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37,812  Now
80,088-42,276-6,0397 DayTweet
79,478-41,666-2,97614 DayTweet
78,595-40,783-1,35930 DayTweet
77,178-39,366-6562 MonthTweet
75,362-37,550-4173 MonthTweet
75,947-38,135-3184 MonthTweet
74,125-36,313-2425 MonthTweet
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14,765,662  Now
14,684,47581,18711,5987 DayTweet
14,583,002182,66013,04714 DayTweet
14,301,759463,90315,46330 DayTweet
13,917,326848,33614,1392 MonthTweet
13,532,7161,232,94613,6993 MonthTweet
13,657,1521,108,5109,2384 MonthTweet
13,228,4591,537,20310,2485 MonthTweet
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30 Day
revergorevergo YouTube Channelrevergo Video Stats 37,8271523313655.7 M
MacabaneauxdelicesMacabaneauxdelices YouTube ChannelMacabaneauxdelices Video Stats 37,827158218312.2 M
ZelkirothZelkiroth YouTube ChannelZelkiroth Video Stats 37,827150-28872 M
thesilvamethodthesilvamethod YouTube Channelthesilvamethod Video Stats 37,826141012823.8 M
Peixe BabelPeixe Babel YouTube ChannelPeixe Babel Video Stats 37,826141412114996 K
ScreenTeamGamingScreenTeamGaming YouTube ChannelScreenTeamGaming Video Stats 37,81970-12754 M
MISS BEAUTY 超愛美小姐MISS BEAUTY 超愛美小姐 YouTube ChannelMISS BEAUTY 超愛美小姐 Video Stats 37,816444339824.9 M
Bilijar9Bilijar9 YouTube ChannelBilijar9 Video Stats 37,81640953432.9 M
JUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry LimJUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry Lim YouTube ChannelJUO Productions Jaze Phua And Jerry Lim Video Stats 37,81533650844.9 M
NymphetamineNymphetamine YouTube ChannelNymphetamine Video Stats 37,8131034622.9 M
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats 37,812-42,570-1,35934614.8 M
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Smashing Pumpkins YouTube ChannelThe Smashing Pumpkins Video Stats 37,811-1211212412 M
makingthebest09makingthebest09 YouTube Channelmakingthebest09 Video Stats 37,810-2142588726.3 M
flowerpushflowerpush YouTube Channelflowerpush Video Stats 37,809-3081071.4 M
JohnnysshopJohnnysshop YouTube ChannelJohnnysshop Video Stats 37,804-811066725.3 M
SianShutterbugSianShutterbug YouTube ChannelSianShutterbug Video Stats 37,802-100-500
Karina PapagKarina Papag YouTube ChannelKarina Papag Video Stats 37,801-1133273464.2 M
GwidT VidsGwidT Vids YouTube ChannelGwidT Vids Video Stats 37,799-1310245524597 K
jakester142jakester142 YouTube Channeljakester142 Video Stats 37,798-140155719.1 M
SlzaSlza YouTube ChannelSlza Video Stats 37,795-170635659 K
LEXLEX YouTube ChannelLEX Video Stats 37,792-200-81217 K
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Kids ChannelKids Channel YouTube ChannelKids Channel Video Stats 14,770,9045,24232461,59118,708
Whips By WadeWhips By Wade YouTube ChannelWhips By Wade Video Stats 14,770,5374,87576119,40939,548
Marco ValentiniMarco Valentini YouTube ChannelMarco Valentini Video Stats 14,769,9484,286141,054,9967,613
LiquiformLiquiform YouTube ChannelLiquiform Video Stats 14,768,9173,25540936,11045,755
NE10videosNE10videos YouTube ChannelNE10videos Video Stats 14,767,9722,3109.5K1,55612,912
To Serve MenTo Serve Men YouTube ChannelTo Serve Men Video Stats 14,767,9312,26948230,63930,769
inter230407inter230407 YouTube Channelinter230407 Video Stats 14,767,1181,4561K14,70812,007
Bruna DalcinBruna Dalcin YouTube ChannelBruna Dalcin Video Stats 14,766,54588322864,766217,090
WebPro EducationWebPro Education YouTube ChannelWebPro Education Video Stats 14,766,02135972620,33924,651
PacSunPacSun YouTube ChannelPacSun Video Stats 14,765,93527329050,91725,999
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats 14,765,66234642,67537,812
SklepyBiedronkaSklepyBiedronka YouTube ChannelSklepyBiedronka Video Stats 14,765,472-19031047,63120,945
newhot5newhot5 YouTube Channelnewhot5 Video Stats 14,765,400-26215984,3602,561
RDS 100% Grandi SuccessiRDS 100% Grandi Successi YouTube ChannelRDS 100% Grandi Successi Video Stats 14,765,165-49768721,49217,233
Kisa MetakaKisa Metaka YouTube ChannelKisa Metaka Video Stats 14,764,889-77352283,94015,463
Jazz VideoblogsJazz Videoblogs YouTube ChannelJazz Videoblogs Video Stats 14,764,764-89822765,04338,187
euniceacroneuniceacron YouTube Channeleuniceacron Video Stats 14,764,693-96943,691,1733,655
hi5momhi5mom YouTube Channelhi5mom Video Stats 14,764,184-1,47893158,7553,790
extrasunbeamsjessextrasunbeamsjess YouTube Channelextrasunbeamsjess Video Stats 14,763,518-2,14427154,478141,890
mossburg12345mossburg12345 YouTube Channelmossburg12345 Video Stats 14,763,184-2,47863234,33612,787
NorthpawProductionsNorthpawProductions YouTube ChannelNorthpawProductions Video Stats 14,762,875-2,78733743,80744,144
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Start Subs: 77,178     Current Subs: 37,812
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Based on 848,336 Video Views added in the last 60 Days
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Year, Month, Days
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15,000,000234,33817 D  10/09  2017Tweet
15,250,000484,3384 D1 M 10/27  2017Tweet
15,500,000734,33821 D1 M 11/13  2017Tweet
15,750,000984,3389 D2 M 12/01  2017Tweet
16,000,0001,234,33827 D2 M 12/19  2017Tweet
16,250,0001,484,33813 D3 M 1/05  2018Tweet
16,500,0001,734,3381 D4 M 1/23  2018Tweet
16,750,0001,984,33819 D4 M 2/10  2018Tweet
17,000,0002,234,3386 D5 M 2/28  2018Tweet
17,250,0002,484,33823 D5 M 3/17  2018Tweet
17,500,0002,734,33811 D6 M 4/04  2018Tweet
17,750,0002,984,33829 D6 M 4/22  2018Tweet
18,000,0003,234,33816 D7 M 5/09  2018Tweet
18,250,0003,484,3383 D8 M 5/27  2018Tweet
18,500,0003,734,33821 D8 M 6/14  2018Tweet