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352,879  Now
352,991-112-167 DayTweet
353,131-252-1814 DayTweet
353,552-673-2230 DayTweet
353,798-919-152 MonthTweet
354,003-1,124-123 MonthTweet
353,921-1,042-94 MonthTweet
354,043-1,164-85 MonthTweet
354,064-1,185-76 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
79,797,908  Now
79,783,80514,1032,0157 DayTweet
79,774,11823,7901,69914 DayTweet
79,749,60548,3031,61030 DayTweet
79,694,186103,7221,7292 MonthTweet
79,642,380155,5281,7283 MonthTweet
79,671,703126,2051,0524 MonthTweet
79,615,143182,7651,2185 MonthTweet
79,445,614352,2941,9576 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Two Door Cinema ClubTwo Door Cinema Club YouTube ChannelTwo Door Cinema Club Video Stats 353,1793007611669125.4 M
idamawatuidamawatu YouTube Channelidamawatu Video Stats 353,16428521195.4K448.3 M
manototvmanototv YouTube Channelmanototv Video Stats 353,1472681143524.1K124.2 M
HowcastArtsRecHowcastArtsRec YouTube ChannelHowcastArtsRec Video Stats 353,12824924225670484 M
Marija ŽeželjMarija Žeželj YouTube ChannelMarija Žeželj Video Stats 353,06718817723714640.4 M
Sri Balaji Full MoviesSri Balaji Full Movies YouTube ChannelSri Balaji Full Movies Video Stats 353,067188599815214178.8 M
English For YouEnglish For You YouTube ChannelEnglish For You Video Stats 353,05617715928516023.8 M
Sobat HAPESobat HAPE YouTube ChannelSobat HAPE Video Stats 352,963846741,78054860.5 M
Игровой канал Ричи и ШэйнаИгровой канал Ричи и Шэйна YouTube ChannelИгровой канал Ричи и Шэйна Video Stats 352,9234422315863947 M
Ghost - AgarioGhost - Agario YouTube ChannelGhost - Agario Video Stats 352,8812-96-434932.2 M
GudjonDanielGudjonDaniel YouTube ChannelGudjonDaniel Video Stats 352,879-11-2289679.8 M
Yoo TrueYoo True YouTube ChannelYoo True Video Stats 352,870-919726254865.1 M
Jill CimorelliJill Cimorelli YouTube ChannelJill Cimorelli Video Stats 352,854-25-3-4044522.6 M
Zach AnnerZach Anner YouTube ChannelZach Anner Video Stats 352,835-445-515916.5 M
fiercelytashafiercelytasha YouTube Channelfiercelytasha Video Stats 352,770-109145438350.2 M
Success TVSuccess TV YouTube ChannelSuccess TV Video Stats 352,683-1961,1201,65627221 M
Игромания КиноИгромания Кино YouTube ChannelИгромания Кино Video Stats 352,682-1979020447356.8 M
DaveyWaveyRawDaveyWaveyRaw YouTube ChannelDaveyWaveyRaw Video Stats 352,670-209122134062.3 M
Vikram YadavVikram Yadav YouTube ChannelVikram Yadav Video Stats 352,668-2111062061.6K454.4 M
Chief Keef - TopicChief Keef - Topic YouTube ChannelChief Keef - Topic Video Stats 352,657-2223-357113.3 M
ThatsKiannaxo ♡ThatsKiannaxo ♡ YouTube ChannelThatsKiannaxo ♡ Video Stats 352,597-2821934198218 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
AsmrsurgeAsmrsurge YouTube ChannelAsmrsurge Video Stats 79,866,03268,124113706,779467,658
SmallBigThePlayerSmallBigThePlayer YouTube ChannelSmallBigThePlayer Video Stats 79,860,38262,4741.2K64,76976,273
Lorrayne MavromatisLorrayne Mavromatis YouTube ChannelLorrayne Mavromatis Video Stats 79,857,39559,487239334,1311,343,885
Bruna VieiraBruna Vieira YouTube ChannelBruna Vieira Video Stats 79,852,75454,846575138,8741,339,976
AmazingScience 君AmazingScience 君 YouTube ChannelAmazingScience 君 Video Stats 79,851,38153,473155,323,425211,615
Rakotube1Rakotube1 YouTube ChannelRakotube1 Video Stats 79,847,49449,5861.8K43,372111,408
IRIGY HÓNAJMIRIGYIRIGY HÓNAJMIRIGY YouTube ChannelIRIGY HÓNAJMIRIGY Video Stats 79,843,52845,620126633,679132,054
TAM AirlinesTAM Airlines YouTube ChannelTAM Airlines Video Stats 79,828,36630,458290275,270129,325
신동훈Dick Hunter신동훈Dick Hunter YouTube Channel신동훈Dick Hunter Video Stats 79,806,1398,231114700,054520,466
Christine SydelkoChristine Sydelko YouTube ChannelChristine Sydelko Video Stats 79,801,7503,84285938,8441,271,765
GudjonDanielGudjonDaniel YouTube ChannelGudjonDaniel Video Stats 79,797,90889689,060352,879
Dubsmash BrasilDubsmash Brasil YouTube ChannelDubsmash Brasil Video Stats 79,777,250-20,658541,477,356533,947
Best Of Sidemen And FriendsBest Of Sidemen And Friends YouTube ChannelBest Of Sidemen And Friends Video Stats 79,772,025-25,883656121,604257,051
K-Rez0K-Rez0 YouTube ChannelK-Rez0 Video Stats 79,764,468-33,440676117,995158,640
IbraPlusIbraPlus YouTube ChannelIbraPlus Video Stats 79,754,556-43,352751,063,3941,208,166
Piosenki Dla Dzieci .tvPiosenki Dla Dzieci .tv YouTube ChannelPiosenki Dla Dzieci .tv Video Stats 79,754,493-43,415541,476,935116,653
NinaAndRandaNinaAndRanda YouTube ChannelNinaAndRanda Video Stats 79,751,622-46,286380209,873620,872
StevenJoTVStevenJoTV YouTube ChannelStevenJoTV Video Stats 79,747,916-49,992292273,109427,469
SyntaDOTcomSyntaDOTcom YouTube ChannelSyntaDOTcom Video Stats 79,738,395-59,513531,504,49840,764
fastASMRfastASMR YouTube ChannelfastASMR Video Stats 79,737,504-60,404475167,868286,122
Overwatch PlaysOverwatch Plays YouTube ChannelOverwatch Plays Video Stats 79,736,093-61,815179445,453278,333
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80,000,000202,09225 D3 M 7/18  2018Tweet
80,250,000452,09218 D8 M 12/10  2018Tweet
80,500,000702,09211 D1 M1 Y5/04  2019Tweet
80,750,000952,0923 D6 M1 Y9/25  2019Tweet
81,000,0001,202,09226 D10 M1 Y2/17  2020Tweet
81,250,0001,452,09218 D3 M2 Y7/10  2020Tweet
81,500,0001,702,09211 D8 M2 Y12/02  2020Tweet