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37,812  Now
80,088-42,276-6,0397 DayTweet
79,478-41,666-2,97614 DayTweet
78,595-40,783-1,35930 DayTweet
77,178-39,366-6562 MonthTweet
75,362-37,550-4173 MonthTweet
78,996-41,184-3434 MonthTweet
77,236-39,424-2635 MonthTweet
75,947-38,135-2126 MonthTweet
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14,765,662  Now
14,684,47581,18711,5987 DayTweet
14,583,002182,66013,04714 DayTweet
14,301,759463,90315,46330 DayTweet
13,917,326848,33614,1392 MonthTweet
13,532,7161,232,94613,6993 MonthTweet
14,417,900347,7622,8984 MonthTweet
13,975,157790,5055,2705 MonthTweet
13,657,1521,108,5106,1586 MonthTweet
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30 Day
人生輸家 LifeLoser人生輸家 LifeLoser YouTube Channel人生輸家 LifeLoser Video Stats 37,8261495731375.7 M
ellinarensusellinarensus YouTube Channelellinarensus Video Stats 37,824120-252.4 M
supercarsofaustriasupercarsofaustria YouTube Channelsupercarsofaustria Video Stats 37,820891444531.4 M
Jjacks48Jjacks48 YouTube ChannelJjacks48 Video Stats 37,81860-12082.3 M
LiveOverflowLiveOverflow YouTube ChannelLiveOverflow Video Stats 37,817573801271.5 M
Topaz LabsTopaz Labs YouTube ChannelTopaz Labs Video Stats 37,8164073914.4 M
ZoneAwesomeZoneAwesome YouTube ChannelZoneAwesome Video Stats 37,81640-11171.5 M
PowerliftingToWinPowerliftingToWin YouTube ChannelPowerliftingToWin Video Stats 37,815309853 M
iMr CrashiMr Crash YouTube ChanneliMr Crash Video Stats 37,8131021283.1 M
Zdeněk PrincZdeněk Princ YouTube ChannelZdeněk Princ Video Stats 37,8120072713.2 M
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats 37,812-42,570-1,35934614.8 M
TutorialesAndroidHDTutorialesAndroidHD YouTube ChannelTutorialesAndroidHD Video Stats 37,812013135947.1 M
LohPeshoh69HDLohPeshoh69HD YouTube ChannelLohPeshoh69HD Video Stats 37,810-20-317 K
LizzyKingMusicLizzyKingMusic YouTube ChannelLizzyKingMusic Video Stats 37,810-20366.6 M
makingthebest09makingthebest09 YouTube Channelmakingthebest09 Video Stats 37,810-2142588726.3 M
Experience JAPAN with YUKAExperience JAPAN with YUKA YouTube ChannelExperience JAPAN with YUKA Video Stats 37,808-406562.5 M
Jannis GerzenJannis Gerzen YouTube ChannelJannis Gerzen Video Stats 37,805-74525336.3 M
MelagoodoArmyMelagoodoArmy YouTube ChannelMelagoodoArmy Video Stats 37,805-70-23221.7 M
Franko Franko EspinosaFranko Franko Espinosa YouTube ChannelFranko Franko Espinosa Video Stats 37,805-7283310468.9 M
MC Bola OficialMC Bola Oficial YouTube ChannelMC Bola Oficial Video Stats 37,804-8039520 M
TeleplotTeleplot YouTube ChannelTeleplot Video Stats 37,800-120214055.2 M
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Video ProducerRankViewsGapVidsAVG Views
per Video
Al Mayadeen ProgramsAl Mayadeen Programs YouTube ChannelAl Mayadeen Programs Video Stats 14,768,8463,1843.5K4,19754,598
Shalom132Shalom132 YouTube ChannelShalom132 Video Stats 14,768,4282,7661.2K12,297100,937
Element Animation 2Element Animation 2 YouTube ChannelElement Animation 2 Video Stats 14,768,2142,55222671,282201,186
mYGotagamYGotaga YouTube ChannelmYGotaga Video Stats 14,767,5461,88415992,878328,065
MinistryOfFunnyTVMinistryOfFunnyTV YouTube ChannelMinistryOfFunnyTV Video Stats 14,766,6621,00016092,292117,966
tacticalbassintacticalbassin YouTube Channeltacticalbassin Video Stats 14,766,61695440736,28283,571
Insanexsk1llzInsanexsk1llz YouTube ChannelInsanexsk1llz Video Stats 14,765,78712543733,78938,299
AginoEvolutionHDAginoEvolutionHD YouTube ChannelAginoEvolutionHD Video Stats 14,765,717558.1K1,83031,364
Antes e DepoisAntes e Depois YouTube ChannelAntes e Depois Video Stats 14,765,70947118125,133101,129
King de la FURIAKing de la FURIA YouTube ChannelKing de la FURIA Video Stats 14,765,66234642,67537,812
Rayanne MenezesRayanne Menezes YouTube ChannelRayanne Menezes Video Stats 14,765,255-407125118,122158,842
weakfingersweakfingers YouTube Channelweakfingers Video Stats 14,763,608-2,05439537,37631,245
Chill CityChill City YouTube ChannelChill City Video Stats 14,763,313-2,34935341,822239,512
Wooox16Wooox16 YouTube ChannelWooox16 Video Stats 14,763,220-2,44277191,73080,989
mossburg12345mossburg12345 YouTube Channelmossburg12345 Video Stats 14,763,184-2,47863234,33612,787
princessmeiprincessmei YouTube Channelprincessmei Video Stats 14,763,151-2,511128115,337400,119
NothingPNothingP YouTube ChannelNothingP Video Stats 14,762,651-3,01188116,7572,940
Matt MuckleroyMatt Muckleroy YouTube ChannelMatt Muckleroy Video Stats 14,762,064-3,5984.2K3,52241,999
shadder2kshadder2k YouTube Channelshadder2k Video Stats 14,761,679-3,983131112,685148,011
MongolFPSMongolFPS YouTube ChannelMongolFPS Video Stats 14,761,354-4,30822067,097120,398
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15,000,000234,33817 D  12/08  2017Tweet
15,250,000484,3384 D1 M 12/26  2017Tweet
15,500,000734,33821 D1 M 1/12  2018Tweet
15,750,000984,3389 D2 M 1/30  2018Tweet
16,000,0001,234,33827 D2 M 2/17  2018Tweet
16,250,0001,484,33813 D3 M 3/06  2018Tweet
16,500,0001,734,3381 D4 M 3/24  2018Tweet
16,750,0001,984,33819 D4 M 4/11  2018Tweet
17,000,0002,234,3386 D5 M 4/29  2018Tweet
17,250,0002,484,33823 D5 M 5/16  2018Tweet
17,500,0002,734,33811 D6 M 6/03  2018Tweet
17,750,0002,984,33829 D6 M 6/21  2018Tweet
18,000,0003,234,33816 D7 M 7/08  2018Tweet
18,250,0003,484,3383 D8 M 7/26  2018Tweet
18,500,0003,734,33821 D8 M 8/13  2018Tweet