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633,8302,6353767 DayTweet
629,5766,88949214 DayTweet
620,36516,10053730 DayTweet
600,28336,1826032 MonthTweet
592,23444,2314913 MonthTweet
595,16841,2973444 MonthTweet
590,05346,4123095 MonthTweet
589,37347,0922626 MonthTweet
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102,081,564  Now
101,475,434606,13086,5907 DayTweet
100,692,8751,388,68999,19214 DayTweet
98,581,4523,500,112116,67030 DayTweet
129,593,656-27,512,092-458,5352 MonthTweet
126,755,792-24,674,228-274,1583 MonthTweet
128,180,518-26,098,954-217,4914 MonthTweet
125,313,052-23,231,488-154,8775 MonthTweet
120,685,050-18,603,486-103,3536 MonthTweet
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30 Day
ВСЯКАЯ ВСЯЧИНАВСЯКАЯ ВСЯЧИНА YouTube ChannelВСЯКАЯ ВСЯЧИНА Video Stats8500637,09462961384733697.3 M
OkaylaaaOkaylaaa YouTube ChannelOkaylaaa Video Stats8501636,9755106215110534.4 M
Al-MerjanyAl-Merjany YouTube ChannelAl-Merjany Video Stats8502636,9334681,2242,8689237.6 M
TheHogatyTheHogaty YouTube ChannelTheHogaty Video Stats8503636,8533882474892.7K314.3 M
Mundo Juguetes, juguetes en españolMundo Juguetes, juguetes en español YouTube ChannelMundo Juguetes, juguetes en español Video Stats8504636,8363711,2641,523754404.8 M
AnnieJaffreyAnnieJaffrey YouTube ChannelAnnieJaffrey Video Stats8505636,8213563411124536.8 M
Gohan The HuskyGohan The Husky YouTube ChannelGohan The Husky Video Stats8506636,6922279961,81122567.5 M
Mindalia TelevisiónMindalia Televisión YouTube ChannelMindalia Televisión Video Stats8507636,6802157641,3119K129.8 M
Lega PlayLega Play YouTube ChannelLega Play Video Stats8508636,6151506041,0033.8K132 M
BrantleyGilbertVEVOBrantleyGilbertVEVO YouTube ChannelBrantleyGilbertVEVO Video Stats8509636,56910447438333372.7 M
Laurentius RandoLaurentius Rando YouTube ChannelLaurentius Rando Video Stats8510636,465287537275102.1 M
PrankCentral™ | Hilarious Videos Daily!PrankCentral™ | Hilarious Videos Daily! YouTube ChannelPrankCentral™ | Hilarious Videos Daily! Video Stats8511636,439-26-28-59913.5 M
YoungJeezyVEVOYoungJeezyVEVO YouTube ChannelYoungJeezyVEVO Video Stats8512636,122-34321144581431.3 M
unComounComo YouTube ChannelunComo Video Stats8513636,074-3911483232.9K207 M
Reliance EntertainmentReliance Entertainment YouTube ChannelReliance Entertainment Video Stats8514635,999-4666511,2441K386 M
COOPHCOOPH YouTube ChannelCOOPH Video Stats8515635,838-6271653015647.4 M
Top MelhoresTop Melhores YouTube ChannelTop Melhores Video Stats8516635,711-75418641510369.2 M
BrySi | VIDEO GAME SONGSBrySi | VIDEO GAME SONGS YouTube ChannelBrySi | VIDEO GAME SONGS Video Stats8517635,621-844-2414278129.2 M
EA SPORTSEA SPORTS YouTube ChannelEA SPORTS Video Stats8518635,589-876512202.6K226.8 M
K-391K-391 YouTube ChannelK-391 Video Stats8519635,564-9011423157398.9 M
Doctor VendettaDoctor Vendetta YouTube ChannelDoctor Vendetta Video Stats8520635,345-1,120433345402115.8 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Newzkung RaccoonzaNewzkung Raccoonza YouTube ChannelNewzkung Raccoonza Video Stats 102,233,028151,4642.6K39,125537,148
RonnyGtXRonnyGtX YouTube ChannelRonnyGtX Video Stats 102,215,873134,309152672,473438,047
時事通信社/JIJIPRESS時事通信社/JIJIPRESS YouTube Channel時事通信社/JIJIPRESS Video Stats 102,199,401117,8371.7K60,50955,796
Aras KarafilAras Karafil YouTube ChannelAras Karafil Video Stats 102,193,089111,525462221,197629,692
あいもあいも YouTube Channelあいも Video Stats 102,184,656103,092782130,67165,633
大好き日本!【あすか】大好き日本!【あすか】 YouTube Channel大好き日本!【あすか】 Video Stats 102,180,24298,6782K50,76048,378
ZMOONCHILDZMOONCHILD YouTube ChannelZMOONCHILD Video Stats 102,175,55793,993934109,39699,253
Tough MudderTough Mudder YouTube ChannelTough Mudder Video Stats 102,145,25563,691970105,30466,048
indianjalwaindianjalwa YouTube Channelindianjalwa Video Stats 102,130,46448,900188543,247666,799
SHAM MEDIA شام ميدياSHAM MEDIA شام ميديا YouTube ChannelSHAM MEDIA شام ميديا Video Stats 102,095,45413,890978104,3920
Laurentius RandoLaurentius Rando YouTube ChannelLaurentius Rando Video Stats 102,081,564275371,206636,465
4Player Network4Player Network YouTube Channel4Player Network Video Stats 102,073,807-7,7573.9K25,91479,245
HipowermusicHipowermusic YouTube ChannelHipowermusic Video Stats 102,041,132-40,432626163,005201,082
麥卡貝遊戲頻道麥卡貝遊戲頻道 YouTube Channel麥卡貝遊戲頻道 Video Stats 102,037,557-44,0075K20,342238,756
DyttoDytto YouTube ChannelDytto Video Stats 102,036,426-45,138118864,7151,988,573
Splay Sverige - Sveriges största YouTubeSplay Sverige - Sveriges största YouTube YouTube ChannelSplay Sverige - Sveriges största YouTube Video Stats 102,025,506-56,058449227,228364,918
MissJessicaHarlowMissJessicaHarlow YouTube ChannelMissJessicaHarlow Video Stats 102,023,124-58,440377270,618676,069
WandWmusicWandWmusic YouTube ChannelWandWmusic Video Stats 102,020,376-61,188591,729,159645,600
CallMeAuburnCallMeAuburn YouTube ChannelCallMeAuburn Video Stats 102,014,753-66,811521,961,822379,881
Daniel VinhasDaniel Vinhas YouTube ChannelDaniel Vinhas Video Stats 102,007,968-73,596482,125,16623,484
Kefe AnimationsKefe Animations YouTube ChannelKefe Animations Video Stats 102,003,979-77,585601,700,066189,778
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637,5001,0352 D  3/26  2018Tweet
640,0003,5356 D  3/30  2018Tweet
642,5006,03511 D  4/04  2018Tweet
645,0008,53515 D  4/08  2018Tweet
647,50011,03519 D  4/12  2018Tweet
650,00013,53523 D  4/16  2018Tweet
652,50016,03527 D  4/20  2018Tweet
655,00018,535 1 M 4/24  2018Tweet
657,50021,0354 D1 M 4/28  2018Tweet
660,00023,5359 D1 M 5/03  2018Tweet
662,50026,03513 D1 M 5/07  2018Tweet
665,00028,53517 D1 M 5/11  2018Tweet
667,50031,03521 D1 M 5/15  2018Tweet
670,00033,53525 D1 M 5/19  2018Tweet
672,50036,03529 D1 M 5/23  2018Tweet
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