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111  Now
111007 DayTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
32,485  Now
32,344141207 DayTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
+ / -
30 Day
TwistedSupremeTwistedSupreme YouTube ChannelTwistedSupreme Video Stats 11100031560 K
TxurAchqer818TxurAchqer818 YouTube ChannelTxurAchqer818 Video Stats 11100015894 K
justin casejustin case YouTube Channeljustin case Video Stats 11100013460 K
uacibroadcastuacibroadcast YouTube Channeluacibroadcast Video Stats 111000187 K
uditoruditor YouTube Channeluditor Video Stats 11100014460 K
Mark CMark C YouTube ChannelMark C Video Stats 11100015124 K
Uncle HenryUncle Henry YouTube ChannelUncle Henry Video Stats 1110006845 K
univgurlunivgurl YouTube Channelunivgurl Video Stats 1110005925 K
UnleashMyHeartUnleashMyHeart YouTube ChannelUnleashMyHeart Video Stats 111000307200 K
uponatime1uponatime1 YouTube Channeluponatime1 Video Stats 111000313 K
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 1110020232 K
UseMan4000UseMan4000 YouTube ChannelUseMan4000 Video Stats 1110009967 K
Tristan HancockTristan Hancock YouTube ChannelTristan Hancock Video Stats 1110002657 K
Valter Pereira JuniorValter Pereira Junior YouTube ChannelValter Pereira Junior Video Stats 111000292.1 M
vcuqvcuq YouTube Channelvcuq Video Stats 1110004683 K
veernaayaveernaaya YouTube Channelveernaaya Video Stats 11100013105 K
rls1musicrls1music YouTube Channelrls1music Video Stats 11100012735 K
RobertoRumbaRobertoRumba YouTube ChannelRobertoRumba Video Stats 11100014480 K
Robert WeekesRobert Weekes YouTube ChannelRobert Weekes Video Stats 1110001334 K
Rockcity nuRockcity nu YouTube ChannelRockcity nu Video Stats 11100083303 K
RockyMountainSherpasRockyMountainSherpas YouTube ChannelRockyMountainSherpas Video Stats 111000775 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
MsSimplystylishMsSimplystylish YouTube ChannelMsSimplystylish Video Stats 32,4872271,203140
Ave VinnoAve Vinno YouTube ChannelAve Vinno Video Stats 32,4872103,249538
TheBadgerBoy123TheBadgerBoy123 YouTube ChannelTheBadgerBoy123 Video Stats 32,4872132,49973
GrynstegGrynsteg YouTube ChannelGrynsteg Video Stats 32,4872321,01552
rickydi40rickydi40 YouTube Channelrickydi40 Video Stats 32,486193,61033
sampsonistsampsonist YouTube Channelsampsonist Video Stats 32,48615460232
colleenleocolleenleo YouTube Channelcolleenleo Video Stats 32,48613983345
ConverterBandConverterBand YouTube ChannelConverterBand Video Stats 32,4861191,71070
ampuplugnplayampuplugnplay YouTube Channelampuplugnplay Video Stats 32,4861216,2435
Dax ThuijsDax Thuijs YouTube ChannelDax Thuijs Video Stats 32,4850132,499430
DeatrusDeatrus YouTube ChannelDeatrus Video Stats 32,485202161111
ericthevikingerictheviking YouTube Channelerictheviking Video Stats 32,4850823967
Chris SchultzChris Schultz YouTube ChannelChris Schultz Video Stats 32,484-1271,20332
C Michael BroylesC Michael Broyles YouTube ChannelC Michael Broyles Video Stats 32,484-1339841,390
FlyingSpaghetti171FlyingSpaghetti171 YouTube ChannelFlyingSpaghetti171 Video Stats 32,484-16649278
MrRoyottoMrRoyotto YouTube ChannelMrRoyotto Video Stats 32,484-14081220
NeolNeol YouTube ChannelNeol Video Stats 32,483-25262584
Yu KiYu Ki YouTube ChannelYu Ki Video Stats 32,483-2132,48318
SPARFIRIOSPARFIRIO YouTube ChannelSPARFIRIO Video Stats 32,483-2291,1202
Niels BakxNiels Bakx YouTube ChannelNiels Bakx Video Stats 32,482-3201,62488
inconcordiuminconcordium YouTube Channelinconcordium Video Stats 32,482-3216,24111
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Start Views: 32,361     Current Views: 32,485
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Views Till
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32,500158 D  12/27  2014Tweet
32,7502657 D4 M 4/27  2015Tweet
33,0005156 D8 M 8/26  2015Tweet
33,2507656 D 1 Y12/25  2015Tweet
33,5001,0155 D4 M1 Y4/24  2016Tweet
33,7501,2654 D8 M1 Y8/23  2016Tweet
34,0001,5154 D 2 Y12/22  2016Tweet
34,2501,7653 D4 M2 Y4/22  2017Tweet
34,5002,0151 D8 M2 Y8/20  2017Tweet