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531,065  Now
531,066-107 DayTweet
531,076-11-114 DayTweet
531,111-46-230 DayTweet
531,166-101-22 MonthTweet
530,87618923 MonthTweet
531,133-68-14 MonthTweet
530,57449135 MonthTweet
530,86020516 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
47,168,230  Now
47,136,79431,4364,4917 DayTweet
47,107,80960,4214,31614 DayTweet
47,005,145163,0855,43630 DayTweet
46,833,313334,9175,5822 MonthTweet
46,591,104577,1266,4133 MonthTweet
46,700,521467,7093,8984 MonthTweet
46,433,804734,4264,8965 MonthTweet
46,262,872905,3585,0306 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Chris ReinacherChris Reinacher YouTube ChannelChris Reinacher Video Stats 531,476411456188 M
Jacaré BanguelaJacaré Banguela YouTube ChannelJacaré Banguela Video Stats 531,445380-13-2157658.9 M
Juan Da CorteJuan Da Corte YouTube ChannelJuan Da Corte Video Stats 531,419354474419404218.9 M
WojanWojan YouTube ChannelWojan Video Stats 531,3092441,5083,10318651.9 M
ProtoMarioProtoMario YouTube ChannelProtoMario Video Stats 531,309244-36281.9K129 M
Steve1989 MREinfoSteve1989 MREinfo YouTube ChannelSteve1989 MREinfo Video Stats 531,30423931781515162.3 M
SullyPwnzSullyPwnz YouTube ChannelSullyPwnz Video Stats 531,223158431752.5K248.1 M
NinjaCharlieTNinjaCharlieT YouTube ChannelNinjaCharlieT Video Stats 531,1427712824239139.8 M
101BarzBNN101BarzBNN YouTube Channel101BarzBNN Video Stats 531,12560282453930347 M
Calum ScottCalum Scott YouTube ChannelCalum Scott Video Stats 531,12257169656623 M
GoGosVlogGoGosVlog YouTube ChannelGoGosVlog Video Stats 531,065-5-238447.2 M
Niharika MoviesNiharika Movies YouTube ChannelNiharika Movies Video Stats 531,049-167011,15722.4K405.1 M
iPodKingCarteriPodKingCarter YouTube ChanneliPodKingCarter Video Stats 531,041-24741312.4K107.2 M
Sokolovsky!Sokolovsky! YouTube ChannelSokolovsky! Video Stats 530,920-14590222818853.3 M
AskTheFeelsAskTheFeels YouTube ChannelAskTheFeels Video Stats 530,838-2272519539123.7 M
SimplePickup2SimplePickup2 YouTube ChannelSimplePickup2 Video Stats 530,828-23752411649.5 M
SWEabridgedSWEabridged YouTube ChannelSWEabridged Video Stats 530,760-3051525913362.8 M
RickyD VlogsRickyD Vlogs YouTube ChannelRickyD Vlogs Video Stats 530,742-323-8-2720820 M
Baby Toy FreaksBaby Toy Freaks YouTube ChannelBaby Toy Freaks Video Stats 530,740-325-5380911156.2 M
OffspringVEVOOffspringVEVO YouTube ChannelOffspringVEVO Video Stats 530,738-32713530726170.5 M
GabbaniVEVOGabbaniVEVO YouTube ChannelGabbaniVEVO Video Stats 530,734-3312414098273.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
ChooChoosGamingChooChoosGaming YouTube ChannelChooChoosGaming Video Stats 47,200,94632,7161.3K35,704341,895
Official Life FactsOfficial Life Facts YouTube ChannelOfficial Life Facts Video Stats 47,191,04322,813161293,112176,663
Funny Stories For ChildrenFunny Stories For Children YouTube ChannelFunny Stories For Children Video Stats 47,191,03222,802256184,340180,492
ShoShoShoSho YouTube ChannelShoSho Video Stats 47,188,17619,9461.3K35,722156,722
Peter SchiffPeter Schiff YouTube ChannelPeter Schiff Video Stats 47,186,54918,3191.5K31,249188,977
ToZaTopToZaTop YouTube ChannelToZaTop Video Stats 47,185,62117,39189552,72186,891
Trackmaster Toy Train VillageTrackmaster Toy Train Village YouTube ChannelTrackmaster Toy Train Village Video Stats 47,182,88014,65048397,68730,523
Sacha StevensonSacha Stevenson YouTube ChannelSacha Stevenson Video Stats 47,182,51214,282239197,416382,558
ComKeanComKean YouTube ChannelComKean Video Stats 47,181,61713,3871.6K30,34289,966
JokerDonnyJokerDonny YouTube ChannelJokerDonny Video Stats 47,179,95611,726471,003,82912,661
GoGosVlogGoGosVlog YouTube ChannelGoGosVlog Video Stats 47,168,230384122,834531,065
LuckyFortune8FamilyLuckyFortune8Family YouTube ChannelLuckyFortune8Family Video Stats 47,164,302-3,92896748,77496,751
Happy WolfHappy Wolf YouTube ChannelHappy Wolf Video Stats 47,164,136-4,094460102,531199,627
mjNicholsmjNichols YouTube ChannelmjNichols Video Stats 47,155,779-12,451347135,896146,909
VegleVegle YouTube ChannelVegle Video Stats 47,155,371-12,85985854,960186,933
חריףחריף YouTube Channelחריף Video Stats 47,154,078-14,1523.3K14,15259,056
BobDylanTVBobDylanTV YouTube ChannelBobDylanTV Video Stats 47,146,686-21,544261,813,33483,137
musicasatelitemusicasatelite YouTube Channelmusicasatelite Video Stats 47,146,127-22,103315,715,37652,410
MarioInATopHatMarioInATopHat YouTube ChannelMarioInATopHat Video Stats 47,144,790-23,440355132,80275,049
FamilyJules7XFamilyJules7X YouTube ChannelFamilyJules7X Video Stats 47,144,001-24,229298158,201273,967
SK-IISK-II YouTube ChannelSK-II Video Stats 47,141,628-26,602230204,96427,939
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47,250,00081,77015 D  4/02  2018Tweet
47,500,000331,77029 D1 M 5/17  2018Tweet
47,750,000581,77013 D3 M 7/01  2018Tweet
48,000,000831,77028 D4 M 8/15  2018Tweet
48,250,0001,081,77011 D6 M 9/28  2018Tweet
48,500,0001,331,77026 D7 M 11/12  2018Tweet
48,750,0001,581,77010 D9 M 12/27  2018Tweet
49,000,0001,831,77024 D10 M 2/10  2019Tweet
49,250,0002,081,7708 D 1 Y3/26  2019Tweet
49,500,0002,331,77022 D1 M1 Y5/10  2019Tweet
49,750,0002,581,7706 D3 M1 Y6/24  2019Tweet
50,000,0002,831,77021 D4 M1 Y8/08  2019Tweet
50,250,0003,081,7705 D6 M1 Y9/22  2019Tweet
50,500,0003,331,77019 D7 M1 Y11/05  2019Tweet
50,750,0003,581,7703 D9 M1 Y12/20  2019Tweet