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426,574  Now
425,3291,2451787 DayTweet
423,6172,95721114 DayTweet
422,0164,55815230 DayTweet
416,7159,8591642 MonthTweet
412,71013,8641543 MonthTweet
414,19712,3771034 MonthTweet
406,99519,5791315 MonthTweet
404,08222,4921256 MonthTweet
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138,124,583  Now
137,703,392421,19160,1707 DayTweet
137,184,188940,39567,17114 DayTweet
136,313,2841,811,29960,37730 DayTweet
134,176,5083,948,07565,8012 MonthTweet
131,956,4916,168,09268,5343 MonthTweet
132,927,7265,196,85743,3074 MonthTweet
129,833,9978,290,58655,2715 MonthTweet
128,069,10410,055,47955,8646 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Luigikid GamingLuigikid Gaming YouTube ChannelLuigikid Gaming Video Stats 427,046472-11371.5K145.7 M
Kids RhymesKids Rhymes YouTube ChannelKids Rhymes Video Stats 427,0454717171,140364112.6 M
True or False ExperimentsTrue or False Experiments YouTube ChannelTrue or False Experiments Video Stats 427,0354616351,5191K131.9 M
Teal SwanTeal Swan YouTube ChannelTeal Swan Video Stats 427,03546115126039151.9 M
Gugu GaiteiroGugu Gaiteiro YouTube ChannelGugu Gaiteiro Video Stats 426,98340911869245121 M
Dada PupsDada Pups YouTube ChannelDada Pups Video Stats 426,9203469811,634346204.3 M
ODNODN YouTube ChannelODN Video Stats 426,83225828338919.5K834.6 M
HandimaniaHandimania YouTube ChannelHandimania Video Stats 426,806232-16-2479150.5 M
Hannah RenéeHannah Renée YouTube ChannelHannah Renée Video Stats 426,77420021719013217.6 M
AndyBlackVEVOAndyBlackVEVO YouTube ChannelAndyBlackVEVO Video Stats 426,686112128322243.1 M
ExVSKExVSK YouTube ChannelExVSK Video Stats 426,5741021523.5K138.1 M
EpsilonGamexEpsilonGamex YouTube ChannelEpsilonGamex Video Stats 426,562-124226831.2K98.4 M
Univesp TVUnivesp TV YouTube ChannelUnivesp TV Video Stats 426,532-421912578K73.4 M
La Máquina del TiempoLa Máquina del Tiempo YouTube ChannelLa Máquina del Tiempo Video Stats 426,386-1884185771K505.1 M
Thansis1997Thansis1997 YouTube ChannelThansis1997 Video Stats 426,314-2606861,49356139.3 M
Lethal CrysisLethal Crysis YouTube ChannelLethal Crysis Video Stats 426,258-31622831932258.7 M
byRaFiTabyRaFiTa YouTube ChannelbyRaFiTa Video Stats 426,132-4427617055545.4 M
Best Electro HouseBest Electro House YouTube ChannelBest Electro House Video Stats 426,130-444-9-45975.1 M
Nollywood5starNollywood5star YouTube ChannelNollywood5star Video Stats 426,091-483681425.2K159.5 M
Indian Video GuruIndian Video Guru YouTube ChannelIndian Video Guru Video Stats 426,090-4849211,0311.3K183.6 M
oh Broxoh Brox YouTube Channeloh Brox Video Stats 426,078-496-155511165.6 M
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per Video
ptnaptna YouTube Channelptna Video Stats 138,258,476133,89310.5K13,16654,254
Rachael Ray ShowRachael Ray Show YouTube ChannelRachael Ray Show Video Stats 138,252,010127,4273.5K39,911193,897
bollygooglybollygoogly YouTube Channelbollygoogly Video Stats 138,245,327120,7445.1K27,075161,611
AraMusicbgAraMusicbg YouTube ChannelAraMusicbg Video Stats 138,234,744110,161251550,736175,965
Futbolero2012HD1Futbolero2012HD1 YouTube ChannelFutbolero2012HD1 Video Stats 138,212,31687,7331.9K73,478112,034
RANDOMinicSHOWRANDOMinicSHOW YouTube ChannelRANDOMinicSHOW Video Stats 138,205,06280,479407339,570925,730
Missy LanningMissy Lanning YouTube ChannelMissy Lanning Video Stats 138,196,41971,836375368,524663,054
rikiriki YouTube Channelriki Video Stats 138,168,05543,472236585,458196,965
lastmintrailerslastmintrailers YouTube Channellastmintrailers Video Stats 138,148,62224,0391001,381,48668,759
BaptBapt YouTube ChannelBapt Video Stats 138,144,93720,3541191,160,882940,838
ExVSKExVSK YouTube ChannelExVSK Video Stats 138,124,5833.5K39,805426,574
Droider.RuDroider.Ru YouTube ChannelDroider.Ru Video Stats 138,101,222-23,3611.3K106,642669,891
Well PlayedWell Played YouTube ChannelWell Played Video Stats 138,094,432-30,151619223,0931,370,300
iSuperMWK.iSuperMWK. YouTube ChanneliSuperMWK. Video Stats 138,090,207-34,376659209,545614,934
Prince EaPrince Ea YouTube ChannelPrince Ea Video Stats 138,051,891-72,692214645,1022,022,423
Relaxing Slime ASMRRelaxing Slime ASMR YouTube ChannelRelaxing Slime ASMR Video Stats 138,050,355-74,228247558,908354,279
Trap and BassTrap and Bass YouTube ChannelTrap and Bass Video Stats 138,035,227-89,3561.2K119,718807,026
Yankeeunit91Yankeeunit91 YouTube ChannelYankeeunit91 Video Stats 138,015,858-108,7258.6K16,116299,324
Magic Secrets RevealedMagic Secrets Revealed YouTube ChannelMagic Secrets Revealed Video Stats 138,015,349-109,234190726,397551,960
짤잼. K-MEMES짤잼. K-MEMES YouTube Channel짤잼. K-MEMES Video Stats 138,008,681-115,9021011,366,423365,574
walkgroundHD | PvP LoverwalkgroundHD | PvP Lover YouTube ChannelwalkgroundHD | PvP Lover Video Stats 137,993,204-131,379357386,536650,510
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Based on 9,859 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 164 added per day.
Start Subs: 416,715     Current Subs: 426,574
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Date Goal Will
Be Reached
427,5009266 D  3/25  2018Tweet
430,0003,42621 D  4/09  2018Tweet
432,5005,9266 D1 M 4/25  2018Tweet
435,0008,42621 D1 M 5/10  2018Tweet
437,50010,9266 D2 M 5/25  2018Tweet
440,00013,42621 D2 M 6/09  2018Tweet
442,50015,9265 D3 M 6/24  2018Tweet
445,00018,42621 D3 M 7/10  2018Tweet
447,50020,9266 D4 M 7/25  2018Tweet
450,00023,42621 D4 M 8/09  2018Tweet
452,50025,9265 D5 M 8/24  2018Tweet
455,00028,42620 D5 M 9/08  2018Tweet
457,50030,9266 D6 M 9/24  2018Tweet
460,00033,42621 D6 M 10/09  2018Tweet
462,50035,9266 D7 M 10/24  2018Tweet
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Start Views: 134,176,508     Current Views: 138,124,583
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
140,000,0001,875,41729 D  4/17  2018Tweet
142,500,0004,375,4176 D2 M 5/25  2018Tweet
145,000,0006,875,41713 D3 M 7/02  2018Tweet
147,500,0009,375,41721 D4 M 8/09  2018Tweet
150,000,00011,875,41728 D5 M 9/16  2018Tweet
152,500,00014,375,4176 D7 M 10/24  2018Tweet
155,000,00016,875,41713 D8 M 12/01  2018Tweet
157,500,00019,375,41721 D9 M 1/08  2019Tweet
160,000,00021,875,41728 D10 M 2/15  2019Tweet
162,500,00024,375,4176 D 1 Y3/25  2019Tweet
165,000,00026,875,41713 D1 M1 Y5/02  2019Tweet
167,500,00029,375,41721 D2 M1 Y6/09  2019Tweet
170,000,00031,875,41728 D3 M1 Y7/17  2019Tweet
172,500,00034,375,4175 D5 M1 Y8/24  2019Tweet
175,000,00036,875,41713 D6 M1 Y10/01  2019Tweet