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570,346  Now
570,603-257-377 DayTweet
570,693-347-2514 DayTweet
571,072-726-2430 DayTweet
571,513-1,167-192 MonthTweet
571,891-1,545-173 MonthTweet
571,688-1,342-114 MonthTweet
572,118-1,772-125 MonthTweet
572,401-2,055-116 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
60,378,830  Now
60,380,657-1,827-2617 DayTweet
60,361,90116,9291,20914 DayTweet
60,322,09756,7331,89130 DayTweet
60,253,163125,6672,0942 MonthTweet
60,156,629222,2012,4693 MonthTweet
60,208,380170,4501,4204 MonthTweet
60,116,321262,5091,7505 MonthTweet
60,026,274352,5561,9596 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
EricArceneauxEricArceneaux YouTube ChannelEricArceneaux Video Stats9497570,95961321533418046.8 M
BjergsenBjergsen YouTube ChannelBjergsen Video Stats9498570,951605-20-39956 M
Yo Gabba Gabba!Yo Gabba Gabba! YouTube ChannelYo Gabba Gabba! Video Stats9499570,90455873259362792.6 M
sophdoesnailssophdoesnails YouTube Channelsophdoesnails Video Stats9500570,83949332766944455.1 M
Life Where I'm FromLife Where I'm From YouTube ChannelLife Where I'm From Video Stats9501570,7423963846359562.4 M
ThatGuyBarneyThatGuyBarney YouTube ChannelThatGuyBarney Video Stats9502570,660314-41-5232245.6 M
Anna ClendeningAnna Clendening YouTube ChannelAnna Clendening Video Stats9503570,4611151313267155.5 M
Dj Drop G - Deep HouseDj Drop G - Deep House YouTube ChannelDj Drop G - Deep House Video Stats9504570,43387503963168237.6 M
Vendi Meu Sofá com Gabriela PugliesiVendi Meu Sofá com Gabriela Pugliesi YouTube ChannelVendi Meu Sofá com Gabriela Pugliesi Video Stats9505570,4288221643426738.9 M
Tu organizas por Nina BrazTu organizas por Nina Braz YouTube ChannelTu organizas por Nina Braz Video Stats9506570,349363799130332 M
JRAquinomusicJRAquinomusic YouTube ChannelJRAquinomusic Video Stats9507570,346-2-2417460.4 M
Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger YouTube ChannelArnold Schwarzenegger Video Stats9508570,317-2974160347128.5 M
RajmanGaming HDRajmanGaming HD YouTube ChannelRajmanGaming HD Video Stats9509570,315-312203697.9K513.9 M
Dothaking115Dothaking115 YouTube ChannelDothaking115 Video Stats9510570,284-62-56-336888.2 M
Val MercadoVal Mercado YouTube ChannelVal Mercado Video Stats9511570,248-98301293219.4 M
MarcoMengoniVEVOMarcoMengoniVEVO YouTube ChannelMarcoMengoniVEVO Video Stats9512570,095-25116918042417.8 M
Déborah HudzDéborah Hudz YouTube ChannelDéborah Hudz Video Stats9513570,062-2843909478522.6 M
MMORPG.SUMMORPG.SU YouTube ChannelMMORPG.SU Video Stats9514570,023-323711933.4K178.5 M
ElectroHouseBangersElectroHouseBangers YouTube ChannelElectroHouseBangers Video Stats9515570,001-345-137-2500
Espinoza PazTVEspinoza PazTV YouTube ChannelEspinoza PazTV Video Stats9516569,982-364364856102314.2 M
G*59 RecordsG*59 Records YouTube ChannelG*59 Records Video Stats9517569,949-39754191945204.7 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Телеканал ПЕРЕЦТелеканал ПЕРЕЦ YouTube ChannelТелеканал ПЕРЕЦ Video Stats 60,421,85043,0202.1K29,474113,497
Anonymous BelieberAnonymous Belieber YouTube ChannelAnonymous Belieber Video Stats 60,418,69539,865183,356,594159,802
OddOneLoLOddOneLoL YouTube ChannelOddOneLoL Video Stats 60,416,83638,00665392,522239,646
Relativity MediaRelativity Media YouTube ChannelRelativity Media Video Stats 60,413,06234,232182331,94050,396
TukEmperialTukEmperial YouTube ChannelTukEmperial Video Stats 60,399,81920,989552109,420691,260
dedpoiodedpoio YouTube Channeldedpoio Video Stats 60,390,63011,800456132,436463,971
MV - MAGIČNI VIDEOMV - MAGIČNI VIDEO YouTube ChannelMV - MAGIČNI VIDEO Video Stats 60,389,62410,79476279,251244,003
InEx RYTPInEx RYTP YouTube ChannelInEx RYTP Video Stats 60,388,7929,962104580,661430,023
ProdiscProdisc YouTube ChannelProdisc Video Stats 60,387,8208,9906.6K9,16546,314
JBLJBL YouTube ChannelJBL Video Stats 60,384,1355,305597101,14673,367
JRAquinomusicJRAquinomusic YouTube ChannelJRAquinomusic Video Stats 60,378,830174347,005570,346
krevakreva YouTube Channelkreva Video Stats 60,377,846-984104580,55666,869
officialfilmsofindiaofficialfilmsofindia YouTube Channelofficialfilmsofindia Video Stats 60,373,899-4,9317.7K7,84571,508
MaxRoyaleMaxRoyale YouTube ChannelMaxRoyale Video Stats 60,373,039-5,791590102,327297,709
KamikazOfficielKamikazOfficiel YouTube ChannelKamikazOfficiel Video Stats 60,372,676-6,154106569,554146,844
passionsfpassionsf YouTube Channelpassionsf Video Stats 60,371,843-6,987144419,249314,122
KFCArabiaKFCArabia YouTube ChannelKFCArabia Video Stats 60,371,636-7,194145416,35637,022
gema kantunilgema kantunil YouTube Channelgema kantunil Video Stats 60,368,650-10,180173,551,09746,255
FaZe SwanFaZe Swan YouTube ChannelFaZe Swan Video Stats 60,367,992-10,83889867,225727,218
RoyaComedyRoyaComedy YouTube ChannelRoyaComedy Video Stats 60,363,305-15,5251K58,378219,545
Joel AdamsJoel Adams YouTube ChannelJoel Adams Video Stats 60,362,914-15,916134,643,301489,103
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Start Subs: 571,513     Current Subs: 570,346
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Based on 125,667 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
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Start Views: 60,253,163     Current Views: 60,378,830
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
60,500,000121,17027 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
60,750,000371,17025 D5 M 9/16  2018Tweet
61,000,000621,17023 D9 M 1/13  2019Tweet
61,250,000871,17020 D1 M1 Y5/12  2019Tweet
61,500,0001,121,17018 D5 M1 Y9/09  2019Tweet
61,750,0001,371,17016 D9 M1 Y1/06  2020Tweet
62,000,0001,621,17014 D1 M2 Y5/05  2020Tweet
62,250,0001,871,17011 D5 M2 Y9/01  2020Tweet
62,500,0002,121,1709 D9 M2 Y12/29  2020Tweet