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113  Now
112107 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
31,725  Now
31,6992647 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
Valérie ShÄValérie ShÄ YouTube ChannelValérie ShÄ Video Stats 1130001828 K
YOON JAEJAEYOON JAEJAE YouTube ChannelYOON JAEJAE Video Stats 11300011246 K
twillightfan69twillightfan69 YouTube Channeltwillightfan69 Video Stats 11300023150 K
Eric TroostEric Troost YouTube ChannelEric Troost Video Stats 11300000
Henry LambirtiHenry Lambirti YouTube ChannelHenry Lambirti Video Stats 11300000
lilfro1997lilfro1997 YouTube Channellilfro1997 Video Stats 11300010526 K
TEAMBadGal BambiTEAMBadGal Bambi YouTube ChannelTEAMBadGal Bambi Video Stats 1130002989 K
UltimateProMelodyUltimateProMelody YouTube ChannelUltimateProMelody Video Stats 11300048136 K
SwayForDayzSwayForDayz YouTube ChannelSwayForDayz Video Stats 113000203 K
JeaGamingMCJeaGamingMC YouTube ChannelJeaGamingMC Video Stats 113000382 K
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 1130018832 K
kirbyykirbzkirbyykirbz YouTube Channelkirbyykirbz Video Stats 1130004760
UWi1981UWi1981 YouTube ChannelUWi1981 Video Stats 11300039255 K
Valdeck FariasValdeck Farias YouTube ChannelValdeck Farias Video Stats 11300089173 K
ValeneSwannjdeValeneSwannjde YouTube ChannelValeneSwannjde Video Stats 1130009562 K
simranjeet singh bhabrasimranjeet singh bhabra YouTube Channelsimranjeet singh bhabra Video Stats 11300021560 K
Vandana VadheraVandana Vadhera YouTube ChannelVandana Vadhera Video Stats 1130004789 K
vawinetvvawinetv YouTube Channelvawinetv Video Stats 1130006115 K
Henry NumaticHenry Numatic YouTube ChannelHenry Numatic Video Stats 1130001582 K
nusinovnusinov YouTube Channelnusinov Video Stats 11300072466 K
Clara OzaetaClara Ozaeta YouTube ChannelClara Ozaeta Video Stats 11300019679 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Christine HugetChristine Huget YouTube ChannelChristine Huget Video Stats 31,727283,9669
MrKawasaki650MrKawasaki650 YouTube ChannelMrKawasaki650 Video Stats 31,7272122,64415
Tammie ChoeTammie Choe YouTube ChannelTammie Choe Video Stats 31,7272271,1755
Isabel GonzalesIsabel Gonzales YouTube ChannelIsabel Gonzales Video Stats 31,7272131,72716
adamborkowskiadamborkowski YouTube Channeladamborkowski Video Stats 31,7261161,9835
MinisterOfSincerityMinisterOfSincerity YouTube ChannelMinisterOfSincerity Video Stats 31,7261251,26911
AfkdjghjllllllllAfkdjghjllllllll YouTube ChannelAfkdjghjllllllll Video Stats 31,7261131,7264
BeyondInnocenceStud1BeyondInnocenceStud1 YouTube ChannelBeyondInnocenceStud1 Video Stats 31,726150635247
128128 YouTube Channel128 Video Stats 31,7250215,863135
yangbetty87yangbetty87 YouTube Channelyangbetty87 Video Stats 31,725056,3453
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 31,725188169113
OldTexasPeteOldTexasPete YouTube ChannelOldTexasPete Video Stats 31,724-1122,64415
stocky392stocky392 YouTube Channelstocky392 Video Stats 31,724-143738240
Nathan LeindeckerNathan Leindecker YouTube ChannelNathan Leindecker Video Stats 31,723-2152,11524
DjLeezoLiciousDjLeezoLicious YouTube ChannelDjLeezoLicious Video Stats 31,723-2281,13376
alem20065alem20065 YouTube Channelalem20065 Video Stats 31,723-2310,57413
DiMeSTicLamarDiMeSTicLamar YouTube ChannelDiMeSTicLamar Video Stats 31,723-2231,3791,776
GPSxPEaCeMaKeRGPSxPEaCeMaKeR YouTube ChannelGPSxPEaCeMaKeR Video Stats 31,722-34177437
darcyvwhydarcyvwhy YouTube Channeldarcyvwhy Video Stats 31,722-3339942
Ilse SendlerIlse Sendler YouTube ChannelIlse Sendler Video Stats 31,722-33688151
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Start Subs: 111     Current Subs: 113
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1152 2 M 4/02  2015Tweet
120728 D6 M 8/30  2015Tweet
1251226 D11 M 1/27  2016Tweet
1301724 D4 M1 Y6/25  2016Tweet
1352222 D9 M1 Y11/22  2016Tweet
1402720 D2 M2 Y4/21  2017Tweet
1453218 D7 M2 Y9/18  2017Tweet
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Start Views: 32,344     Current Views: 31,725
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