Now
4,732,6441,2841837 DayTweet
4,731,1042,82420214 DayTweet
4,727,5906,33821130 DayTweet
4,720,37013,5582262 MonthTweet
4,712,73721,1912353 MonthTweet
4,716,47317,4551454 MonthTweet
4,709,46124,4671635 MonthTweet
4,703,97629,9521666 MonthTweet
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30 Day
MKRR3 GamesMKRR3 Games YouTube ChannelMKRR3 Games Video Stats 116,8794315212.8K48.6 M
Rada ManojlovicRada Manojlovic YouTube ChannelRada Manojlovic Video Stats 116,876401282072.6K175.4 M
All About SamsungAll About Samsung YouTube ChannelAll About Samsung Video Stats 116,87539231654430.9 M
EMZsingsEMZsings YouTube ChannelEMZsings Video Stats 116,874380-316613 M
NadiaCalaNadiaCala YouTube ChannelNadiaCala Video Stats 116,8683229714514.5 M
CharborgCharborg YouTube ChannelCharborg Video Stats 116,86731185676.8 M
blackeyedpeasvideoblackeyedpeasvideo YouTube Channelblackeyedpeasvideo Video Stats 116,861251057202223.9 M
seinfeldspitstainseinfeldspitstain YouTube Channelseinfeldspitstain Video Stats 116,861259223129.5 M
家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI YouTube Channel家石田タカフミ CASIOYAZI Video Stats 116,8592351099288.3 M
AfricaShows: 1ère chaîne de divertissemeAfricaShows: 1ère chaîne de divertisseme YouTube ChannelAfricaShows: 1ère chaîne de divertisseme Video Stats 116,84591953012K57.4 M
KittyzAndSatanKittyzAndSatan YouTube ChannelKittyzAndSatan Video Stats 116,8360-71824.7 M
Jenna MoreciJenna Moreci YouTube ChannelJenna Moreci Video Stats 116,832-4811331337.5 M
CANAL CRUZOEIROCANAL CRUZOEIRO YouTube ChannelCANAL CRUZOEIRO Video Stats 116,829-71172752867.7 M
KockaSajtKockaSajt YouTube ChannelKockaSajt Video Stats 116,826-1057664570.9 M
Olivia's Looms and CraftsOlivia's Looms and Crafts YouTube ChannelOlivia's Looms and Crafts Video Stats 116,825-110-1210523.1 M
McLaren AutomotiveMcLaren Automotive YouTube ChannelMcLaren Automotive Video Stats 116,824-1220819020522.7 M
arom620arom620 YouTube Channelarom620 Video Stats 116,824-12271531.8K99.1 M
SariReannaSariReanna YouTube ChannelSariReanna Video Stats 116,816-20362541813.4 M
Tanvir RaselTanvir Rasel YouTube ChannelTanvir Rasel Video Stats 116,797-39152287873.5 M
PeterPiePeterPie YouTube ChannelPeterPie Video Stats 116,794-42-13624033.9 M
Sophie FosterSophie Foster YouTube ChannelSophie Foster Video Stats 116,789-4736122417.4 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Trucos AndroidTrucos Android YouTube ChannelTrucos Android Video Stats 4,734,83490614532,65445,888
Brock DavidsonBrock Davidson YouTube ChannelBrock Davidson Video Stats 4,734,70878014831,99111,780
ReborninoktoberReborninoktober YouTube ChannelReborninoktober Video Stats 4,734,52759918026,3034,495
CarScratchRemoverCarScratchRemover YouTube ChannelCarScratchRemover Video Stats 4,734,40147324197,2674,909
d2dlifed2dlife YouTube Channeld2dlife Video Stats 4,734,37344534139,2461,609
lovesnichkhunlovesnichkhun YouTube Channellovesnichkhun Video Stats 4,734,19426620236,7102,135
tvstvs YouTube Channeltvs Video Stats 4,734,1562288325,6901,411
FloralisaFloralisa YouTube ChannelFloralisa Video Stats 4,734,1522246671,73077,424
AlkaizerSenpaiAlkaizerSenpai YouTube ChannelAlkaizerSenpai Video Stats 4,734,0981707662,29125,200
xxxxChaosGardenxxxxxxxxChaosGardenxxxx YouTube ChannelxxxxChaosGardenxxxx Video Stats 4,733,953257761,4804,825
KittyzAndSatanKittyzAndSatan YouTube ChannelKittyzAndSatan Video Stats 4,733,92818226,011116,836
THE STAR CHAMBERTHE STAR CHAMBER YouTube ChannelTHE STAR CHAMBER Video Stats 4,733,674-25413435,32660,048
CSpray717CSpray717 YouTube ChannelCSpray717 Video Stats 4,733,559-3696557,2274,585
Дмитрий БухловарДмитрий Бухловар YouTube ChannelДмитрий Бухловар Video Stats 4,733,472-45614432,87143,811
Baby JaneBaby Jane YouTube ChannelBaby Jane Video Stats 4,733,472-45610843,8282,439
outlandish Yasserakioutlandish Yasseraki YouTube Channeloutlandish Yasseraki Video Stats 4,733,463-46525918,2765,447
Sebastian NiegowskiSebastian Niegowski YouTube ChannelSebastian Niegowski Video Stats 4,733,331-59730315,62227,047
ZeitgeistMovieZeitgeistMovie YouTube ChannelZeitgeistMovie Video Stats 4,733,244-68438124,55931,123
GigasetGigaset YouTube ChannelGigaset Video Stats 4,733,225-70324319,4782,379
BillieJeanFan93BillieJeanFan93 YouTube ChannelBillieJeanFan93 Video Stats 4,733,101-8275946,6205,296
Kris FoxKris Fox YouTube ChannelKris Fox Video Stats 4,732,954-97431315,1216,858
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Start Subs: 117,115     Current Subs: 116,836
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4,750,00016,07211 D2 M 6/01  2018Tweet
4,775,00041,07229 D5 M 9/19  2018Tweet
4,800,00066,07219 D9 M 1/08  2019Tweet
4,825,00091,0728 D1 M1 Y4/29  2019Tweet
4,850,000116,07227 D4 M1 Y8/17  2019Tweet
4,875,000141,07216 D8 M1 Y12/06  2019Tweet
4,900,000166,0725 D 2 Y3/25  2020Tweet
4,925,000191,07224 D3 M2 Y7/14  2020Tweet
4,950,000216,07214 D7 M2 Y11/02  2020Tweet
4,975,000241,0722 D11 M2 Y2/20  2021Tweet