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52,155  Now
51,956199287 DayTweet
51,6854703414 DayTweet
50,9951,1603930 DayTweet
49,5652,590432 MonthTweet
48,1244,031453 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
75,833,213  Now
75,631,849201,36428,7667 DayTweet
75,428,289404,92428,92314 DayTweet
72,750,1023,083,111102,77030 DayTweet
73,758,4612,074,75234,5792 MonthTweet
72,245,1963,588,01739,8673 MonthTweet
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Video ProducerRankSubsGap24 HR
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30 Day
Macy'sMacy's YouTube ChannelMacy's Video Stats 52,164925-323624.8 M
Professional Darts CorporationProfessional Darts Corporation YouTube ChannelProfessional Darts Corporation Video Stats 52,162723241.5K21.2 M
PanteaoProductionsPanteaoProductions YouTube ChannelPanteaoProductions Video Stats 52,1627193678 M
Шоу Уральские пельмениШоу Уральские пельмени YouTube ChannelШоу Уральские пельмени Video Stats 52,16270-300
Nokia Support VideosNokia Support Videos YouTube ChannelNokia Support Videos Video Stats 52,16050-400
Crono2021Crono2021 YouTube ChannelCrono2021 Video Stats 52,1605-13192381.2 M
TydyshTVLiveTydyshTVLive YouTube ChannelTydyshTVLive Video Stats 52,15720151.2K15 M
Torito De GuerreroTorito De Guerrero YouTube ChannelTorito De Guerrero Video Stats 52,157248442.9K43.9 M
Girlyalex83Girlyalex83 YouTube ChannelGirlyalex83 Video Stats 52,15728283505.2 M
あたり なりゆきあたり なりゆき YouTube Channelあたり なりゆき Video Stats 52,15617141.2K51.6 M
AlexZAfRoAlexZAfRo YouTube ChannelAlexZAfRo Video Stats 52,154-140411.9K21.7 M
Jon5700Jon5700 YouTube ChannelJon5700 Video Stats 52,152-30072567.2 M
Jesse AndrewJesse Andrew YouTube ChannelJesse Andrew Video Stats 52,150-5051002.6 M
Toy CrittersToy Critters YouTube ChannelToy Critters Video Stats 52,147-80-7444.8 M
POW3RtvPOW3Rtv YouTube ChannelPOW3Rtv Video Stats 52,147-8036425.2 M
PacPacBoyPacPacBoy YouTube ChannelPacPacBoy Video Stats 52,146-92292129817.3 M
Revscarecrow: Vinesauce RevRevscarecrow: Vinesauce Rev YouTube ChannelRevscarecrow: Vinesauce Rev Video Stats 52,145-1074302366.2 M
Paris PlatynovParis Platynov YouTube ChannelParis Platynov Video Stats 52,144-1146551536.6 M
Lucio BigLucio Big YouTube ChannelLucio Big Video Stats 52,142-130-44992.7 M
Love Chic StylingLove Chic Styling YouTube ChannelLove Chic Styling Video Stats 52,141-14003685.3 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
AdoramaAdorama YouTube ChannelAdorama Video Stats 75,917,91284,6992.3K32,766649,073
Glove and BootsGlove and Boots YouTube ChannelGlove and Boots Video Stats 75,916,57183,358354214,454342,393
StarFumuStarFumu YouTube ChannelStarFumu Video Stats 75,912,84879,635131579,48742,315
Maleh WhlouMaleh Whlou YouTube ChannelMaleh Whlou Video Stats 75,879,41046,197449168,996388,626
MemoriaMemoria YouTube ChannelMemoria Video Stats 75,874,01440,80184903,26231,228
World Circuit RecordsWorld Circuit Records YouTube ChannelWorld Circuit Records Video Stats 75,862,08028,867655115,820109,306
KlausKlaus YouTube ChannelKlaus Video Stats 75,857,40024,187193393,044846,131
Berklee College of MusicBerklee College of Music YouTube ChannelBerklee College of Music Video Stats 75,848,74915,5361.5K51,668367,819
PowerThoughts Meditation ClubPowerThoughts Meditation Club YouTube ChannelPowerThoughts Meditation Club Video Stats 75,845,73212,519262289,488515,277
HooplaKidzLabHooplaKidzLab YouTube ChannelHooplaKidzLab Video Stats 75,843,88110,668285266,119390,934
DREPENTEFILMSDREPENTEFILMS YouTube ChannelDREPENTEFILMS Video Stats 75,833,213370204,95552,155
ChipettesSqueakquelChipettesSqueakquel YouTube ChannelChipettesSqueakquel Video Stats 75,832,078-1,135184,212,89318,812
VinceStaplesVEVOVinceStaplesVEVO YouTube ChannelVinceStaplesVEVO Video Stats 75,829,060-4,153362,106,363197,847
HaydunnHaydunn YouTube ChannelHaydunn Video Stats 75,810,734-22,4791.1K67,749291,454
KaliTerranKaliTerran YouTube ChannelKaliTerran Video Stats 75,794,493-38,7203.9K19,672147,152
maxineczkamaxineczka YouTube Channelmaxineczka Video Stats 75,789,750-43,463521145,470305,421
The Crazy SumitThe Crazy Sumit YouTube ChannelThe Crazy Sumit Video Stats 75,788,032-45,181621,222,388292,385
babylonsfallingbabylonsfalling YouTube Channelbabylonsfalling Video Stats 75,782,802-50,411282,706,52911,680
England CricketEngland Cricket YouTube ChannelEngland Cricket Video Stats 75,782,780-50,4334.8K15,864179,826
Britec09Britec09 YouTube ChannelBritec09 Video Stats 75,781,497-51,7161.2K62,526190,552
KARNAGE ClanKARNAGE Clan YouTube ChannelKARNAGE Clan Video Stats 75,778,058-55,1552.9K25,757543,356
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Based on 2,590 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 43 added per day.
Start Subs: 49,565     Current Subs: 52,155
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
52,250953 D  9/28  2017Tweet
52,5003458 D  10/03  2017Tweet
52,75059514 D  10/09  2017Tweet
53,00084520 D  10/15  2017Tweet
53,2501,09526 D  10/21  2017Tweet
53,5001,3451 D1 M 10/27  2017Tweet
53,7501,5956 D1 M 11/01  2017Tweet
54,0001,84512 D1 M 11/07  2017Tweet
54,2502,09518 D1 M 11/13  2017Tweet
54,5002,34524 D1 M 11/19  2017Tweet
54,7502,595 2 M 11/25  2017Tweet
55,0002,8455 D2 M 11/30  2017Tweet
55,2503,09511 D2 M 12/06  2017Tweet
55,5003,34517 D2 M 12/12  2017Tweet
55,7503,59523 D2 M 12/18  2017Tweet
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Based on 2,074,752 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 34,579 added per day.
Start Views: 73,758,461     Current Views: 75,833,213
Video View
Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
76,000,000166,7875 D  9/30  2017Tweet
76,250,000416,78713 D  10/08  2017Tweet
76,500,000666,78720 D  10/15  2017Tweet
76,750,000916,78727 D  10/22  2017Tweet
77,000,0001,166,7873 D1 M 10/29  2017Tweet
77,250,0001,416,78710 D1 M 11/05  2017Tweet
77,500,0001,666,78718 D1 M 11/13  2017Tweet
77,750,0001,916,78725 D1 M 11/20  2017Tweet
78,000,0002,166,7872 D2 M 11/27  2017Tweet
78,250,0002,416,7879 D2 M 12/04  2017Tweet
78,500,0002,666,78717 D2 M 12/12  2017Tweet
78,750,0002,916,78724 D2 M 12/19  2017Tweet
79,000,0003,166,787 3 M 12/26  2017Tweet
79,250,0003,416,7877 D3 M 1/02  2018Tweet
79,500,0003,666,78715 D3 M 1/10  2018Tweet