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113  Now
112107 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
31,725  Now
31,6992647 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
sophiaelenareportingsophiaelenareporting YouTube Channelsophiaelenareporting Video Stats 11300013148 K
Lachelle SingletonLachelle Singleton YouTube ChannelLachelle Singleton Video Stats 1130004926 K
NISEGuy EddieNISEGuy Eddie YouTube ChannelNISEGuy Eddie Video Stats 11300061144 K
spaghettiengineeringspaghettiengineering YouTube Channelspaghettiengineering Video Stats 11300039157 K
Spartan46coltan46Spartan46coltan46 YouTube ChannelSpartan46coltan46 Video Stats 11300066 K
Nick PaolettiNick Paoletti YouTube ChannelNick Paoletti Video Stats 11300013403 K
Miguel GalindoMiguel Galindo YouTube ChannelMiguel Galindo Video Stats 11300043309 K
Uli CasUli Cas YouTube ChannelUli Cas Video Stats 113000127156 K
Frank AndersonFrank Anderson YouTube ChannelFrank Anderson Video Stats 11300057 K
OriyoOriyo YouTube ChannelOriyo Video Stats 113000211 K
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 1130018832 K
CalumVsMacCalumVsMac YouTube ChannelCalumVsMac Video Stats 1130003600
powerranger20155442powerranger20155442 YouTube Channelpowerranger20155442 Video Stats 11300069225 K
ValeneSwannjdeValeneSwannjde YouTube ChannelValeneSwannjde Video Stats 1130009562 K
vanish129vanish129 YouTube Channelvanish129 Video Stats 1130003784 K
vaoroivaoroi YouTube Channelvaoroi Video Stats 1130001941.5 M
VibrationsfromMirrorVibrationsfromMirror YouTube ChannelVibrationsfromMirror Video Stats 1130006019 K
video402video402 YouTube Channelvideo402 Video Stats 113000223 K
video8videovideo8video YouTube Channelvideo8video Video Stats 11300087417 K
VidsMavsVidsMavs YouTube ChannelVidsMavs Video Stats 1130002183 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
WordPressBlogsWordPressBlogs YouTube ChannelWordPressBlogs Video Stats 31,726135906256
Ryan NixRyan Nix YouTube ChannelRyan Nix Video Stats 31,72614472125
fifiawardsfifiawards YouTube Channelfifiawards Video Stats 31,7261311,02362
AfkdjghjllllllllAfkdjghjllllllll YouTube ChannelAfkdjghjllllllll Video Stats 31,7261131,7264
joeyinjapanjoeyinjapan YouTube Channeljoeyinjapan Video Stats 31,7261437389
MinisterOfSincerityMinisterOfSincerity YouTube ChannelMinisterOfSincerity Video Stats 31,7261251,26911
rubenarmandorubenarmando YouTube Channelrubenarmando Video Stats 31,7250112,88486
BonnieP19BonnieP19 YouTube ChannelBonnieP19 Video Stats 31,725065,28854
o Guedeso Guedes YouTube Channelo Guedes Video Stats 31,7250191166972
Honza SakHonza Sak YouTube ChannelHonza Sak Video Stats 31,72503493321
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 31,725188169113
VaritubeVaritube YouTube ChannelVaritube Video Stats 31,724-16548826
myonlybeautymyonlybeauty YouTube Channelmyonlybeauty Video Stats 31,724-1142,2664,067
管光啟管光啟 YouTube Channel管光啟 Video Stats 31,724-110330815
OldTexasPeteOldTexasPete YouTube ChannelOldTexasPete Video Stats 31,724-1122,64415
harajukugirl09aharajukugirl09a YouTube Channelharajukugirl09a Video Stats 31,724-1417746
Neon GenesisNeon Genesis YouTube ChannelNeon Genesis Video Stats 31,724-164050357
mbrucembruce YouTube Channelmbruce Video Stats 31,723-2112,88424
mike101mike101 YouTube Channelmike101 Video Stats 31,723-2120264167
WASD SunnYzWASD SunnYz YouTube ChannelWASD SunnYz Video Stats 31,723-2694601,032
Chris MatthewsChris Matthews YouTube ChannelChris Matthews Video Stats 31,723-214222320
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Based on 2 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
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Start Subs: 111     Current Subs: 113
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Be Reached
1152 2 M 8/01  2016Tweet
120728 D6 M 12/29  2016Tweet
1251226 D11 M 5/28  2017Tweet
1301724 D4 M1 Y10/25  2017Tweet
1352222 D9 M1 Y3/24  2018Tweet
1402720 D2 M2 Y8/21  2018Tweet
1453218 D7 M2 Y1/18  2019Tweet
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Based on -619 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
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Start Views: 32,344     Current Views: 31,725
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