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182,659278407 DayTweet
182,2456924914 DayTweet
181,1241,8136030 DayTweet
179,4703,467582 MonthTweet
178,1704,767533 MonthTweet
178,6954,242354 MonthTweet
177,1565,781395 MonthTweet
173,5479,390526 MonthTweet
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31,317,398  Now
31,191,439125,95917,9947 DayTweet
31,015,919301,47921,53414 DayTweet
30,525,322792,07626,40330 DayTweet
29,723,7421,593,65626,5612 MonthTweet
29,000,1412,317,25725,7473 MonthTweet
29,330,6901,986,70816,5564 MonthTweet
28,424,2492,893,14919,2885 MonthTweet
27,084,4744,232,92423,5166 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Myanmar CelebrityMyanmar Celebrity YouTube ChannelMyanmar Celebrity Video Stats 183,0651282033065.7K239.7 M
Motorgraph 모터그래프Motorgraph 모터그래프 YouTube ChannelMotorgraph 모터그래프 Video Stats 183,0591221402841K97.3 M
Vitrine do Artesanato na TVVitrine do Artesanato na TV YouTube ChannelVitrine do Artesanato na TV Video Stats 183,0571201352151.2K22 M
Maroon 5 - TopicMaroon 5 - Topic YouTube ChannelMaroon 5 - Topic Video Stats 183,049112901.4K12.2 M
Mitchie MMitchie M YouTube ChannelMitchie M Video Stats 183,048111341032440.4 M
yes tv (יס)yes tv (יס) YouTube Channelyes tv (יס) Video Stats 183,0381012402016.1K192.7 M
canalsapeandocanalsapeando YouTube Channelcanalsapeando Video Stats 183,02891346543047.3 M
Jeff3230Jeff3230 YouTube ChannelJeff3230 Video Stats 182,986491042355222.2 M
Natureza BrasilNatureza Brasil YouTube ChannelNatureza Brasil Video Stats 182,9652811719316343.2 M
ninebrassmonkeysninebrassmonkeys YouTube Channelninebrassmonkeys Video Stats 182,94710-14-32226.1 M
HKTVNetworkHKTVNetwork YouTube ChannelHKTVNetwork Video Stats 182,93740601.2K31.3 M
Marco MontemagnoMarco Montemagno YouTube ChannelMarco Montemagno Video Stats 182,903-3443573380920.4 M
nutsVSgutsnutsVSguts YouTube ChannelnutsVSguts Video Stats 182,903-3466162129178.7 M
The Fighter and The KidThe Fighter and The Kid YouTube ChannelThe Fighter and The Kid Video Stats 182,889-4813037077939.4 M
alitt susantoalitt susanto YouTube Channelalitt susanto Video Stats 182,889-4816433420431.6 M
creativeguitarstudiocreativeguitarstudio YouTube Channelcreativeguitarstudio Video Stats 182,885-52213468927.5 M
All New BricksAll New Bricks YouTube ChannelAll New Bricks Video Stats 182,876-61199340234144.4 M
AviencloudAviencloud YouTube ChannelAviencloud Video Stats 182,857-8033282846632 M
Fly like a butterflyFly like a butterfly YouTube ChannelFly like a butterfly Video Stats 182,851-8613252739.1 M
DavidPlaysDavidPlays YouTube ChannelDavidPlays Video Stats 182,848-89-3221K153.1 M
AstridSofficialVEVOAstridSofficialVEVO YouTube ChannelAstridSofficialVEVO Video Stats 182,843-94931724341.5 M
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per Video
Sng DotaSng Dota YouTube ChannelSng Dota Video Stats 31,327,57610,17873242,79775,074
SuperPeachGurl109SuperPeachGurl109 YouTube ChannelSuperPeachGurl109 Video Stats 31,327,0169,61876412,19821,406
Kid JimiKid Jimi YouTube ChannelKid Jimi Video Stats 31,325,9738,575231135,61043,384
KeanubossKeanuboss YouTube ChannelKeanuboss Video Stats 31,325,9368,5381K30,034239,057
LearnguitarfasttipsLearnguitarfasttips YouTube ChannelLearnguitarfasttips Video Stats 31,325,4428,044293106,913143,727
Zachar OFFZachar OFF YouTube ChannelZachar OFF Video Stats 31,323,8316,43335089,497112,911
夏目夏目 YouTube Channel夏目 Video Stats 31,323,1155,717110284,75652,149
KagamineTwinsFDKagamineTwinsFD YouTube ChannelKagamineTwinsFD Video Stats 31,318,269871301,043,942172,096
AllanVolpiAllanVolpi YouTube ChannelAllanVolpi Video Stats 31,318,12272433593,487213,173
HKTVNetworkHKTVNetwork YouTube ChannelHKTVNetwork Video Stats 31,317,3981.2K25,399182,937
AlexisjaydaAlexisjayda YouTube ChannelAlexisjayda Video Stats 31,316,980-41864548,553341,950
paknot8paknot8 YouTube Channelpaknot8 Video Stats 31,315,885-1,5131.3K24,56151,772
DylanPeysDylanPeys YouTube ChannelDylanPeys Video Stats 31,313,704-3,694268116,842301,108
★ HIPHOPTUGA/LISBOA2222 ★★ HIPHOPTUGA/LISBOA2222 ★ YouTube Channel★ HIPHOPTUGA/LISBOA2222 ★ Video Stats 31,313,147-4,2513.5K8,98358,894
HeIsWeVEVOHeIsWeVEVO YouTube ChannelHeIsWeVEVO Video Stats 31,312,709-4,68947,828,177153,958
oldthinkertubeoldthinkertube YouTube Channeloldthinkertube Video Stats 31,312,690-4,708116269,93771,282
Pastora SolerPastora Soler YouTube ChannelPastora Soler Video Stats 31,311,522-5,87647666,20349,481
SOXSOX YouTube ChannelSOX Video Stats 31,309,535-7,86359152,977495,409
FarahAsyikinFarahAsyikin YouTube ChannelFarahAsyikin Video Stats 31,308,109-9,289212147,68019,678
kira0lokakira0loka YouTube Channelkira0loka Video Stats 31,304,463-12,935125250,436149,785
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Start Subs: 179,470     Current Subs: 182,937
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185,0002,0635 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
187,5004,56318 D2 M 6/08  2018Tweet
190,0007,0631 D4 M 7/22  2018Tweet
192,5009,56313 D5 M 9/03  2018Tweet
195,00012,06326 D6 M 10/16  2018Tweet
197,50014,5639 D8 M 11/29  2018Tweet
200,00017,06322 D9 M 1/11  2019Tweet
202,50019,5634 D11 M 2/23  2019Tweet
205,00022,06317 D 1 Y4/07  2019Tweet
207,50024,563 2 M1 Y5/21  2019Tweet
210,00027,06312 D3 M1 Y7/03  2019Tweet
212,50029,56325 D4 M1 Y8/15  2019Tweet
215,00032,0637 D6 M1 Y9/27  2019Tweet
217,50034,56321 D7 M1 Y11/10  2019Tweet
220,00037,0633 D9 M1 Y12/23  2019Tweet
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Start Views: 29,723,742     Current Views: 31,317,398
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
31,500,000182,6027 D  3/28  2018Tweet
31,750,000432,60217 D  4/07  2018Tweet
32,000,000682,60226 D  4/16  2018Tweet
32,250,000932,6025 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
32,500,0001,182,60214 D1 M 5/05  2018Tweet
32,750,0001,432,60223 D1 M 5/14  2018Tweet
33,000,0001,682,6023 D2 M 5/24  2018Tweet
33,250,0001,932,60212 D2 M 6/02  2018Tweet
33,500,0002,182,60222 D2 M 6/12  2018Tweet
33,750,0002,432,602 3 M 6/21  2018Tweet
34,000,0002,682,6029 D3 M 6/30  2018Tweet
34,250,0002,932,60219 D3 M 7/10  2018Tweet
34,500,0003,182,60228 D3 M 7/19  2018Tweet
34,750,0003,432,6028 D4 M 7/29  2018Tweet
35,000,0003,682,60217 D4 M 8/07  2018Tweet