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63,319  Now
63,3031627 DayTweet
63,29623214 DayTweet
63,362-43-130 DayTweet
63,343-2402 MonthTweet
63,20211713 MonthTweet
63,2259414 MonthTweet
63,12219715 MonthTweet
62,59172846 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
35,814,385  Now
35,741,54672,83910,4067 DayTweet
35,684,507129,8789,27714 DayTweet
35,518,654295,7319,85830 DayTweet
35,147,955666,43011,1072 MonthTweet
34,625,7141,188,67113,2073 MonthTweet
34,842,238972,1478,1014 MonthTweet
34,371,6921,442,6939,6185 MonthTweet
33,276,4502,537,93514,1006 MonthTweet
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30 Day
The SpinTVThe SpinTV YouTube ChannelThe SpinTV Video Stats 63,34324131943620.9 M
Ronnie ShalvisRonnie Shalvis YouTube ChannelRonnie Shalvis Video Stats 63,3392053753027.7 M
Se liga Japa! (Diário da minha Vida)Se liga Japa! (Diário da minha Vida) YouTube ChannelSe liga Japa! (Diário da minha Vida) Video Stats 63,33617-11-133891.4 M
Elizbari KacheishviliElizbari Kacheishvili YouTube ChannelElizbari Kacheishvili Video Stats 63,330119711022318.9 M
Basic FilmmakerBasic Filmmaker YouTube ChannelBasic Filmmaker Video Stats 63,328919242442.3 M
Ian BeckmanIan Beckman YouTube ChannelIan Beckman Video Stats 63,32670-517543.7 M
White FlightWhite Flight YouTube ChannelWhite Flight Video Stats 63,32230-2319.9 M
LemonadeMouthVEVOLemonadeMouthVEVO YouTube ChannelLemonadeMouthVEVO Video Stats 63,3223913317.7 M
Discover NipponDiscover Nippon YouTube ChannelDiscover Nippon Video Stats 63,3201303228225.7 M
misesmediamisesmedia YouTube Channelmisesmedia Video Stats 63,319017151.1K11.3 M
2BE2BE YouTube Channel2BE Video Stats 63,3190-164535.8 M
F1zeF1ze YouTube ChannelF1ze Video Stats 63,310-987913926.6 M
인아쨩인아쨩 YouTube Channel인아쨩 Video Stats 63,301-18174744219.6 M
ChrisandthemikeIRLChrisandthemikeIRL YouTube ChannelChrisandthemikeIRL Video Stats 63,301-180-1200
Mario MegaMario Mega YouTube ChannelMario Mega Video Stats 63,297-22-3211983.4 M
CaptainLazerGunsCaptainLazerGuns YouTube ChannelCaptainLazerGuns Video Stats 63,293-266169515.3 M
Natalie LungleyNatalie Lungley YouTube ChannelNatalie Lungley Video Stats 63,292-27017610.6 M
Urban AcolytesUrban Acolytes YouTube ChannelUrban Acolytes Video Stats 63,291-280849013.8 M
Optimize Your JourneyOptimize Your Journey YouTube ChannelOptimize Your Journey Video Stats 63,289-30412682.3 M
Digi NebulaDigi Nebula YouTube ChannelDigi Nebula Video Stats 63,286-33513342 M
MissLipglossMissLipgloss YouTube ChannelMissLipgloss Video Stats 63,285-340-972013.6 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
asmeredakcjaasmeredakcja YouTube Channelasmeredakcja Video Stats 35,838,35423,9692.6K13,97846,629
reda soussireda soussi YouTube Channelreda soussi Video Stats 35,837,10822,72340895,92836,857
LakiaStarLakiaStar YouTube ChannelLakiaStar Video Stats 35,831,76417,37938892,350378,063
TaurtisTaurtis YouTube ChannelTaurtis Video Stats 35,830,76216,37756663,305457,565
ChrisTravisChrisTravis YouTube ChannelChrisTravis Video Stats 35,826,65012,265341,053,725122,618
SAHTE ARAPSAHTE ARAP YouTube ChannelSAHTE ARAP Video Stats 35,826,10911,724247145,045261,740
Vista Agenzia Televisiva NazionaleVista Agenzia Televisiva Nazionale YouTube ChannelVista Agenzia Televisiva Nazionale Video Stats 35,825,40411,01963.8K56218,728
Chantel JeffriesChantel Jeffries YouTube ChannelChantel Jeffries Video Stats 35,825,01810,63366542,803819,313
PRO Hi-TechPRO Hi-Tech YouTube ChannelPRO Hi-Tech Video Stats 35,818,2273,84247775,091271,153
Michele BraviMichele Bravi YouTube ChannelMichele Bravi Video Stats 35,815,9331,548118303,525393,981
2BE2BE YouTube Channel2BE Video Stats 35,814,38564555,52663,319
JamCore DZJamCore DZ YouTube ChannelJamCore DZ Video Stats 35,813,546-83976147,061270,692
Jomie HospitalJomie Hospital YouTube ChannelJomie Hospital Video Stats 35,810,788-3,597326109,849151,667
Will ShargoWill Shargo YouTube ChannelWill Shargo Video Stats 35,809,840-4,545241,492,0773,838
amerikanisch-kochen.deamerikanisch-kochen.de YouTube Channelamerikanisch-kochen.de Video Stats 35,809,260-5,12542384,655245,625
BiteBite YouTube ChannelBite Video Stats 35,809,205-5,18058661,10821,910
JohnnyBoi_iJohnnyBoi_i YouTube ChannelJohnnyBoi_i Video Stats 35,808,938-5,44771949,804126,458
HolaSoyGerman2HolaSoyGerman2 YouTube ChannelHolaSoyGerman2 Video Stats 35,802,857-11,528113,254,8053,021,217
Mike PérezMike Pérez YouTube ChannelMike Pérez Video Stats 35,802,529-11,8562.5K14,48391,483
Dukascopy TV (EN)Dukascopy TV (EN) YouTube ChannelDukascopy TV (EN) Video Stats 35,799,839-14,54628.5K1,25826,025
familyforce5videosfamilyforce5videos YouTube Channelfamilyforce5videos Video Stats 35,799,053-15,332188190,420100,036
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36,000,000185,61517 D  4/10  2018Tweet
36,250,000435,6159 D1 M 5/03  2018Tweet
36,500,000685,6151 D2 M 5/25  2018Tweet
36,750,000935,61524 D2 M 6/17  2018Tweet
37,000,0001,185,61515 D3 M 7/09  2018Tweet
37,250,0001,435,6158 D4 M 8/01  2018Tweet
37,500,0001,685,61530 D4 M 8/23  2018Tweet
37,750,0001,935,61522 D5 M 9/15  2018Tweet
38,000,0002,185,61514 D6 M 10/07  2018Tweet
38,250,0002,435,6157 D7 M 10/30  2018Tweet
38,500,0002,685,61529 D7 M 11/21  2018Tweet
38,750,0002,935,61521 D8 M 12/14  2018Tweet
39,000,0003,185,61513 D9 M 1/05  2019Tweet
39,250,0003,435,6155 D10 M 1/28  2019Tweet
39,500,0003,685,61527 D10 M 2/19  2019Tweet