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120,796  Now
120,893-97-147 DayTweet
121,034-238-1714 DayTweet
121,339-543-1830 DayTweet
121,607-811-142 MonthTweet
121,837-1,041-123 MonthTweet
121,754-958-84 MonthTweet
121,994-1,198-85 MonthTweet
122,310-1,514-86 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
27,807,309  Now
27,793,10514,2042,0297 DayTweet
27,777,24130,0682,14814 DayTweet
27,738,23269,0772,30330 DayTweet
27,667,591139,7182,3292 MonthTweet
27,598,826208,4832,3163 MonthTweet
27,630,059177,2501,4774 MonthTweet
27,562,913244,3961,6295 MonthTweet
27,486,034321,2751,7856 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Alunika DobrovolskiAlunika Dobrovolski YouTube ChannelAlunika Dobrovolski Video Stats 120,8434741343936822.8 M
TheUnknownCameramanTheUnknownCameraman YouTube ChannelTheUnknownCameraman Video Stats 120,840442813412.4 M
UNINTERRUPTEDUNINTERRUPTED YouTube ChannelUNINTERRUPTED Video Stats 120,8394317019549522.2 M
HemboHeroHemboHero YouTube ChannelHemboHero Video Stats 120,82933154597105 M
Naâman OfficialNaâman Official YouTube ChannelNaâman Official Video Stats 120,8293354824854.2 M
Real Tool ReviewsReal Tool Reviews YouTube ChannelReal Tool Reviews Video Stats 120,828323210333118.4 M
LeagueCinemaLeagueCinema YouTube ChannelLeagueCinema Video Stats 120,82529-12-2472.3 M
YunaMusicOfficialYunaMusicOfficial YouTube ChannelYunaMusicOfficial Video Stats 120,8121638526316.9 M
Prof. SúProf. Sú YouTube ChannelProf. Sú Video Stats 120,81014642164389.3 M
TheAvenerVEVOTheAvenerVEVO YouTube ChannelTheAvenerVEVO Video Stats 120,80913395732112.3 M
DragnozDragnoz YouTube ChannelDragnoz Video Stats 120,796-4-1861127.8 M
Kabillion ChannelKabillion Channel YouTube ChannelKabillion Channel Video Stats 120,796017822489164.3 M
KIKILLOKIKILLO YouTube ChannelKIKILLO Video Stats 120,789-720701569.9 M
Tenshi MinamotoTenshi Minamoto YouTube ChannelTenshi Minamoto Video Stats 120,788-856531.6K119.2 M
ChavesChaves YouTube ChannelChaves Video Stats 120,786-100-418627.4 M
pdwinnallpdwinnall YouTube Channelpdwinnall Video Stats 120,781-1501579929.7 M
Daily AZDaily AZ YouTube ChannelDaily AZ Video Stats 120,773-239616827889 M
Ramón GarrigaRamón Garriga YouTube ChannelRamón Garriga Video Stats 120,773-2347562188.2 M
ELLA RECORDS ኤላELLA RECORDS ኤላ YouTube ChannelELLA RECORDS ኤላ Video Stats 120,769-2712127837197 M
WGLRUWGLRU YouTube ChannelWGLRU Video Stats 120,756-40-22-152.3K17 M
Noticias SINNoticias SIN YouTube ChannelNoticias SIN Video Stats 120,752-4411424822.9K85.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Knorr BrasilKnorr Brasil YouTube ChannelKnorr Brasil Video Stats 27,821,39114,08298283,89215,350
PedrodbrPedrodbr YouTube ChannelPedrodbr Video Stats 27,819,04311,7341.4K19,454536,735
SKYtomoSKYtomo YouTube ChannelSKYtomo Video Stats 27,816,6529,34360246,20737,054
xoax11xoax11 YouTube Channelxoax11 Video Stats 27,815,7308,421124224,32011,723
ladygroove71bladygroove71b YouTube Channelladygroove71b Video Stats 27,815,1507,8411.1K25,54212,059
WeAllJuggleKnivesWeAllJuggleKnives YouTube ChannelWeAllJuggleKnives Video Stats 27,814,6977,3881.3K21,44594,738
alexanpobalexanpob YouTube Channelalexanpob Video Stats 27,813,7626,4531.1K25,44722,105
AFollower 313AFollower 313 YouTube ChannelAFollower 313 Video Stats 27,813,4756,16665242,65931,951
Younes MarxieuYounes Marxieu YouTube ChannelYounes Marxieu Video Stats 27,810,2222,91383,476,278102,392
TopMondeTopMonde YouTube ChannelTopMonde Video Stats 27,809,1501,84180347,614199,446
DragnozDragnoz YouTube ChannelDragnoz Video Stats 27,807,30961145,511120,796
Producciones ARProducciones AR YouTube ChannelProducciones AR Video Stats 27,806,263-1,046115241,79422,702
Rebekah BoruckiRebekah Borucki YouTube ChannelRebekah Borucki Video Stats 27,806,024-1,28586232,258194,009
monnixmonnix YouTube Channelmonnix Video Stats 27,805,571-1,73854514,91812,291
honeybabe2007honeybabe2007 YouTube Channelhoneybabe2007 Video Stats 27,802,170-5,139177157,07415,256
VolvagiaVolvagia YouTube ChannelVolvagia Video Stats 27,801,684-5,62559246,96236,878
KiinqtonqKiinqtonq YouTube ChannelKiinqtonq Video Stats 27,800,918-6,39165942,187215,080
Señor ZetaSeñor Zeta YouTube ChannelSeñor Zeta Video Stats 27,800,891-6,418116239,663569,037
orlikeiraorlikeira YouTube Channelorlikeira Video Stats 27,798,872-8,43743646,48518,330
Robert HamiltonRobert Hamilton YouTube ChannelRobert Hamilton Video Stats 27,798,659-8,650213,899,33050,805
KaesangKaesang YouTube ChannelKaesang Video Stats 27,794,154-13,15538731,4250
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Start Subs: 121,607     Current Subs: 120,796
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28,000,000192,69122 D2 M 6/13  2018Tweet
28,250,000442,6918 D6 M 9/29  2018Tweet
28,500,000692,69124 D9 M 1/14  2019Tweet
28,750,000942,6919 D1 M1 Y5/01  2019Tweet
29,000,0001,192,69126 D4 M1 Y8/17  2019Tweet
29,250,0001,442,69111 D8 M1 Y12/02  2019Tweet
29,500,0001,692,69127 D11 M1 Y3/18  2020Tweet
29,750,0001,942,69113 D3 M2 Y7/04  2020Tweet
30,000,0002,192,69129 D6 M2 Y10/19  2020Tweet
30,250,0002,442,69114 D10 M2 Y2/03  2021Tweet