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143,503  Now
143,551-48-77 DayTweet
143,663-160-1114 DayTweet
143,924-421-1430 DayTweet
144,312-809-132 MonthTweet
144,657-1,154-133 MonthTweet
144,536-1,033-94 MonthTweet
145,230-1,727-125 MonthTweet
145,212-1,709-96 MonthTweet
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Video ViewsChangeAvg/DayRange
5,336,194  Now
5,329,8446,3509077 DayTweet
5,322,16014,0341,00214 DayTweet
5,301,72534,4691,14930 DayTweet
5,259,04777,1471,2862 MonthTweet
5,203,453132,7411,4753 MonthTweet
5,236,74999,4458294 MonthTweet
5,159,695176,4991,1775 MonthTweet
5,065,565270,6291,5036 MonthTweet
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30 Day
Strife.tvStrife.tv YouTube ChannelStrife.tv Video Stats 143,5888518322.2K72.1 M
Canal BrasilCanal Brasil YouTube ChannelCanal Brasil Video Stats 143,5747110922591643 M
ShishaSchmittyShishaSchmitty YouTube ChannelShishaSchmitty Video Stats 143,55451406085422.6 M
ellengueterovlogshowellengueterovlogshow YouTube Channelellengueterovlogshow Video Stats 143,548451110812216.8 M
Bam MargeraBam Margera YouTube ChannelBam Margera Video Stats 143,527241522132.5 M
Rapzilla.comRapzilla.com YouTube ChannelRapzilla.com Video Stats 143,5252239693.1K57.1 M
The Best Of - Home Of Classic MusicThe Best Of - Home Of Classic Music YouTube ChannelThe Best Of - Home Of Classic Music Video Stats 143,5074398436092.7 M
MetallicaVEVOMetallicaVEVO YouTube ChannelMetallicaVEVO Video Stats 143,50741522448.2 M
RapidFatLossForMomsRapidFatLossForMoms YouTube ChannelRapidFatLossForMoms Video Stats 143,50525668107914.8 M
CWTVCWTV YouTube ChannelCWTV Video Stats 143,504137641.6K54.4 M
Rsk DubaiRsk Dubai YouTube ChannelRsk Dubai Video Stats 143,5030-14665.3 M
RobynVEVORobynVEVO YouTube ChannelRobynVEVO Video Stats 143,503019584488.5 M
BroGamerChannelBroGamerChannel YouTube ChannelBroGamerChannel Video Stats 143,502-120033857876.4 M
All Things Hair - RussiaAll Things Hair - Russia YouTube ChannelAll Things Hair - Russia Video Stats 143,501-224-1820748.8 M
Comic DrakeComic Drake YouTube ChannelComic Drake Video Stats 143,499-4186915915 M
AkashLegoProductionsAkashLegoProductions YouTube ChannelAkashLegoProductions Video Stats 143,483-204489100103 M
Calvin KleinCalvin Klein YouTube ChannelCalvin Klein Video Stats 143,461-4221,496226131.7 M
Future Card Buddyfight ChannelFuture Card Buddyfight Channel YouTube ChannelFuture Card Buddyfight Channel Video Stats 143,453-507715736273.2 M
LimonadaPinkLimonadaPink YouTube ChannelLimonadaPink Video Stats 143,448-550-4584.5 M
Dmitry PyatakovDmitry Pyatakov YouTube ChannelDmitry Pyatakov Video Stats 143,447-56-13-1541217.9 M
xxIndieVisualxxxxIndieVisualxx YouTube ChannelxxIndieVisualxx Video Stats 143,425-78146814195.5 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
AndroRatAndroRat YouTube ChannelAndroRat Video Stats 5,336,84264823322,90515,498
starshkstarshk YouTube Channelstarshk Video Stats 5,336,7625681.2K4,3605,101
NatPickingNatPicking YouTube ChannelNatPicking Video Stats 5,336,74555125720,76632,285
Stephen HowsonStephen Howson YouTube ChannelStephen Howson Video Stats 5,336,72553139413,54546,350
BattlecruiserBattlecruiser YouTube ChannelBattlecruiser Video Stats 5,336,60541120266,830294
KJRKALIMKHANKJRKALIMKHAN YouTube ChannelKJRKALIMKHAN Video Stats 5,336,5623686779,6504,566
simaxclassicssimaxclassics YouTube Channelsimaxclassics Video Stats 5,336,53133718296,4742,413
LuisperezbusLuisperezbus YouTube ChannelLuisperezbus Video Stats 5,336,32913510948,9573,591
vsemvkusnovsemvkusno YouTube Channelvsemvkusno Video Stats 5,336,31111743012,4106,552
Str8outdaBay1Str8outdaBay1 YouTube ChannelStr8outdaBay1 Video Stats 5,336,203911485,1092,240
Rsk DubaiRsk Dubai YouTube ChannelRsk Dubai Video Stats 5,336,1946680,851143,503
SomosChile2010SomosChile2010 YouTube ChannelSomosChile2010 Video Stats 5,335,943-25119826,9492,654
andsanpandsanp YouTube Channelandsanp Video Stats 5,335,847-3479158,6362,410
ZirconiumhydridZirconiumhydrid YouTube ChannelZirconiumhydrid Video Stats 5,335,805-38912642,3482,117
qenosaqenosa YouTube Channelqenosa Video Stats 5,335,744-4507472,10536,399
chuongvisionchuongvision YouTube Channelchuongvision Video Stats 5,335,695-49943012,4091,677
cyberdesignmixcyberdesignmix YouTube Channelcyberdesignmix Video Stats 5,335,606-5886286,0587,724
GunElite & KiviGunElite & Kivi YouTube ChannelGunElite & Kivi Video Stats 5,335,440-7545793,604125,235
NGRCornellaNGRCornella YouTube ChannelNGRCornella Video Stats 5,335,335-85922623,60820,117
BestpluginsBestplugins YouTube ChannelBestplugins Video Stats 5,335,240-9545759,27932,702
mehmooddiwanmehmooddiwan YouTube Channelmehmooddiwan Video Stats 5,334,944-1,2508562,7644,799
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5,500,000163,8066 D4 M 7/30  2018Tweet
5,750,000413,80617 D10 M 2/09  2019Tweet
6,000,000663,80630 D4 M1 Y8/23  2019Tweet
6,250,000913,80611 D11 M1 Y3/04  2020Tweet
6,500,0001,163,80623 D5 M2 Y9/15  2020Tweet