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22,161,95718,68262330 DayTweet
22,128,31352,3268722 MonthTweet
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SavageJunkySavageJunky YouTube ChannelSavageJunky Video Stats 2,15100021405 K
kaaleshairbraidingkaaleshairbraiding YouTube Channelkaaleshairbraiding Video Stats 2,1510001691.5 M
TheHardcoreSituationTheHardcoreSituation YouTube ChannelTheHardcoreSituation Video Stats 2,151000541846 K
André LicksAndré Licks YouTube ChannelAndré Licks Video Stats 2,151001136248 K
sacrosmansacrosman YouTube Channelsacrosman Video Stats 2,151000392.9 M
PyreilPyreil YouTube ChannelPyreil Video Stats 2,151004183.1 M
omiddjaliliomiddjalili YouTube Channelomiddjalili Video Stats 2,15100074.7 M
辰星辰星 YouTube Channel辰星 Video Stats 2,15100000
Poohstory2Poohstory2 YouTube ChannelPoohstory2 Video Stats 2,151001502.7 M
ACEQUETEVIACEQUETEVI YouTube ChannelACEQUETEVI Video Stats 2,1510017401.8 M
CarlsbergBECarlsbergBE YouTube ChannelCarlsbergBE Video Stats 2,151003022.2 M
Seb LaitinenSeb Laitinen YouTube ChannelSeb Laitinen Video Stats 2,15100287.4 M
Call Me NimphCall Me Nimph YouTube ChannelCall Me Nimph Video Stats 2,1510001130 K
MoskichanAIMMoskichanAIM YouTube ChannelMoskichanAIM Video Stats 2,15100041346 K
154 J154 J YouTube Channel154 J Video Stats 2,15100120426 K
doubleU PicturesdoubleU Pictures YouTube ChanneldoubleU Pictures Video Stats 2,15100213404 K
Tech HacksTech Hacks YouTube ChannelTech Hacks Video Stats 2,1510014389 K
AnnaKasterovaAnnaKasterova YouTube ChannelAnnaKasterova Video Stats 2,1510011022 M
GothicPowerOfficialGothicPowerOfficial YouTube ChannelGothicPowerOfficial Video Stats 2,1510001326 K
danni mariedanni marie YouTube Channeldanni marie Video Stats 2,15100021408 K
La Caverne d'AyanahLa Caverne d'Ayanah YouTube ChannelLa Caverne d'Ayanah Video Stats 2,15100000
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per Video
iYan CastilloiYan Castillo YouTube ChanneliYan Castillo Video Stats 22,186,6736,034131,706,6675,371
twimitvtwimitv YouTube Channeltwimitv Video Stats 22,186,1915,5528.2K2,71918,124
Receitas GNTReceitas GNT YouTube ChannelReceitas GNT Video Stats 22,185,9665,32751343,247270,522
Eat East IndianEat East Indian YouTube ChannelEat East Indian Video Stats 22,184,9714,33293123,82966,295
Sayria JadeSayria Jade YouTube ChannelSayria Jade Video Stats 22,183,5582,91994235,995409,478
PublikuvaicomPublikuvaicom YouTube ChannelPublikuvaicom Video Stats 22,183,3602,72129764,9439,105
Tim MuilwijkTim Muilwijk YouTube ChannelTim Muilwijk Video Stats 22,183,3252,68645,545,83123,057
Max FrishbergMax Frishberg YouTube ChannelMax Frishberg Video Stats 22,182,5441,905191116,13950,482
ssarusskassarusska YouTube Channelssarusska Video Stats 22,181,9021,26324889,443233,497
Sakurai UchihaSakurai Uchiha YouTube ChannelSakurai Uchiha Video Stats 22,181,09545687325,40825,670
CarlsbergBECarlsbergBE YouTube ChannelCarlsbergBE Video Stats 22,180,63930739,3552,151
MDKrinkelsMDKrinkels YouTube ChannelMDKrinkels Video Stats 22,178,703-1,93637599,42461,530
Otters holding handsOtters holding hands YouTube ChannelOtters holding hands Video Stats 22,178,012-2,627221,008,0911,614
Jeguridos CraftsJeguridos Crafts YouTube ChannelJeguridos Crafts Video Stats 22,177,822-2,817121183,288192,131
Ari GilmoreAri Gilmore YouTube ChannelAri Gilmore Video Stats 22,175,951-4,68835263,00074,636
MysteriouskkMysteriouskk YouTube ChannelMysteriouskk Video Stats 22,175,118-5,521211,055,9584,925
SpokenVerseSpokenVerse YouTube ChannelSpokenVerse Video Stats 22,173,820-6,8191.2K18,71255,510
Coichi VieiraCoichi Vieira YouTube ChannelCoichi Vieira Video Stats 22,172,850-7,789171,304,28517,233
JuPrey PromotionsJuPrey Promotions YouTube ChannelJuPrey Promotions Video Stats 22,172,216-8,42375129,52425,104
Shaun ReynoldsShaun Reynolds YouTube ChannelShaun Reynolds Video Stats 22,171,911-8,72892240,999166,434
Anny VelázquezAnny Velázquez YouTube ChannelAnny Velázquez Video Stats 22,171,891-8,748151,478,1264,177
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22,750,000569,36114 D9 M1 Y1/05  2020Tweet
23,000,000819,36127 D6 M2 Y10/18  2020Tweet