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53,499  Now
53,4752437 DayTweet
53,45247314 DayTweet
53,395104330 DayTweet
53,30819132 MonthTweet
53,23526433 MonthTweet
53,27522424 MonthTweet
53,19130825 MonthTweet
53,10139826 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
96,321,782  Now
96,288,03233,7504,8217 DayTweet
96,248,09473,6885,26314 DayTweet
96,152,363169,4195,64730 DayTweet
96,001,137320,6455,3442 MonthTweet
95,833,236488,5465,4283 MonthTweet
95,926,833394,9493,2914 MonthTweet
95,756,518565,2643,7685 MonthTweet
95,569,123752,6594,1816 MonthTweet
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30 Day
AZerokelvinAZerokelvin YouTube ChannelAZerokelvin Video Stats 53,528290-340125.1 M
HasnainzoebHasnainzoeb YouTube ChannelHasnainzoeb Video Stats 53,5232476158180 M
Camila MorenoCamila Moreno YouTube ChannelCamila Moreno Video Stats 53,5232414236816 M
Chris MaximusChris Maximus YouTube ChannelChris Maximus Video Stats 53,5212219333.9K21.6 M
ThemanscaveThemanscave YouTube ChannelThemanscave Video Stats 53,52021023512.8 M
SporTVSporTV YouTube ChannelSporTV Video Stats 53,513141113333.3 M
Mr Kinder Surprise EggsMr Kinder Surprise Eggs YouTube ChannelMr Kinder Surprise Eggs Video Stats 53,5111287971.3K27.9 M
Kaeyi DreamKaeyi Dream YouTube ChannelKaeyi Dream Video Stats 53,511120-815103 K
The Regina.The Regina. YouTube ChannelThe Regina. Video Stats 53,50564771662.7 M
Epic GamesEpic Games YouTube ChannelEpic Games Video Stats 53,5056992451198.3 M
ImportRaceImportRace YouTube ChannelImportRace Video Stats 53,499031.7K96.3 M
Kathy Orta FilesKathy Orta Files YouTube ChannelKathy Orta Files Video Stats 53,498-19226068.5 M
JNguyenSheetsJNguyenSheets YouTube ChannelJNguyenSheets Video Stats 53,498-10-1049487 K
thebollysongs1thebollysongs1 YouTube Channelthebollysongs1 Video Stats 53,497-26611027140.1 M
Jazz VideoblogsJazz Videoblogs YouTube ChannelJazz Videoblogs Video Stats 53,496-3155423917.6 M
The Healthy GamerThe Healthy Gamer YouTube ChannelThe Healthy Gamer Video Stats 53,496-322253749.4 M
Melissa GisoniMelissa Gisoni YouTube ChannelMelissa Gisoni Video Stats 53,495-41-1900
KagezumeKagezume YouTube ChannelKagezume Video Stats 53,495-410233819.4 M
BludixBludix YouTube ChannelBludix Video Stats 53,495-40-8131.5 M
Aaron GallagherAaron Gallagher YouTube ChannelAaron Gallagher Video Stats 53,492-70138630 M
OPIUI ChannelOPIUI Channel YouTube ChannelOPIUI Channel Video Stats 53,490-951763935.4 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Dando RisadaDando Risada YouTube ChannelDando Risada Video Stats 96,392,38970,607651,482,960204,163
FullyRawKristinaFullyRawKristina YouTube ChannelFullyRawKristina Video Stats 96,386,26264,480504191,243950,018
TheFightNetworkTheFightNetwork YouTube ChannelTheFightNetwork Video Stats 96,374,59652,8147.1K13,610125,384
DarioBeccarDarioBeccar YouTube ChannelDarioBeccar Video Stats 96,358,07236,2901.6K58,82755,759
mosha17mosha17 YouTube Channelmosha17 Video Stats 96,355,98734,205102944,66736,005
Universal Pictures AustraliaUniversal Pictures Australia YouTube ChannelUniversal Pictures Australia Video Stats 96,355,78534,003644149,62160,056
Grand LeonGrand Leon YouTube ChannelGrand Leon Video Stats 96,348,85227,0702.6K37,578416,049
Remix KingRemix King YouTube ChannelRemix King Video Stats 96,346,57124,7892.7K35,750288,172
BroadcastMed NetworkBroadcastMed Network YouTube ChannelBroadcastMed Network Video Stats 96,328,9147,132789122,09020,644
tocabocatocaboca YouTube Channeltocaboca Video Stats 96,328,2796,497218441,873122,936
ImportRaceImportRace YouTube ChannelImportRace Video Stats 96,321,7821.7K56,66053,499
BulgariBulgari YouTube ChannelBulgari Video Stats 96,308,134-13,648127758,33274,745
Lloyd Cafe CadenaLloyd Cafe Cadena YouTube ChannelLloyd Cafe Cadena Video Stats 96,300,762-21,020352273,582847,116
EurovisionGREurovisionGR YouTube ChannelEurovisionGR Video Stats 96,298,736-23,046137,407,59530,958
SPACESPACE YouTube ChannelSPACE Video Stats 96,298,561-23,221196,298,5611,773,505
Perturbando A PazPerturbando A Paz YouTube ChannelPerturbando A Paz Video Stats 96,294,043-27,739170566,4361,335,106
TheKheinzTheKheinz YouTube ChannelTheKheinz Video Stats 96,293,077-28,705248,146,53918,519
pipocaVFXpipocaVFX YouTube ChannelpipocaVFX Video Stats 96,286,563-35,219382,533,857188,374
lionheartx10lionheartx10 YouTube Channellionheartx10 Video Stats 96,282,856-38,9264.2K22,692286,725
Chef Rogelio LaraChef Rogelio Lara YouTube ChannelChef Rogelio Lara Video Stats 96,276,093-45,689454212,062502,182
TheWaffleGalaxyTheWaffleGalaxy YouTube ChannelTheWaffleGalaxy Video Stats 96,269,442-52,3404.3K22,535238,010
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Based on 191 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 3 added per day.
Start Subs: 53,308     Current Subs: 53,499
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
53,5001   3/23  2018Tweet
53,75025118 D2 M 6/10  2018Tweet
54,0005015 D5 M 8/28  2018Tweet
54,25075123 D7 M 11/14  2018Tweet
54,5001,00110 D10 M 2/01  2019Tweet
54,7501,25128 D 1 Y4/20  2019Tweet
55,0001,50115 D3 M1 Y7/08  2019Tweet
55,2501,7513 D6 M1 Y9/25  2019Tweet
55,5002,00120 D8 M1 Y12/12  2019Tweet
55,7502,2518 D11 M1 Y2/29  2020Tweet
56,0002,50125 D1 M2 Y5/17  2020Tweet
56,2502,75113 D4 M2 Y8/04  2020Tweet
56,5003,001 7 M2 Y10/21  2020Tweet
56,7503,25118 D9 M2 Y1/08  2021Tweet
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Based on 320,645 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 5,344 added per day.
Start Views: 96,001,137     Current Views: 96,321,782
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
96,500,000178,2183 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
96,750,000428,21820 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
97,000,000678,2185 D4 M 7/28  2018Tweet
97,250,000928,21821 D5 M 9/13  2018Tweet
97,500,0001,178,2188 D7 M 10/30  2018Tweet
97,750,0001,428,21824 D8 M 12/16  2018Tweet
98,000,0001,678,21810 D10 M 2/01  2019Tweet
98,250,0001,928,21826 D11 M 3/19  2019Tweet
98,500,0002,178,21812 D1 M1 Y5/05  2019Tweet
98,750,0002,428,21829 D2 M1 Y6/21  2019Tweet
99,000,0002,678,21815 D4 M1 Y8/07  2019Tweet
99,250,0002,928,218 6 M1 Y9/22  2019Tweet
99,500,0003,178,21817 D7 M1 Y11/08  2019Tweet
99,750,0003,428,2183 D9 M1 Y12/25  2019Tweet
100,000,0003,678,21819 D10 M1 Y2/10  2020Tweet