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477,368  Now
476,3601,0081447 DayTweet
474,9432,42517314 DayTweet
471,6235,74519230 DayTweet
466,18811,1801862 MonthTweet
459,84517,5231953 MonthTweet
463,13614,2321194 MonthTweet
454,20923,1591545 MonthTweet
446,73930,6291706 MonthTweet
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74,755,707  Now
74,572,266183,44126,2067 DayTweet
74,328,359427,34830,52514 DayTweet
74,097,616658,09121,93630 DayTweet
73,051,8701,703,83728,3972 MonthTweet
71,752,4803,003,22733,3693 MonthTweet
72,404,3462,351,36119,5954 MonthTweet
70,780,7913,974,91626,4995 MonthTweet
69,534,0435,221,66429,0096 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Çay HouseÇay House YouTube ChannelÇay House Video Stats 477,91855020233330953.9 M
Butch HartmanButch Hartman YouTube ChannelButch Hartman Video Stats 477,9135454522669430.2 M
thirdphaseofmoonthirdphaseofmoon YouTube Channelthirdphaseofmoon Video Stats 477,9075392023251.9K254.2 M
MidoriMidori YouTube ChannelMidori Video Stats 477,8875195172,06614626 M
Online StationOnline Station YouTube ChannelOnline Station Video Stats 477,86649812723493774.1 M
Proyecto GTGProyecto GTG YouTube ChannelProyecto GTG Video Stats 477,85949113425019531 M
OctopimpOctopimp YouTube ChannelOctopimp Video Stats 477,684316-73492187.4 M
Waterjet ChannelWaterjet Channel YouTube ChannelWaterjet Channel Video Stats 477,5932257866111570.9 M
shosportsshosports YouTube Channelshosports Video Stats 477,538170852162.8K268.3 M
Jeziel OliveiraJeziel Oliveira YouTube ChannelJeziel Oliveira Video Stats 477,3768179331160178.8 M
BREALTVBREALTV YouTube ChannelBREALTV Video Stats 477,3686519287074.8 M
English Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexESEnglish Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexES YouTube ChannelEnglish Lessons with Alex (engVid AlexES Video Stats 477,283-8533034719038.9 M
SheruknittingcomSheruknittingcom YouTube ChannelSheruknittingcom Video Stats 477,245-12334246178186.8 M
ParryGrippParryGripp YouTube ChannelParryGripp Video Stats 477,151-21751172112211.2 M
The Voice Teens PhilippinesThe Voice Teens Philippines YouTube ChannelThe Voice Teens Philippines Video Stats 477,061-30775196684376.1 M
Serge RamelliSerge Ramelli YouTube ChannelSerge Ramelli Video Stats 477,057-31116222352630.7 M
Shabad GurbaniShabad Gurbani YouTube ChannelShabad Gurbani Video Stats 476,988-3806071,5008K183.4 M
Gabriel o PensadorGabriel o Pensador YouTube ChannelGabriel o Pensador Video Stats 476,986-38211624416563.4 M
Grand Ole OpryGrand Ole Opry YouTube ChannelGrand Ole Opry Video Stats 476,943-42595240574196.1 M
MickalowMickalow YouTube ChannelMickalow Video Stats 476,932-4364931,1956421.9 M
Bryce HallBryce Hall YouTube ChannelBryce Hall Video Stats 476,912-4561133445425.1 M
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per Video
VinylicPumaGamingVinylicPumaGaming YouTube ChannelVinylicPumaGaming Video Stats 74,812,42456,71787985,111229,620
Boban RajovicBoban Rajovic YouTube ChannelBoban Rajovic Video Stats 74,809,67153,964432173,17179,722
Mandy WilsonMandy Wilson YouTube ChannelMandy Wilson Video Stats 74,805,06749,360184,155,83718,007
Gabriel CaldeiraGabriel Caldeira YouTube ChannelGabriel Caldeira Video Stats 74,796,85141,14481991,32745,096
Noticias y algo masNoticias y algo mas YouTube ChannelNoticias y algo mas Video Stats 74,793,32237,6152.1K35,447146,797
Dimetrik SkillsDimetrik Skills YouTube ChannelDimetrik Skills Video Stats 74,791,72236,015172434,836161,742
clareconvyclareconvy YouTube Channelclareconvy Video Stats 74,788,84533,138237,394,42341,427
Music LyricsMusic Lyrics YouTube ChannelMusic Lyrics Video Stats 74,779,34323,636501,495,58788,877
Zeb89Zeb89 YouTube ChannelZeb89 Video Stats 74,773,70918,002455164,338410,662
Carnatavr TCarnatavr T YouTube ChannelCarnatavr T Video Stats 74,759,2893,5821.5K51,31088,566
BREALTVBREALTV YouTube ChannelBREALTV Video Stats 74,755,70787085,926477,368
Nazar Battu ProductionsNazar Battu Productions YouTube ChannelNazar Battu Productions Video Stats 74,751,813-3,89480934,398875,484
TEORATEORA YouTube ChannelTEORA Video Stats 74,737,555-18,152135553,612164,560
Refune MusicRefune Music YouTube ChannelRefune Music Video Stats 74,734,016-21,691581,288,51894,902
ChipartChipart YouTube ChannelChipart Video Stats 74,732,885-22,8221.7K43,9861,098,575
ichitangroupichitangroup YouTube Channelichitangroup Video Stats 74,732,038-23,669521143,440258,347
JoeGo101JoeGo101 YouTube ChannelJoeGo101 Video Stats 74,728,860-26,847233320,725765,310
Soha ProductionSoha Production YouTube ChannelSoha Production Video Stats 74,724,589-31,118135553,515138,968
CanalDoveBrasilCanalDoveBrasil YouTube ChannelCanalDoveBrasil Video Stats 74,723,425-32,282531,409,87658,645
chiutipschiutips YouTube Channelchiutips Video Stats 74,721,018-34,689346215,957629,893
itmeJPitmeJP YouTube ChannelitmeJP Video Stats 74,695,017-60,6903.3K22,773138,749
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Based on 11,180 Subscribers added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 186 added per day.
Start Subs: 466,188     Current Subs: 477,368
Subs Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
477,5001321 D  3/22  2018Tweet
480,0002,63215 D  4/05  2018Tweet
482,5005,13228 D  4/18  2018Tweet
485,0007,63210 D1 M 5/01  2018Tweet
487,50010,13224 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
490,00012,6327 D2 M 5/28  2018Tweet
492,50015,13221 D2 M 6/11  2018Tweet
495,00017,6323 D3 M 6/24  2018Tweet
497,50020,13217 D3 M 7/08  2018Tweet
500,00022,632 4 M 7/21  2018Tweet
502,50025,13213 D4 M 8/03  2018Tweet
505,00027,63227 D4 M 8/17  2018Tweet
507,50030,1329 D5 M 8/30  2018Tweet
510,00032,63223 D5 M 9/13  2018Tweet
512,50035,1326 D6 M 9/26  2018Tweet
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Based on 1,703,837 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
for an average of 28,397 added per day.
Start Views: 73,051,870     Current Views: 74,755,707
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Views Till
Year, Month, Days
Date Goal Will
Be Reached
75,000,000244,2939 D  3/30  2018Tweet
75,250,000494,29318 D  4/08  2018Tweet
75,500,000744,29327 D  4/17  2018Tweet
75,750,000994,2935 D1 M 4/26  2018Tweet
76,000,0001,244,29313 D1 M 5/04  2018Tweet
76,250,0001,494,29322 D1 M 5/13  2018Tweet
76,500,0001,744,2931 D2 M 5/22  2018Tweet
76,750,0001,994,29310 D2 M 5/31  2018Tweet
77,000,0002,244,29319 D2 M 6/09  2018Tweet
77,250,0002,494,29327 D2 M 6/17  2018Tweet
77,500,0002,744,2935 D3 M 6/26  2018Tweet
77,750,0002,994,29314 D3 M 7/05  2018Tweet
78,000,0003,244,29323 D3 M 7/14  2018Tweet
78,250,0003,494,2932 D4 M 7/23  2018Tweet
78,500,0003,744,29310 D4 M 7/31  2018Tweet